Given the evidence that the increasing number of companies turned to digital marketing to improve their brands and increase customer involvement; you have decided that your business needs its own digital marketing team. That’s good news! But now after you make that decision, are there people in your business who really know how to assemble around a digital marketing team? If not, then you are lucky, because this article is designed to give you the knowledge to collect the right team for your business by contacting important skills and players you will need.

Let’s jump in, and get low-down on how to build the best team to provide your most useful business.

Meet Members of the Team

Indeed, this is the ideal situation, and given that the actual size of your business can affect the number of people in the team, here is a list of whom you need on your digital marketing team:

1. Leader / Manager

Call them team leaders, managers, or heads of marketing, but whatever it’s called, this is a responsible person. They set a budget, hiring people for the team, creating a marketing quota, acting as a brand evangelist; and functioning as a liaison between marketing and management teams. The last function is very important because the team needs to speak with only one voice; the manager provides an element of unity.  Managers need good communication and organizational skills; not only for the contacts mentioned above with management but also to convey adequate expectations and assignments to other team members. In addition, the ideal candidate for this position has several years’ experience in online marketing, and it includes courses and certifications. All-around digital marketing specialists are ideal for this role.

Naturally, team leaders must also have leadership skills, someone who all teams do not have problems looking. You will think that leadership skills will be a clear thing, something that goes without saying; But it’s amazing how many people are in leadership positions that don’t have a business there.

2. Social Media Experts

Social media offers a large number of marketing opportunities. This provides the ability to quickly build relationships with potential customers and maintain these relationships for recurring business purposes. But social media is also a complicated animal, and an effective digital marketing team has someone who knows their way on various social sites, familiar with their differences and what they focus on. However, what is suitable for one platform can fall flat on the other. Every business ideally has the presence of social media on several different platforms; and the presence helps monitor brand recognition, mention, and likes (and dislike!), Feedback, and other aspects of online communication. Some of the most effective advertisements are with word of mouth; businesses with the presence of social media as part of their marketing strategy can keep the real-time of how they are considered by consumers.

This is very important in terms of customer service; which can be said to be considered as a digital marketing aspect. For example, customers who complain on Facebook about the company’s bad service ended to get their complaints listening and completed by members of the marketing team. Everyone sees resolution, seeing the satisfaction given, and the reputation of the company increases; which is always something to do by marketing aspirations!

3. SEO Experts.

Forget the acquisition that has stated the death of search engines. Web searches are still in fact alive and kicking, and businesses still need experts who know how to optimize digital content, update keywords, headlines, and metadata. The search engine optimization expert also tracks performance and overseeing new development trends (while also noting which trends fall on the roadside; no source wasted the resources that carry out the proven stratagem). SEO experts are very driven by results. The essence of SEO is to ensure that your business traps PageRank as high as possible when someone searches. Your business must put high on the first SERP (search results page) because most people never even bother clicking anything outside the first page.

4. Creator of Content

There are still people out there who work under misunderstandings that anyone can write. Although most people can indeed arrange words into one sentence that can be understood, not everyone can write coherently and persuasively. That’s where the creator of the entry content.  You need someone proficient in writing so they will be able to overcome various tasks related to content such as website content, email explosions, blogs, white paper, brochures, and other writing bits. Content writers take ideas, strategies, and campaigns, and persuasive modes to attract customers. In addition, content writers can also be used to edit copies, thus saving business potentially embarrassing mistakes.

Remember that in the ideal situation, some of your digital marketing team members are familiar and proficient in the same skills, but at various levels of expertise. In this way, if for example, the workload of SEO experts is out of control; maybe a content expert knows enough about keywords and search results so they can take some tasks to their plates; reduce the crisis of SEO experts. Not every business will be able to buy and maintain a full team as detailed above. It could be that these roles are distributed between two or three people.

In addition, there are other roles in the digital marketing team that can use stains; such as strategist and graphic designers. But the team that combines at least four roles mentioned above is a team that is ready for success. Moreover, a team with members who have got the digital marketing online training can be more progressive.

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