The video game and online game market have always been a very thriving sector. And right now, after such global changes and events, there has been a huge leap in the direction of game development.

Therefore, today we will look at the most popular genres of video games. In the first place is the online casino, as people love excitement. But this genre of games is not included in our rating, as this is a slightly different direction, created for making money, and not for emotions.

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One of the most popular and timeless genres of video games is sports. Year after year, sports games become one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time. They have evolved a lot over the years to photorealism, just look at how the NBA is almost indistinguishable from a real basketball game. On the other hand, other games such as the soccer games FIFA and PES bring players together every year for tournaments that have now become true official esports competitions.

FPS (First-Person Shooter)

Another great video game genre brought to the fore, especially in esports. First-person shooters are fast-paced games that require players to demonstrate their best skills to defeat opponents with precision and agility. The genre puts the player on a level of complete immersion, placing him in the first person in the game world. The most popular games in this genre are Call Of Duty, Fortnite and Overwatch.

Battle Royale

This genre is more like a sub-genre of FPS and others, but it has established itself as one of the most popular in 2022. In this genre, multiple players fight online intending to defeat each other until you reach the end with only one surviving winner. They are among the games that require a lot of effort, skill, and dexterity, which is why they are among the most famous in esports.

Role-Playing Games

Perhaps one of the most representative genres of video games. Role-playing games allow players to escape reality by impersonating their paladin or a specially crafted avatar and experience various adventures in fantasy worlds. They are often characterized by important choices that can change the course of the game or influence it in some way. Many famous games fall into this category, just think The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or The Legend of Zelda.


This brings us to the most popular of the mobile game genres. MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) are most loved by gamers all over the world. These are games that can have hundreds of players on the same server at the same time. These are the best competitive and esports games, between alliances and detailed clashes to reach the ultimate victory together. Among the most famous games of this genre, we find the immortal World of Warcraft, but many new games are making an impression all over the world.

Of course, today you can find even more different genres, but these are among the most popular. If you want to implement your own game, you can always refer to

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