A Houston-based Ecommerce company is the first end-to-end encrypted service provider that has raised its funding from $25 in series A followed by $45 m in a series B round. Now, it is targeted to reach $143 million in the next consecutive financial series. 

Omar Tariq and Jim Jakobson founded this company in September 2020 and offer fully integrated and owned software services to boost the business online.

The main aim of the founder of is to fill the gap between consumers and the e-commerce platform to gain comprehensive growth in online stores. 

No matter how small the brand is, it can work as the largest corp in the globe with one platform,, to deal with customers around the globe.’s $25m series provides an integrated tool for brands to use an array of apps and other external services to achieve their marketing goal. About 80% of the US population is facilitated with two-day shipping with provides a fully-loaded pack to the brands to operate e-commerce according to their requirements and can add fulfillment, marketing, or customer conversion tools by enabling a couple of buttons in their app. 

About 25m Series Funding

The E-commerce brand is revolutionized by the services of, which accelerates the growth of the company. provides a solution to online software stores, digital marketing, financial services along with other customer services. It has used the funds to raise the profitability of the company. An aggressive growth strategy of the e-commerce company,, has succeeded in acquiring many brands, like Amer Commerce, along with two other digital marketing agencies.

Over 2000 e-commerce brands including GNC, Haymaker coffee, and Kehe, are incorporated with the cart.com25m series that has earned a revenue of 400% since its launch.

A vast number of business solutions are offered by so that brands of any size are capable of doing work efficiently and growing with them. 

The co-founder Tariq says that we have customized the service for sellers not for the brands, to make their customer relationship good. This will create a chain of long-term customer relationships that can be estimated as the true value of our growth.

The achievement of in the last years was quite remarkable as it has the potential to execute the vision in the appropriate direction to build the growth of $25 million. 

The innovation that occurred in has boosted online marketing to a new sky. has built comprehensive growth on the e-commerce platform quickly and seamlessly. has raised over $45 million in total funding that was led by Mercury Venture Fund and Arsenal Growth, along with Moonshots capital and scarlet venture fund. 25m Series Arsenal Equity Funds funded by Arsenal

Arsenal, a private equity firm, invests in various emerging sectors that have targeted capital inflow for their business to grow. They invest capital in high-potential businesses where they can expand their strategic growth and achieve remarkable profit.

The firm was founded in 1999 in Florida and expanded its branches in Palo Alto and Boston. It has invested in companies like  Plumslice, MyUS, Thrive Market, Fattmerchant, Second nature, BoxC, and Order Bot.

Competition in the e-commerce market is high, as online shopping has noticed a surge in and after the pandemic. With the same vision as Amazon and other big eCommerce companies, provided all the services to its customers with ease. It has thrown away the monopoly of big e-commerce companies. It helps brands to get more profit while retaining more customers.  Messaging and incredible customer satisfaction are the two main factors of becoming the fastest-growing independent e-commerce company. 

It allows the brands to grow and scale up their business while retaining control over all aspects of their business. 25m Series Mercury Funds

Founded in 2005 by Garrou and Dan Watkins, Mercury is an early-stage venture capital investment firm that invests in entrepreneurs and focuses on innovative ideas that have the potential to grow in the middle of America.

With over 300 underdeveloped companies, it targets the SaaS marketplaces and digital transformations of the market. About 20 years ago Mercury realized the rise of entrepreneurs and innovations in America and financed the start-ups, innovation partners of big corporations, and co-investors of start-ups to help the entrepreneurs for scaling up their businesses too rapidly. 

Mercury is known for providing full support to entrepreneurs in order to manage all the resources they require for setting up their businesses. 

Apart from these, Mercury Fund of’s $25 m series also provides professional career advising, and mentoring, and prefers to invest in the newest ideas that have the potential to grow in the market.

There are three prime requirements to emerge as an entrepreneur, leader, investor, and motivator. It helps in scaling up their start-up firms and that is the main motto of 25 m series mercury fund to invest in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Mercury Fund growth for enables it to invest further in the latest technology 

Development and in turn increase the number of customers by more than 15 times. Almost half of the funds will be invested in hiring more engineers, technicians, digital marketers, and around 300 team members to acquire more brands to compete with the larger e-commerce platforms.

Final Words is the most popular and well-profited e-commerce company in the USA. It has gained marvelous success in providing a platform for every brand to be established in the market, and in turn, gets benefited. It has brought up very tough competition for established e-commerce corporations and made more and more customers purchase the product through So, it has gained a remarkable profit in a very short span of time. 

The company utilizes the funds gained in increasing customer demand and making

future marketing plans in order to expand the business globally. It has its own suited software, expert services, and infrastructure for boosting online marketing.

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