Information is king and it is something that has become big business. Furthermore, we all have information, whether personal or business that is valuable and important to us. It is also this very information and data that has become subject to breaches, thefts, and fraud in the online space, where cyber-crime is worth more than some countries’ gross domestic earnings. Therefore, your data and information should be kept as secure as possible. In the modern age, there are so many separate places where information can be stored and saved, which has made information security a key issue for most businesses.

Information Security: What Is It?

Keeping your company data and the flow of this data and information safe must be one of the most important priorities of whoever your business is paying to store, transmit, or migrate your data. Many businesses have also recruited specific skills or have made information security officer roles a priority where they have been subject to previous cyber-attacks in the past. If your company has gone down the route of outsourcing this security, then you need to insist on some basics and one of these is national compliance.

The compliance is not mandatory, but it is a national standard and, as such, the businesses involved in data and information security that are worth considering would have SOC2 compliance. This is the most recognized certification and standard for information security. It was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which has members in over 130 countries. This shows just how wide this standard in information security is and why it should be something your business is at the very least aware of.

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H2 – What This Means for Your Business

Ask for this SOC2 compliance by name, it is after all your data and your information. The fact of the matter is that the competition out there is very tough, so insist on such compliance if you are serious about the safety and integrity of your data. If the data security firm that you go with is compliant, you will be able to receive regular reports on exactly how your data has been managed by the third party. You need to know where it is being stored and exactly what access controls are in place for all sensitive data. Should there be a breach, these are the reports that will be able to show customers and clients that you have done your level best to protect their data and information. As with many new regulations or standards, the SOC2 has arisen from the dire need out there to regulate the growth in offsite data storage and cloud computing. The industry itself has seen the need for stricter controls and measures that are designed to keep your company data as safe as possible. It is thus pertinent for any modern business to ensure that they are in the know and able to engage in these discussions with the information security and data storage providers.

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