Card games have been around as long as the civilization of humanity and do not seem to be going out of the market any time soon. Some people believe these games originated in the 9th Century in China before they found their way to the west, becoming the standard 52-card deck you know today. Over the years, playing card games have evolved into various games which people play on different occasions, and most of the time, it is for fun and entertainment. They are also a perfect choice for a family bonding time, especially during the summer break. Here are some famous card games you can play online when summer comes.

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It is an influential card game of all time. Released in 2008, this game has introduced the world of deck-building, which many other games have tried to emulate. It has a simple layout with well-balanced gameplay, making it the best of its kind. The game starts with players and their small decks, which they must strategically grow as the game progresses. 

The players have to build their decks by making smart purchasing decisions using their treasure cards. Building a deck is a rewarding process, and how every decision you make directly affects your outcome is important to make Dominion the most engaging card game to play online.


Poker is one of the best Indian card games that can never go out of style and popularity. The several variations give you the freedom to choose one which best suits you, or you can keep trying the different variations as you pass the time. It is the best recreational card game you can play online either for money or just for fun. This game involves the players wagering whether or not their hand is better than those of their opponents.

During the game, the players can call, raise, or fold their hands, which can lead to a bluff that adds a psychological aspect to the game. Poker has some strict gaming rules that you must follow while playing as you apply certain strategies to help you win like the poker face. It is the best technique to blow off your opponents as they will be wondering what your next move is.


This game involves drawing or discarding cards as players attempt to form a set of three or four of a kind or sequence with three or more cards from the same suit. Whether you choose straight or basic rummy, you need to add or toss cards, and you can say ‘Rummy” if you can meld all your cards at once. When you are out of all cards, it is called going out, which then wins you the hand.


This card game was earlier known as noddy. It is a card game that requires the players to reach a given point threshold, usually 61. The points are got from adding or accumulating through the combinations of the cards. The scoring method in this game includes ’15’ if the cards played end up with 15. Other ways include pairing, awarding two points, three of a kind, which is 6 points, and four of a kind which is 12 points.

It is the best card game for summer, especially if you have kids or are traveling around. It helps keep the mind occupied and tests your mathematics ability.

Go Fish

This is the perfect summer card game for kids. In this game, the players start with five cards each. Each player can then ask the other players if they have a card of a certain number or rank. The game’s main aim is to collect or accumulate four matching cards. If the player who was asked has the requested card, they have to give up their card. If the player requested does not have the requested card, the first player must draw one card from the pile, ‘Go Fish .’ The player who has the most sets of cards is usually the winner of the game.

Why Play Online Card Games During Summer?

Apart from online card games that can pay you real cash, they also offer a fun way of bonding and enjoying yourself. Maybe you have family members and friends with whom you are unable to meet for whatever reason; they offer the best ways to keep in touch. You can all meet online and choose from multiple players, two-player or three-player card games and enjoy. Most of these games are free, so you do not worry about the sign-up fee.


With technology taking over day by day, most things have gone virtual. Instead of audio phone calls, you can now have virtual calls and meetings where you can discuss your business. And, what better way to lighten up those moments than by playing some card games to pass the time? Remember, it is always advisable to check the certification of the gaming site you are using. Ensure they have the best security to keep your information safe.

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