Every soul before getting started with anything sets a benchmark, defines what he needs and how. In a business context, a firm before stepping into the field determines what kind of audience they want to approach. In all of that, the demographic is the most important one. Online Address verification here enables the firm to recognize the ideal prospect in moments, swift and accurate location confirmation results in quick customer facilitation.

There are law enforcement agencies, legislation, or financial/intelligence watchdogs, according to which developing any professional association with a prospect client or firm of specific territory or region might be boycotted, online address verification helps the businesses to recognize those people and ensure that the firm is maintaining compliance with the law.’

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Operation of Address Verification System

  1. For verifying address, the person uploads soft versions of his/her national identity documentation such as a photo-based identity card, driving permit, insurance articulations, passport, depending upon the nature and prerequisites of the concerned bank or enterprise, along with utility bills
  1. In online address verification, the AI-driven system runs scans on subsequent fields of data. In this, the address provided on the utility bill is cross-checked with the address mentioned on the national ID card. The verification of address is always supported by updated e-storage information units of regulators and international watchdogs, where the submitted credentials are matched along for standard attestation
  1. Post the record checking of the person, results of online address verification are displayed in real-time

Key Elements 

The main feature of most automated solutions for online address verification is that it does not consider archives other than passport, ID card, license, older than three months, and the utility bills presented must be under the specific time period, to ensure that the they are still living at the same address. 

  1. The OCR technology integrated into solutions for online address verification filters out the residential location checkbox and since the AI models of digital solutions are highly trained and configured with substantial data templates. They can easily identify any unnatural trait or addition/replacement of text in an eye blink
  1. The program for the online address verification consists of a deep learning algorithm so it automatically keeps improving, the same forged element won’t pass twice

Applications of Online Address Verification

Offshore Payment Platforms

Requesting payment from a client situated abroad via bank transfers is becoming outdated. As the freelancers market is touching new hypes of success and expansion, many service providers create an account of international payment gateways to avoid bank processing fees and other charges. Those platforms can use online address verification to ensure genuine customer onboarding. 

People can debate on it, by saying that an individual must have a bank account and banks do perform complete ID attestation and all, but there are many countries with not so effective technologies for online address verification and ID checks, people from those regions can use the platforms for their illicit use. By availing of automated solutions for location confirmation, all of that can be prevented.

Crypto Exchanges

All virtual currency platforms make the best use of systems for online address verification and other ID validation checks. The level of risk of money laundering and financial fraud in crypto exchanges is greater than everywhere else. There are also so many platforms that entertain individuals without KYC (Know Your Customer Verification), therefore the platforms via online address verification can identify the trueness of the investor by confirming the current location and proceed with absolute assurance.


Before booking and confirmation of tickets, the platform or airline confirms the location of the person or group by online address verification. The solution attests to the residential address of the person in seconds, leading to swift and efficient customer service.

Transportation and Shipping Businesses

The companies in respective fields frequently require an advanced solution for online address verification to ensure that the carriage of products is getting to the predefined destination. The automated system confirms the exact location of delivery in seconds for reassurance and makes the logistics service time-efficient and precise in the future.


Business through digitized means somehow remains a little bit insecure but it’s also a necessity. The solutions for online address verification in KYC and AML confirm the location of individuals with perfection in real-time. The results are always backed up by credible storage units of prominent authorities which fastens up a business with absolute protection from chargeback frauds and other financial crimes.

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