Does it surprise you that most brands want a slice of the Instagram pie? Clearly, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for internet users. Over a billion people are using the platform each month, so it’s no wonder brands want to get in on the action.

When marketing on Instagram, it’s advisable to ensure you have a healthy number of likes on your posts. After all, engagement is key to success on social media, and likes are one of the easiest ways to measure engagement. To get started, consider if you’re thinking of buying authentic and automatic likes to boost your profile.

Nonetheless, how do you go about buying real and automatic likes, given the multitude of sellers online? How do you spot the good apples from the bad? Before going all out, it might help to scope for credible entities. To this end, let’s first go over a few qualities of firms selling real likes:

A Money-back Guarantee

Who wants to sink money into service and not get what they paid for? No one, that’s who! When you find a company offering a money-back guarantee, you can be confident in the quality of their product.

Furthermore, it shows they’re committed to customer satisfaction. Avoid companies that don’t assure you of your money back should you be displeased with their service. Most likely, they’re selling bot-generated likes and will only give you a run-around when you try to get your money back.

Credible firms have skin in the game. They understand that failure to provide likes from active, real accounts could result in being blacklisted and losing out on revenue. Besides, Instagram doesn’t take kindly to companies selling fake engagement, meaning the risks are high. As such, a firm that understands the risks will likely sell you real, active likes and offer you a guarantee.

24/7 Customer Support

A company that offers 24/7 customer support shows they’re available to help you whenever you need it. This is important because social media never sleeps. Something could go awry with your campaign anytime, so it’s good to know you can always reach out for help. If you’re dealing with a one-person operation, most probably, their firm isn’t reputable.

A Secure Checkout Process

Usually, you have to input sensitive information like your credit card number when buying likes. Ensure the company has a secure checkout process to protect you. Look for companies with a https://URL. This implies their site is secure, and your information will be encrypted.

Great Reviews

Reviews are king when you’re shopping around. If a firm has a trend of positive reviews, chances are they’re onto something, right? On the other hand, a series of negative reviews is a clear sign you should steer clear. Generally, reviews give you some insight into a firm’s service quality.


The adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in this case. If a company sells likes for dirt cheap, they’re probably dabbling in fake likes. In most cases, buying likes from such firms will end in tears – your tears.

But it doesn’t mean you should pay a premium for likes. Just because a firm charges more doesn’t mean their service is better. Do your research and find a company offering quality likes at a reasonable price.


When a company has been around for a while, it’s usually a good sign. For starters, it means they have their ducks in a row. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have kept their doors open for as long as they have. New companies always pop up, but not all of them make it. Thus, when scouring the web, go with a firm that has some experience under its belt.

The Buying Process

After finding a firm that meets the above criteria, you can be confident you’re getting quality likes that will help improve your engagement and, ultimately, your bottom line. To buy likes from such a firm, simply go to their site and follow the on-screen prompts.

Each firm has its way of doing things, so its platform may look different, but the process is essentially the same. You’ll need to enter your account name or sign up and select the number of likes you want to purchase.

Most sellers have various package options to choose from, so you can pick one that best suits your needs. You’ll also need to provide them with your Instagram username so they can deliver the likes.

Mostly, they use an automated system or deliver the likes. That said, some may require you to provide them with your password (for safety reasons). After making your purchase, you can sit back and watch your posts take off!

All things considered, buying real and automatic Instagram likes is a great way to give your profile a boost. But remember to research the service providers you have in mind, so you don’t end up on the wrong side of a fake likes scam and wasting your hard-earned money.

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