Who thought that platforms like Instagram and Facebook will become such huge parts of our everyday lives? As of 2021, the USA has over 200 million Facebook users. Meanwhile, an average user spends at least 50 minutes of their day on Instagram! There is a huge chance that you are also an avid social media user while you’re read this article. 

Whether you are a social media user, a small business relying on social media for reach, or a marketer, it is important to know what trends are expected in the coming year. 2023 isn’t very far, and there are some important trends and changes you need to prepare for. 

3 Social Media Trends to Look Forward to in 2023!

Influencers Will Influence

Yes, we have all heard so much about influencers since 2019. By 2020, influencer marketing budgets had increased by up to 65%. This is crazy! But this is not stopping anytime soon. Influencers are going to dominate social media, and like it or not, they are also going to set many upcoming trends on digital platforms as well. 

Yes, the world of influencers will take many shapes and forms. For example, there is an increasing focus on micro-influencers. Rather than taking a generic approach and having millions of followers who expect pretty much anything from your content, micro-influencers are going to have a niche following. Their followers will be people with specific interests. 

For example, a skincare micro-influencer will only be followed by people who are interested in this topic. Their following is also supposed to be anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 rather than millions of uninterested followers who don’t really align with the theme of the influencer. This will also help brands get better reach through micro-influencers. Brands can now particularly choose which micro-influencer has the most relevant following and can give expert opinion, review, or content for their products. Their following also tends to be more loyal, which is going to result in great turnover for the collaborating brands. 

Customer is Content King 

The common saying is that the customer is the king. But in the age of social media, customer content is the king. How so?

Customer or user-generated content will be a huge trend in 2023. It is already emerging and changing how brands run their social media pages. With wider accessibility of the internet and increasing digital literacy, everyday customers and users of every type of brand are posting content on these platforms. 

Brands can encourage these customers to post about their products, and then feature their posts on the brand’s official accounts. This adds a great sense of connection and loyalty to the customer’s experience, and also makes the brand’s content more inclusive and relatable. 

There are already many examples of popular brands that are using user-generated content to connect more with their customers. A parachute is one such example. The brand uses its customers’ posts and pictures, and not only posts them on their social media but also uses the customer-created content for sponsored posts and social media ads.

Not only does featuring customers on their accounts make it a great experience for the customer, but it also increases the brand’s networking and hence popularity on these platforms. 

Social Media or Social Shops?

Enterprises, small businesses, home-based businesses — everyone is now depending hugely upon their social media presence to increase reach. However, social media is going to take a huge hit when it becomes so much more about social selling and buying than just plain out networking. A 2018-2019 report shows that in the US, over 70% of businesses use Instagram. Moreover, if you have a site, try making it fully compliant to web accessibility standards and norms. In this context, an expert like “Accessibility Spark” can help make your site fully compliant to ADA & WCAG guidelines, thus saving you from unwanted lawsuits that are now filed quite frequently by web users. 

Social media selling is already benefiting businesses significantly. It is a cheap platform for small businesses and gives equal marketing opportunities to all types of businesses. Social Media Examiner reports that selling on social media increases exposure by 86% while it ensures higher lead generation by 67%! 

Social media shops are easy and much more personal. You get to DM (direct message) the brand’s account and speak to an actual person. Let’s face it, COVID-19 has made us all a little introverted, and we are always trying to escape situations where we have to talk to an actual person face-to-face. With social media shops, this won’t be an issue because most of the instant replies are automated, and other conversations do not require any actual physical interaction at all!

It’s easier to scroll an Instagram page and choose the products yourself, read the comments for reviews, and check the followers to ensure that the brand is authentic. The internet is available to everyone. Texans have their go-to Grande Internet service, while the rest of the US can scout for high-speed fiber internet to allow them to make the most out of social media shops. In 2023, we expect more and more features to emerge that will make it easier to shop on social media platforms! 

Get All Set!

Now that you are all aware of the upcoming social media trends in 2023, make sure you have everything you need to catch up with them. As marketers or as influencers, or even regular users, you need a good internet connection from BuyTVInternetPhone that can accommodate your social networking needs.

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