Social media influencers have a growing presence in the digital world and in our lives in general. So, how are savvy consumers of social media discerning which advice to accept, and which to be more critical of? We will go over some ways to do this, which can also help you engage consumers from your business accounts, something Assist Suite notes is a large and growing business trend. 

We Shall be Influenced

Whether we like it or not, we need to recognize the influence of social media and its influencers on our daily lives. This can be a really good thing! Social media have been a source of sharing local knowledge, grooming techniques, and self-care strategies. As the NYTimes has laid out, we are influenced, even if we do not quite realize it.

One of the things this article will do is help you navigate this terrain with more tools. Once you accept that whenever we consume social media, our preferences and choices are being modified, even if slightly, we can think about how to receive this information. Even if you do not have any social media, your community does, and they certainly have some sort of influence on you.  

But, Do Not Trust Blindly

When we recognize the influence this can have on us, and the potential source of advice, this does not mean that we should run blindly to be influenced. There are some important things to keep in mind if we want to get only the best advice. 

Because there is so much advice on the internet, and especially on social media, we need to be clever in order to best navigate this. It is impossible to accept all the advice you come across, as there is so much, and it is so varied. Therefore, we need to learn to take in only the best advice. Here are some hot tips for doing just that.

Find Someone Who is Relatable

One important piece of advice is to find someone to whom you can relate. When we have things in common with the people giving us advice, it gives us two important advantages. 

One, because they are like you, they will likely have advice that is relevant to your life. Because they will face similar obstacles and have similar desires, someone who is relatable to you will be a great source of advice. 

Also, if they are familiar to you and speak in similar ways about similar things, then you will be able to intuitively understand them. The advice will be clearer and you will be even more prepared to discern naturally what fits best into your life. 

Seek out the Experts

While we like people to be like us, and this is indeed useful, we also want them to have a bit of expertise or authority. After all, if they were exactly like us, we might not be seeking advice from them at all. You may have to go outside of social media to distinguish the most trustworthy options.

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Trusting a team of experts on an established site can be a really good idea! This is an established brand that will protect that by giving out the best advice possible. 

Get to Know the Influencer

Many influencers on social media also share details of their personal life. This is part of what we seek in our social media and through its trends: personal connection. This is also a tool for you to better interpret the type of advice they give. 

By knowing where they are coming from, you can also understand if and how to add their advice to your own life. It is like knowing the original language in order to make a translation. Sometimes people live very comfortable lives, so it can feel frustrating when we do not get the same results, or they live in a different country, and, therefore, have different emotional and material needs. 

Even when people come from different situations, we can still learn a lot from their advice, if we know how to situate it properly.

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