The web has become an integral part of most of today’s activities, including most kinds of business. Many of them have even migrated to the digital environment, which is the case of e-commerce, an online shop, which you are likely to be going to create if you are reading this article. Having a business, however, is not an easy task, it needs time and attention, it’s something that always keeps you occupied, so you often might want to optimize your activities, to spend your resources as efficiently as possible. Managing a website with its server, however, is also something that needs constant attention, since shrinking its performance and optimization may often lead to the shrinking of your revenues. And if you feel that you cannot afford this constant attention, you probably might want to hand over this task to someone else and preferably some savvy expert. With this in mind, hosting companies often offer the kind of service known as “managed hosting” which means that you hire their experts to perform the server management task instead of your

So, let’s have a closer look at what managed hosting is and how your e-commerce business can benefit from it.

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What Does Server Management Consist of and How Managed Hosting is Going to Help with It?

It might be obvious that running a server includes various tasks for its management. But if you are still wondering, which tasks exactly should be solved for the successful operation of your server, let’s have a look at them a bit. In a nutshell, the tasks that are usually solved by hosting providers offering managed hosting, are as follows: setting up the server, installing patches, updating, backups, restoration, monitoring of the environment, advanced technical support, load balancing, detecting threats, and problems solving. As you can see, there are a lot of components included in the regular server management routine, that’s why it is worth paying additional money. Now, let’s analyze a bit deeper, what advantages managed hosting offers to your e-commerce.

Quick Server Setup

When opting for managed hosting, the first thing you get is the server that is set up and ready for operation within minutes. This is especially relevant when you opt for managed VPS hosting, where there is a virtual environment to be set up. Without a hosting provider’s professional assistance, it can take you days to fully set up a VPS, resulting in lost chances to start creating revenues as soon as possible.

Monitoring Performance

Another great aspect of managed hosting is that all resources which make up your hosting are regularly monitored to exclude any arising technical issues in any way decreasing the performance of your e-commerce. These include:

  • Monitoring hardware. The hardware, that is the physical basis, can from time to time break. While you, occupied with your business tasks, may notice the arisen problem only after some time, the technical support of your hosting provider is constantly keeping an eye on it, whether everything works as it is supposed to work, and if anything, the problem is immediately fixed. 
  • Software. Software, just like hardware, can also from time to time affect negatively your site performance by giving out errors. The monitoring provided by managed hosting service is as well aimed at fixing errors promptly, while regularly updating the system and applications, so the old bugs do not remain the problem.
  • Network bandwidth. The bandwidth that is allocated to you determines in many ways the efficient operation of your website, especially its page load speed, which has a particular impact on its search engine optimization. The team of your managed hosting provider will monitor this aspect, to see and tell you every time it’s time to upgrade.

Maximum Reliability

Even if you have advanced technical skills and knowledge to provide a nearly perfect operation of your e-commerce website, you are not almighty and you cannot constantly monitor every element of your server and fix problems as they come. For this reason, if excellent reliability is what you are looking for in the first place, managed hosting will be perhaps the best solution, unless you have an in-house technical support team that is ready to constantly install patches and updates, repair technical outages and analyze, whether anything can be improved.

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Setting Up Backups 

If something with the storage goes wrong, you can lose some precious data. Backups are aimed at preventing the latter from happening, so they have to be set up properly. It might be not the hardest task, but it will be one less thing to think about, which is also great, considering the rest of the benefits of managed hosting.


If you are running an e-commerce website, time is perhaps the most precious resource for you. The managed hosting service is aimed at helping you free it from the regular server management routines, solving the tasks quickly, professionally, and efficiently, so it will for sure be a rational investment. If you are looking for a good managed hosting provider, we recommend you check out Hostzealot servers. That’s all for now, thank you for your attention and take care!

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