When concerned with cybersecurity, it’s easy to think of the cloud, email systems, and all things digital. But, in reality, the physicality of that data and network is often as important. To bolster the speed and efficiency of your work network, as well as protect it from cyber threats, you need to invest in good-quality firewalls, routers, and computer systems themselves. The three pieces of hardware here allow you to get a network, secure it, and then access it. Simple, but effective.

Firstly – The Systems Themselves

In the age of hybrid work, it is more important than ever that businesses supply and track hardware. It is unacceptable to force workers to allow work network and account access on a personally owned computer. While the system will work just fine, it will be too vulnerable and, importantly, too appealing to cyber threats. By combining all the personal data on that employee’s system with all the corporate data on your network, you essentially consolidate everything a potential hacker might be looking for into one easy package.

Investing in work laptops or computers for home use is vital. Not only will employees appreciate the privacy, but it will actively increase your security. It will also stop the temptation to bring data back from work to home. USB sticks and the like aren’t suitable for work data, so by providing a full system that will remain in their home, you ensure workers are treating the hardware, and the data it holds, correctly.

Secondly – The Firewall

While firewalls can exist as purely software-based devices, the best are units with hardware too. When it comes to modern business, a hardware solution is most recommended. Having a hardware-based firewall allows for much greater speeds and capacity which means you hear about threats faster, over your entire network. The extra speed and capacity also contribute to bonus features like VPN support and upkeep, bandwidth management, and more. A physical firewall from a partner like SonicWall firewalls ticks all those boxes while also having an online element for the hybrid workers.

By unifying the network under a grand firewall like this, you ensure external threats are detected and prevented while simultaneously scanning and preventing internal files from causing problems too.

Thirdly – The Router

Having a decent LAN and WAN are vital to success as a business, and both need security. External factors like the firewall and antivirus programs are part of that, but the router itself that diverts all this data is key.

Modern routers can come with built-in VPN capability, network monitoring, and more. By investing in a secure router you begin to prevent issues in your network at the source.

Between your router preventing threats and your firewall finding those that do appear you will be as secure as you can be. All of this taking place on a dedicated work PC is the icing on the cake, and that’s why these are the three best hardware solutions for security. These three pieces of hardware get you a network (via the router), secure that network (via the firewall), and give you access to that network (via the work PC).

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