Are you an e-commerce store owner and want to develop a mobile app to manage all the functions of your store? Having a mobile website and desktop website will never allow you to reach your business’s full potential as the huge mass of the population nowadays is using mobile phones and applications.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to recognize this and adapt accordingly. Now, how will this information help you to increase your eCommerce sales? The answer is — you will need an e-commerce mobile app for your business. To know better, let us dive deeper and know about the reasons why your eCommerce Store requires a mobile app.

Only Having the Website Does Not Make Any Sense.

Currently, three – a fourth of the total population uses their smartphone to dig through and buy anything online— either for some specific details or for a specific product. But the websites are very much tricky when it comes to searching for or buying some products.

In contrast, the mobile commerce app offers a more adequate shopping experience because of the more easily available product description and the easier comparison of two or more products. This is the one reason you must need an e-commerce mobile app for your store. 

Stimulate the Sales and Conversions.

Although you are trying to provide an excellent payment and checkout experience with the support of a responsive mobile website, it is yet very complicated to push buyers to complete a purchase. If you are browsing through several products and services, then required to add one to the cart, you have to add all your contact details to complete the process.

But with the custom mobile app, you can offer distinctive attributes like a one-click order, auto-save cart, and many more that will boost sales automatically and help you to generate more revenue. 

Mobile Browser vs Mobile App.

Increase Average Order Value.

We have already discussed that mobile apps are much more convenient to use rather than websites. But, is it possible that mobile apps have a better order value than websites? Yes, it can be possible as we have already discussed above that the mobile commerce app offers a more adequate shopping experience because of the more easily available product description and the easier comparison of two or more products. 

Getting more of an opportunity to browse faster on Mobile apps made it easier for people to browse when they are shopping from a mobile app. According to the report, Mobile apps have a higher average order value than both mobile browsers and desktop screens.

Global Retail Average Order Value Index

Increase Customer Loyalty.

Sometimes it becomes hectic to open websites of specified e-commerce platforms every time while doing online shopping. Having a custom mobile app increases the probability rate that customers will use the easy interface to shop for desired materials.

Mobile App Customer Loyalty.

Grasping this advantageous point is something that you should definitely look for. With the help of the custom mobile app, customers can easily check their status in real time. 

Improve marketing communication.

Having good sales metrics boosts your confidence to the next level. The mobile app is just like a dream for marketers as without a mobile app costumes have to depend on the customer support service to have any chance of driving conversation. Rather than spending dollars on email communication and social media campaigns to reach your customer base try a mobile app, you will get a better and easier way to communicate with your customers through Push Notifications. 

Around 60% of total users open a push notification, compared to just 20% of emails. While using the push notification, a message will appear directly on a user’s screen, just like a text. Once the message gets opened, the user will be directed straight to the app which will be easier for them to buy. 

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

Why is it important to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate?  This is the first question that comes into your head when you hear it. But for e-commerce businesses, it is one of the most significant KPIs that need to be reduced. 

The real reason why we are discussing reducing the cart abandonment rate is that it is frustrating for the customer, who is one or two clicks away from finalizing the purchase. So what went wrong?

Here we have provided some top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. They are:

  • Unexpected Shipping Costs,
  • Having to create a new account,
  • Concerns about payment security,
  • Couldn’t find a coupon code,
  • The website had errors/crashes.
Cart Abandonment Rates

From the above-placed image, you can clearly observe mobile apps have the lowest cart abandonment rate as compared to mobile websites and desktop sites. Mobile apps also provide an easier interface for you to accept alternative payment methods as well.

Creating a successful eCommerce business like can be challenging, but you should look into every opportunity that will get you closer to your company goals. After you’ve evaluated the many benefits of starting your own eCommerce mobile business, you can determine if it’s the best decision for you.

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