When you think of gaming, your mind might immediately jump to the larger home consoles that can play the latest blockbuster titles, but that’s not all that gaming has to offer. It is a huge medium, with an enormous wealth of content spanning different genres and gameplay styles. Additionally, it also spans platforms, and you might find that you have access to one already in the form of your smartphone.

The games that are available on mobile devices might often be different from those seen on their home console counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any worse. Taste is the key factor here, and you might discover that the games that align with your own tastes are already in your pocket.

Emulating Real-Life Experiences

You might be somewhat used to the idea of video games catching up with the real world in some ways and going so far as to immerse people in every way that technology can, primarily with the rise of VR and pieces of technology like the Dualsense. However, these aren’t the only ways in which games can emulate the physical plane, and there are several ways in which that can be achieved on a device as small as your smartphone. 

However, the precise way in which this is done is somewhat different from what you might be expecting; it’s more about replicating the real-life experience and converting it into a digital setting. Take casinos i.e., online gambling, for instance, as it’s an outlet that people frequently enjoy visiting. On your smartphone, you can visit the online slots to experience something very similar but in any environment you choose, providing a much more convenient version of the same activity. 

Getting Active

Thanks to the size and portability of the smartphone, games can begin to incorporate movement in a way that few other consoles can. This is not only to be done as a gimmick, which is something that you might be used to when it comes to similar attempts made on other platforms, but also in an attempt to incorporate exercise into your schedule. If you’re someone who has felt recently that they could benefit from exercising more, this could be your chance to do so in a fun way. Games such as Pokemon Go have demonstrated the possibility of this in the past. 

Killing Time

An area in which the mobile gaming platform excels is in how it provides you with a way to kill time when you find yourself in need of such a thing. If you find yourself with a long journey ahead of you or some time spent waiting, you have the perfect device to make the time disappear before your very eyes. Many mobile games are designed with an engaging gameplay loop in mind. That can be problematic if you have something else that you need to be doing, but when you’re just waiting until a certain amount of time has elapsed, it might be exactly what you need.

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