Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity of every website on the internet. It has proved to be the greatest factor in driving relevant organic user traffic by ranking websites high in search results. Therefore, every website on the internet has to do SEO to rank high. The ranking of websites depends on several SEO factors. In SEO we have optimized our website according to these factors. However, these factors keep on changing, they get changed every time the search engine algorithm is changed. Due to the same reason, the ranking of the website also got affected. Therefore, SEO experts always have to keep on researching and applying new methods to rank the website, and thus you will find a number of agencies of search engine optimization in Brisbane.

In this article, we are going to see some of the most important factors of SEO that play a crucial role in the ranking of any website.

Some Important SEO Factors

1. The Website Should Be Secure

The first factor of Search Engine Optimization is that the website needs to be secure. The website should have an SSL certificate that ensures that the website is safe for users to visit. With an SSL certificate, the URL of the website starts with HTTPS, instead of HTTP, which indicates that the website has an SSL certificate and is safe for users to visit. There are several other factors for making the website secure. You will only get to know about these when you come in contact with a good search engine optimization Brisbane agency.

A website may have any SSL certificate for website security as there are multiple types of SSL certs including multi domain wildcard, standard SSL available in the market. However, Google is also considering HTTPS on priority and an inevitable security. For a particular security, a proper SSL should be on the website.

2. Fast Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is another very important factor of SEO. Google itself has mentioned that the page loading speed is an important factor in the ranking of a website and it should be no more than 2 seconds on different devices. Additionally, the page loading speed can be decreased by optimizing the size of the image and reducing its size, so that the page takes less time to load. This also falls under SEO techniques. Thus, those websites which take less time in loading their webpages are preferred over those which take a lot of time to load.

3. Responsiveness of the Website

The responsiveness of a website is another great Search Engine Optimization factor. Whenever a website is made, it is first designed according to the resolution of desktop size. However, most of the time people access a website through their phone. Therefore, a website that looks good and attractive to users when accessed on different devices, tends to rank higher in search results. Therefore, the responsiveness of a website is a greater factor in the ranking of a website. Thus, you need to hire or outsource this work to experts to some search engine optimization Brisbane organization.

4. Content Optimization

If you are running a blog website, then the optimization of all the content posted on the website is very necessary. There are several factors in this itself that are included in search engine optimization. One of the major parameters that decide the ranking of a particular blog post, is keyword research and its use in the blog content. Keyword research is one of the major tasks of an SEO expert as it decides where the blog post is going to rank for that particular keyword. 

5. Domain Authority

Domain authority is the credibility of a domain name on which the reputation of the website depends. Therefore, it is one of the major ranking factors and is included in search engine optimization practice. Domain authority itself depends on the age of the domain name, the older the domain name, the more will be the domain authority. Furthermore, it depends on the trust factor, that is, how much the user is liking the website and if they are finding relevant information. Other than that, credible backlinks formation is another factor for increasing domain authority. Only experts working in a search engine optimization Brisbane firm can fulfill the requirements of these.

6. Website Links

Links to your website are the most important SEO factor. There are three types of links: 

  • Inbound links- the most famous term in SEO, backlinks, is what is called inbound links. These are links that another authoritative website hosts in its content that directs its users to your website. This also determines the authority of the website. The more the number of such links, the more credible the website will be and thus, it will be highly ranked.
  • Outbound links: These are the links that are used in your own website that links to the other relevant and highly authoritative websites.
  • Internal links: These are the links that direct users to some other page within the website. The page must be relevant and useful to the user.

As you can clearly see, there is a lot on the plate, as you have to approach different websites asking them to give links to your website, therefore, this must be handled by an expert from a search engine optimization Brisbane agency.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the optimization of the various components of a blog post. It is another very important factor in ranking the blog post for a particular keyword. Although there are several on-page SEO factors, some of the most important out of these are listed below:

  • The title of the blog post should be well written, to the point, should contain a keyword.
  • The content should use different heading tags for different headings in the content.
  • Meta description, in naive terms, is the introduction of the web page displayed in search results. It should also have keywords used in the content and should not be more than 160 characters if possible.

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