Not everybody likes to play games, but if they had the opportunity to try one based on one of their favorite TV shows, they might think differently. As they already have that initial connection, seeing characters or events they are familiar with is likely to get them past any initial reservations they might have. Not only that, if the series has ended (sometimes for good and on a rather disappointing note) it gives them the chance to get their fix and take away some of the disappointment.

These games will fall into two main areas – board games and video games that you can play on your computer (or more likely on your phone or tablet). Here are six suggestions for TV-themed games that you might want to try.

TV-Themed Board Games

These are more common than most people think, especially as most people associate board games with Christmas and not much else. However, some of these options might make people play more than once a year:


This is the play-at-home version of the (now global) TV show featuring Greg Davies and Alex Horne. Players are given tasks to complete and given marks based on their results, with the intention of being fun for everyone – which online reviews indicate it is.

Peaky Blinders

This might not seem an obvious choice for a board game, but this is a highly rated strategy and ‘business-building’ game that won’t be for everyone and might take longer than some people will expect to complete.


This is also a large expansive game, set in the universe of the TV show that became a cult classic among sci-fi fans. Its popularity has led to many expansion packs that fans say will leave players both old and new in a ‘shiny’ mood.

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TV-Themed Online Video Games

There are more TV-themed video games than there are board games, and most of these are simple mobile-centered games that everybody will have seen before. For that reason, here are some games that can still be played on mobile devices, but a different type of game that is available from the 32 Red casino site:

Britain’s Got Talent

There is very little chance of people not knowing the name of this show, and so the slot game based on it is likely to be popular, too. There are 243 different ways to win and free spins to keep players engaged, all with different bonuses and wins.

I’m a Celebrity

Another online slot that will appeal to viewers of the popular TV series, who will be entertained by the game’s very graphical representations of many of the creepy crawlies that were present in the jungle as they play.

Game of Thrones 

For anyone still disappointed with how it all ended, they can play this slot and be surrounded by familiar images without being put off by the plot twists in this range of uncomplicated games. There is a choice of titles, including power stacks, so fans can at least decide what happens here.

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