The project from the Blizzard company has a solid age and has received many major updates. Someone like old patches, and someone enjoy playing new ones. The main thing that the game developers have done is to release different versions of World of Warcraft to cover all the requests of the players.

WoW, classic covers the most popular chronicles of the past years and everyone who is going to go to conquer gaming continents will have to learn how to farm or buy cheap wow classic gold.

Ways to earn money in WoW classics:

  • Farming gold in-game locations
  • Mastering professions
  • Raids and dungeons
  • Help other players with financial help

From the start of the game, the player will have to choose a game character, master the basic game mechanics, understand skills and their capabilities, and set off to conquer the game continent using the quest system and pumping in hunting zones.

There are many ways to earn gold in the MMO, and the main one is available in every city. It is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of each stage of the game – we take all the available quests in addition to the main ones related to the game location to which we have to go. This will help provide the character with starting consumables and items that increase damage and pumping, respectively.

Adhere to the rule of maximum utility – note how much gold you earn for a certain period and leave places where this indicator is incomparably less than the next level in the period as soon as possible.

There are exceptions when resources dropped from monsters in the future will be more valuable than pure gold earned. Such locations should be given more attention and keep your focus on the income that can be received. Also, some resources will be useful to you in the foreseeable future.


Mastering Professions

If in the main version of the game, professions gradually lose their prospects, due to the ability to replace crafted items with better ones due to raids and the time that needs to be spent, then in the classic version, the role of professions is very high.

Professions will provide the player with skills, up-to-date equipment if they choose creation professions, consumables, and the opportunity to earn money by selling special resources to other players.

Professions can be divided into two types – collective and creating.


Those that help to get additional resources from monsters, and landscapes.

Mining – using a special pickaxe, we break rocks to get ore and gems. We sell it to forges and jewelers, or we keep it for the future.

Gathering herbs – explore the territory in search of herbs and flowers and collect them. From the extracted herbs and flowers, you can create potions and bandages, all this is necessary to restore health, and mana and receive additional bonuses, or cause damage to enemies. Can be sold to alchemists or healers.

Skinning – you will need a special knife. We remove the skins of dead animals for the sake of obtaining leather. Leather can be sold to tanners, or kept for making leather armor later on.

Fishing is the most relaxing profession of all. It does not take up a slot and can be used to enjoy the process and catch fish. Fish as a resource can be sold to cooks or kept for future cooking. You will need a fishing rod, which can be bought from a special NPC.


Blacksmithing – use or smelt it into ingots and create heavy armor using the forge. Suitable for characters with a heavy armor class and lovers of hard work to sell equipment to other players.

Leatherworking – use leather to create light armor, suitable for characters with a class of dexterity and for those who like to provide the server with their products.

Jewelcrafting is a difficult profession, dependent on learned inscriptions, but also profitable. It is the jeweler who creates unique jewelry that enhances the characteristics of the character. Resources are more difficult to get, but the result brings a good profit.

Tailoring – uses materials obtained from monsters to create rags. Magic armor is created in this way. The advantage of the profession is the absence of additional materials for obtaining consumables. Resources are simply dropped from killed monsters.

Alchemy – uses the extracted herbs and plants to create potions of various kinds. Attacking – dealing damage to the enemy, and defensive – restoring health and mana.

First Aid is a profession that allows you to create bandages that restore health, stop bleeding and neutralize poison. All crafted goods sell well on the marketplace and will always come in handy when hunting for any player. Especially in raids.

Cooking – like fishing, is an additional profession that does not occupy a slot and is recommended to all players. The advantage will be the ability to create dishes that temporarily increase the characteristics of the players. The strength of the enhancement and the duration of the beneficial effect from the cooked dish depends on the skill and value of the ingredients.

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