If we talk about grocery shopping considering old times, the picture usually drawn in our minds is of “old-time grocery stores.” But the present says something different – It reminds us of the grocery delivery app we used the most. Agree? The scenario completely changed during the pandemic. Just after the Covid hit, grocers started focusing on how to become more customer-driven. 

They are juggling to compete against prominent leaders like Walmart with the capacity of quick delivery. In short, the grocery industry has experienced an incredible revolution with the coming of advanced technology. The astonishing transformation of grocery delivery services has made the grocery industry more versatile and flexible.

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The Grocery Industry is Emerging at Lightning Speed!

It’s no denying that the e-grocery market is the biggest revolution for a while, making it an ample opportunity for startups. It is the fastest-growing market of 2021 and promising for those looking to invest in a startup. 

Many years ago, the grocery market was not that well-established, and brick-and-mortar stores were only popular with ‘Kirana.’ With the changed time, the grocery stores started transforming into grocery malls. The grocery segment has been converted into an e-grocery mart where a Pickup and delivery app becomes a one-stop solution for customers to order their favorite groceries in a few tabs.

As of August 2021, more than 50% of United stores’ grocery stores were offering home delivery or store-pickup options, alongside 30% planning to integrate the technology into their services in the coming year. In short, 2021 is a big year for total grocery sales via a grocery app. Measured by percentage, online grocery sales grew $115.72 Billion, which is higher than $60.87 Billion in 2020, according to digital eCommerce.

Driving Forces Behind Grocers Opting For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become necessary than ever to stay in business. More and more grocers are in a hurry to transform their business to reach new heights. So what are the driving forces behind this?

  • Customers are looking for new products online because they do not have enough to shop from traditional stores out there.
  • The expectations of customers are on the rise. They dream of personalized experiences on different channels. So to grow the bottom line, grocers have to cater their business as per the customer demands. 
  • There is also a need for a strong online presence to showcase your business value. You need robust branding and a strong online presence to build a road to success for your business. 

Know How Digital Transformation Reshaped the Grocery Industry?

The grocery industry has been going through many digital transformations. The way people shop and the way grocers sell has completely changed nowadays. Everything operates digitally, and businesses do not have to worry about inventory, stock, delivery, and invoicing. Let’s discuss this concept of Transformation Of Grocery Delivery Services in more detail:

E-Grocery Solution for Pleasant Shopping Experiences

Grocery Delivery App

E-grocery solutions refer to the way of shopping for groceries through online grocery selling websites or apps. The most famous examples of this are BigBasket and Grofers. Such platforms are doing wonders for customers by making their grocery shopping experience easier and comfortable.

The popularity arose more during the pandemic as businesses focused on delivering essential items to customers’ doorsteps. You can say it is the most incredible digital transformation in the grocery industry. It has made the shopping customer experiences pleasant by allowing them to download the app on their smartphone to make orders. 

An On-demand grocery app primarily comprises three apps to make the shopping experience the best one. It includes a customer app, grocery store owner, and driver app. To make your understanding easier, let’s help you explain the basics of how e-grocery solution works:

  • The customer app enables customers to place grocery orders. 
  • The store owner app has a collection of groceries from the warehouse or store.
  • The driver app works efficiently for delivery agents to quickly find the address of the customers using GPS.  

Cloud-Based Solution for Doorstep Delivery

Cloud-based solutions or cloud kitchens are on the rise. It is something that we all should know. Such a solution refers to cloud restaurants that only deal in serving home delivery.

In short, an online grocery market that exists virtually to help customers get their daily essentials like groceries via home delivery to doorstep. Many startup owners have invested their money in cloud-based solutions to make grocery stores virtually available via intelligent apps.

Still, wondering how to go with the Transformation Of Grocery Delivery Services? You need to consult the best grocery delivery app development company. An expert will help you get a powerful grocery delivery app for reaching out to wide customers looking for grocery delivery services.  

Features That Make Grocery Delivery App Solutions a Must to Go Opportunity for Startups

Multiple Digital Payment Options

Modern consumers are on the lookout for a multi-channel solution that delivers personalized grocery experiences. And when it comes to shopping grocery online, they want an expanded range of payment options. And that’s what a grocery delivery app delivers to its customers. Multiple digital payment options have become increasingly popular among grocers exploring the ability to link accounts securely in a mobile app.

Whether it be Google Pay, PayPal, or paying through credit/debit card, they are the best option to make transactions securely. By simplifying the transaction process using the app, grocers can make shopping more convenient.

Loyalty Cards/Gift Cards are Impacting Shopper’s Behavior

Beyond offering multiple payment options via an app, loyalty programs and rewards are also highly effective in attracting a good score of customers. On the other hand, Gift cards are also great for driving more sales growth opportunities for grocers while enhancing customers’ loyalty and reducing overall payment costs. 

Who wouldn’t like to save and special attention? Similarly, giving MoonWlkr Discount Code or coupon codes to codes in their purchase will surely make them happy and encourage them to purchase more. As per the stats, more than 30M coupons were redeemed worldwide in 2020, where 70% of smartphone users are likely to utilize the digital coupons in the future. So, giving special deals on festivals is a proven strategy to increase your online grocery delivery mobile app sales. 

Conclusion – Grocers Can Lead Success in an Evolving Grocery Industry!

Digital Transformation is indeed changing the way businesses run in the grocery industry. As many entrepreneurs are now entering the competitive market, it’s your turn to build something that meets the changing demands of consumers. Grocers need to go with a transformation of grocery delivery services ideally suited to succeed in the future. 

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