TikTok might have started out as a platform that was seen as being simply some fun for the younger generation, but today there is no denying that it has seen a huge increase in users of all ages. The COVID-19 pandemic was quite pivotal in increasing the popularity and user base of TikTok, with lots of creators and users turning to the platform simply for something to entertain themselves with during the COVID-19 lockdown. Over the past few years, TikTok has become a global phenomenon and almost everybody is using it. From funny videos and challenges to short how-to guides or serious videos regarding mental health, it’s become one of the fastest-growing social apps and is home to all kinds of different content. 

Many creators are using TikTok to start out by gaining new followers on their social media platforms. TikTok serves as a foundation for growth, which is what a lot of new creators need. TikTokers who grow on the platform have gone on to start careers in streaming, as online influencers, eCommerce businesses, coaching, and much more. 

TikTok for Marketing

The entire audience of TikTok is mostly based on younger generations that are bringing life to their social media accounts – and some older generations too. Companies are beginning to realize the fact that it could shed some light on their brand and products, too. 

Although TikTok has mainly been used to show trends on a fun and entertaining app, it can be just as powerful when used as a marketing tool. TikTok isn’t just for showing off your dance moves; people use it for tips and tricks, life hacks, tutorials, information, and much more.

Using TikTok, companies can create content in the form of video clips that are short and easy to digest, grabbing the attention of their followers by explaining what the brand offers and how it can help them. Many companies have got a lot of success by using TikTok to create funny and interesting clips that grab the attention of their audience. 

TikTok Influencers

Another way that you can use TikTok for marketing your business is to partner with influencers on the platform. TikTok creator marketing is taking off, with a growing number of creators on the platform today that have a huge range of followers. It can be an ideal way to get in front of your target audience if you are able to find a creator whose views align with yours. They can create videos to promote your product and work in partnership with your brand to get your name out there in front of a wider audience. 

TikTok influencer marketing works well because the content is easy to digest and can be made in a more entertaining or helpful manner, rather than promotional. 

Is TikTok Right for Your Business?

TikTok is mainly aimed at younger audiences, although that being said, many older people also use and have great success with the platform. However, it is important to keep TikTok’s main user base in mind when deciding if it is the right choice for your business. If your products or services are designed mainly for an older audience, then TikTok might not be the best choice of marketing tool for you. 

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On the other hand, if you have a mixed target audience, or if you are marketing mainly to Gen Z and millennials, then TikTok can be a very profitable choice. The app is used for so much more than simply making dance videos these days, and can be an excellent way to get your brand out there in front of its ideal audience in a way that can be light-hearted and entertaining allowing you to grab attention for the right reasons. 

Creating a TikTok Marketing Strategy

Having a TikTok marketing strategy can benefit businesses in many different ways, including selling products and services, increasing brand awareness, getting feedback from customers and audiences, advertising products and services to the target audience, and providing customer service. To create a TikTok marketing strategy, there are a few different steps to follow:

Set Up TikTok for Business

To set up a business TikTok account, you will first need a personal profile. Go to your profile page and click on Settings and Privacy. From here, head to Manage Account and choose ‘Switch to Business Account’, which you’ll find under Account Control. Choose the category that fits your account best and add a business email and website to your profile. 

Choose an Advertisement Type

There are a few different ways to advertise on TikTok. These are:

  • In-feed ads: You make these ads yourself, and they can be video ads, image ads, or spark ads, which boost the content that you already have. You can also get carousel and pangle apps through the News Feed and Audience Network apps. 
  • Managed brands ads: These look a lot like in-feed ads, but there is some additional formatting. They’re available for accounts that work with a TikTok sales rep. 
  • Topview ads: These play when the user first opens the app and can’t be skipped, similar to YouTube ads. 
  • Branded hashtag challenges: Actionable hashtags that are connected to your brand. 
  • Branded effects: Filters, stickers, etc., that carry your brand image and identity. 

Creating Your Strategy

To put together a solid TikTok marketing strategy, consider the following:

  • Get to Know TikTok: Spend some time getting involved with TikTok videos, including watching them, learning how to make them, and exploring the different features available on the app. Understand the algorithm, and learn more about how TikTok ranks and displays videos. 
  • Define Your Audience: Consider who you are reaching out to on TikTok. Learn more about demographics and identify users that might be interested in your brand before you start content creation. 
  • Audit Your Competitors: If your competitors are on TikTok, you need to know about it. Find some similar brands to yours and figure out what they are doing on the app. Find out what’s working and what isn’t. Become familiar with the strategies that they use, such as influencer marketing. 

TikTok isn’t just for challenges. When used right, it can be a really powerful marketing tool for a lot of brands.

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