Every one of you has at least once in a lifetime surely used “Torrenting – the process of downloading and uploading media files through the BitTorrent network.” If yes then, surely you’re aware of this preconceived notion about the Torrenting world that it’s synonymous with terms like piracy, copyright-infringement, and illegal content, right? However, let’s tell you this is not 100% true! 

There are many great torrenting sites options available out there on the web. They’re offering great entertainment content for meeting everyone’s need to legally download all manner of files like movies, ebooks, TV serials, music, audiobooks, videos, mobile apps, software, and all other popular media content.

Nevertheless, the fact is you can’t find them with a simple Google search and none of you want to waste your precious time in checking dozens of trashy sites on Google and wading through those endless pop-up ads that disappoints you in the end with having nothing sort of content that you’re looking for! Isn’t it?

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Well, therefore, we came into the picture. To help you sort out the best popular torrent sites of the present year 2023 and keep you away from those ostentatious sites that are just there to confuse you; we’ve come out with this particular blog that contains a comprehensive list of the top 10 most popular and working torrent sites of 2023. Therefore, if you consider yourself a torrent enthusiast and looking for those genuine working torrent sites from which you can download only the legal content, then, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

[Note: Before you begin, keep this in mind that, all the below-listed sites are not available worldwide for access because even few of these great sites also comes in the scrutiny of copyright-related controversies that leads to the unfortunate ban of multiple torrent sites in India and various countries all over the world by their respective ISPs.]

Prima Facie of 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites

Torrent Website NameTorrent Website LinkActive Users (in Millions)
The Pirate Bayhttps://thepirate-bay.org/1/24 Million+
KickAssTorrents https://kickasstorrents.to/

[Disclaimer: The aim of this blog is to provide you information about the ‘Top-10’ most popular torrenting site of 2023 and we strongly discourage downloading any ‘Copyright protected content’ from these listed sites. Also, we suggest you to access these sites at your own risk because even the most reputable and popular torrent sites come with some inherent dangers like privacy and security risks due to containing viruses, malware, pop-up ads, and so on.]

Explicit Assessment of the 10 Most Popular Torrenting Sites of 2023!

Now, let’s dig deep into each of the ‘top-10 listed torrenting sites’ one by one so that you’ve a better understanding and clarity on each of them based on the followings: “Founding Year, Banned Regions, Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs, Speed Limit, Global Site and Alexa Ranks, etc.

The Pirate Bay [The ultimate torrenting King]

Founding Year2003 
Pirate Bay Banned in Following RegionsUnited States, Italy, Ireland,  Kuwait, Malaysia,
Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Argentina,  Belgium,
China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, India, Iceland,
Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Sweden Turkey, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.
Average Download Speed6.2 MB/s
Global Site Rank209
Alexa Rank224
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • thepiratebay10.org
  • pirateproxy.id
  • proxybay.xyz
  • ThePirateBay.red
  • Tbp.tw,
  • TPBMirror.org

Since its inception, the Pirate Bay continues to operate from its .org domain and despite being blocked in many regions, it’s still going strong. It is the market leader of the torrent world for hosting hundreds of different categories of torrent files through a simple drop-down menu. Hence, it is certainly the biggest torrent site in the world that allows users from over 15 years to download torrent movies, TV series, books, applications, games, music and what not!

Rarbg [Best for verified new torrents]

Founding Year2008 
Rarbg Banned in Following RegionsBulgaria, Morocco, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK
Average Download Speed6.1 MB/s
Global Site Rank347
Alexa Rank819
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • rarbgaccess.org/index70.php
  • rarbgprx.org/index70.php
  • rarbgmirror.com/index70.php
  • rarbgunblock.com/index70.php

Second popular in the list is none other than Rarbg Torrent because it provides an extensive archive of high reliability torrent files and magnet links. All in all, the main reason for its popularity is that it manages to provide a total of around 300,000 torrents on a daily basis to all its users.

1337x [The best all-in-one platform]

Founding Year2007 
1337x Banned in Following RegionsAustralia, Ireland, Austria, and the UK.
Average Download Speed4.2 MB/s
Global Site Rank254
Alexa Rank411
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • 1337x.st
  • X1337x.eu
  • x1337x.se
  • x1337x.ws
  • 1337x.is

1337x is the third most infamous torrent site on the internet that can be your one-stop torrent shop where you’ll get everything ranging from applications, e-books, movies, series, documentaries, and so on for free. Hence, 1337x minor sites become the most used multipurpose torrent site from where users can download torrent content of all kinds and genres.

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KickAssTorrents [Best for TV shows]

Founding Year2008 
KickAssTorrents Banned in Following RegionsAustralia, India, US, and the UK.
Average Download Speed3.0Mb/s
Global Site Rank2386
Alexa Rank2425
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • kat.am
  • katcr.co, kat.sx/
  • kickasstorrent.cr
  • Kickasstorrents.pw
  • Kickasstorrent.cr
  • Sitenable.pw

KissAssTorrents is another site in the list that ruled the top torrent sites and best torrent sites for years. Even now, it is a top-choice of many users because it caters to the needs of each and every individual by offering a good number of torrents in all the categories, especially TV.

EZTV [Best for TV Series/Movies]

Founding Year2015 
EZTV Banned in Following RegionsAustralia, Ireland, and the UK
Average Download Speed3.2 MB/s
Global Site Rank897
Alexa Rank912
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • eztv.unblocked.krd
  • eztv.unblocked.krd
  • eztv.unblockall.org
  • eztv.unblocked.mx
  • eztv.unblocked.bet
  • eztv.red
  • eztv.tf
  • eztv.yt

Unlike other torrenting sites that contain all kinds of torrents, this site mainly focuses on movies and TV shows for those segments of users that are particularly searching for these two extraordinary categories only.  In fact, it is considered best in terms of the quality of the torrents that it offers. 

Torrentz2 [Best for showcasing verified torrents]

Founding Year2016 
Torrentz2 Banned in Following RegionsNot blocked in any countries yet.
Average Download Speed2.0 MB/s
Global Site Rank752
Alexa Rank696
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • https://torrentzeu.org/
  • https://torrentz2eu.in/
  • https://torrentz2.is/
  • https://torrentsmirror.com/
  • https://torrentz.pl/

As the successor of the Torrentz.eu site, it came with a vengeance. Though very similar to the original site in terms of look, UI, design and functionality, Torrentz2 has a significant improvement in terms of features. To be precise, this very new site has become a regular name in the world because of its new feature that filters for verified torrents. It means to ensure users safety, this site scans each and every torrent site from its database before showcasing.

LimeTorrents [Best for multipurpose torrenting]

Founding Year2009
LimeTorrents Banned in Following RegionsAustralia, France, and the UK.
Average Download Speed3.7 MB/s
Global Site Rank1341
Alexa Rank1294
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • limetorrents.zone
  • limetorrents.co
  • limetorrents.asia
  • limetor.com

This is another well-established platform that hosts a huge database of more than 10-million torrents in hundreds of categories ranging from movies, TV shows, and games to anime, apps, and music, etc. Moreover, this multipurpose platform offers to its users the ‘Tracker list and directories’ of the most recent and popular torrents to let them find the same easily.

MagnetDL [Best for being an innovative platform]

Founding Year2009
MagnetDL Banned in Following RegionsGermany, Japan, Finland, UK and others.
Average Download Speed2.7 MB/s
Global Site Rank3588
Alexa Rank5117
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • magnetdl.mrunlock.kim/
  • magnetdl.nocensor.best/
  • magnetdl.proxybit.surf/
  • magnetdl.prox4you.fun/

MagnetDL is also considered as one of the best popular torrent sites to have a massive collection of torrent magnet links. Additionally, it has the simplest user-interface with a very basic display screen, search bar and torrent category’s menu that makes torrents load very quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, it is also popular for being an innovative platform that allows for the referral of electronic files, without the need for host swarms.

YTS [Best for movies]

Founding Year2011 
YTS Banned in Following RegionsIreland, Australia, Greece, Iceland, UK, and the US.
Average Download Speed3.2 MB/s
Global Site Rank182
Alexa Rank328
Mirror or Proxy Sites
  • yts.gs
  • yts.am
  • yts.pm

YTS is one sort of platform that you can consider for the safest and best movie torrent collection. To those who don’t know, YTS came into existence for all movie enthusiasts after the shutdown of its own predecessor i.e., ‘YIFY.’ However, now it has no official ties with its predecessor group, and instead, it is completely running solo, giving tough competition to other top competitors. In a nutshell, it’s certainly a good place for getting a hand on movie torrents of great visual quality and numerous other useful filters like a clean layout, easy-to-read description, feedback options, and so on.

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Zooqle [Best for Multi-resolution movies and shows]

Founding Year2013 
Zooqle Banned in Following RegionsNot blocked in any countries yet.
Average Download Speed2.6 MB/s
Global Site Rank2079
Alexa Rank6400
Mirror or Proxy Sites 
  • zooqle.unblocked.krd
  • .unblocked.krd
  • zooqle.unblocked.mx
  • zoqle.bypassed.org

Last in the top-10 list, Zooqle is a popular multi-resolution site that has over 3 million torrents, especially in categories of movies and TV shows. It offers a huge variety of (35000+) movies and (600+) TV shows for its movie-bluff users. Moreover, to not disappoint the need of all its other users, it also contains a good range of the categories that the users craved and demanded for! 

That’s it! This is all about the explicit assessment or analysis of the top-10 most popular and working torrent sites of 2023. Hope, with these sites, you can meet all your entertainment needs. However, as said above, few of these torrent sites may be blocked in your region or area, and to restore access to the blocked torrent site, you can consider using a VPN technology that adds “Privacy and Security” over your main Internet browser and IP address. However, for the same, the top choice of many is either NordVPN or ExpressVPN because they’re quite good in terms of both speed and privacy. So, make sure you use a VPN whenever you access any of the above-given torrent sites on the web because that’s the best secure way of using “torrenting.”

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