Even if you don’t want to admit it, TikTok has rewritten the world of tech. We had no idea what impact this social media could bring to our daily routine, and it’s worth mentioning that all of us were wrong. 

Today, it’s much harder to find negative opinions over TikTok or phrases like “this media is for kids only.” Thousands of companies and developers have found a warm place there and were able to grow their businesses with the app. 

With TikTok, the future of technologies became undecidable and even scary. But it’s possible to track some tendencies we are about to discuss! 

What is TikTok: Sleeping Beauties Edition

If you have slept for years, we want to explain what TikTok is. 

TikTok is a popular app made for sharing videos. All content is short, sharp, and a bit crazy, especially for ones who have never interacted with the platform before. The whole point is to scroll through TikTok news, consume content, and share it further. 

Simple but genius, the app has brought to us something that no one on social media could before. 

The impactful environment is available for all groups of people. 

TikTok is totally free, remember? 

Instagram & Twitter are Still There, But There is One But 

Even though practically any other social media have started the wave of TikTok, the most popular platform these days has something that no company could provide in the past. 

All those giants want to count on their algorithms. When it comes to user experience, it’s easy to notice how programs decide on the content you see. TikTok does not allow it. 

At your feed, you’re a king. Some experts name the TikTok feed a self-directed one, and we understand why. For sure, artificial intelligence (AI) decides on many things. Still, no unnecessary ads or videos from creators you hate will appear unless you want them to. 

Practically, TikTok is the very first platform that screwed itself to gain a warmer audience and did everything for the content figures we know today. Here we go: the platform is №1, on top and in heaven! 

The Need for Video Technologies Grows Rapidly

More videos mean demand for developers. Videography was invented not a long time ago, so there’s always a place to grow and even overgrow in video technologies. 

For the tech workers, this point is crucial. If you have been wondering what to master next, the question is simple. Video production will become the real cream of society soon!

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Let’s Come Back to AI and Its Impact on TikTok Viewers

For sure, even a self-ruled app like TikTok must count on technology. The main one that appears to work with blood, sweat, and tears is artificial intelligence. 

TikTok is in our future, as well as AI. We should expect the app to be responsible for increasing demand over the second one. But what if such social media actually makes a difference? To know better, we shall prepare even for more changes in the world of tech caused by TikTok.

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