“1337x” till today is considered to be one of the best torrent sites that millions of people across the globe prefer using. However, accessing this well-liked torrent website isn’t left as smooth as sailing. Well, because unfortunately due to copyright infringement matter, many torrent websites have come under government ISPs scrutiny and thus, got banned. Sadly, 1337X was the most recent torrent website that faced the wrath of these agencies. However, despite the fact 1337x can’t be assessed anymore, many are waiting to use it again, if provided a chance to unblock 1337x.  

So, if you’re also the one who’s wondering how you can access the 1337x torrent site without any hiccups then, to get the answer of the same, continue reading this blog further!

1337x –Third Best Torrent Website Overview

Started in Year2007
Countries where 1337x is Blocked Australia, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Russian Federation, Finland, & Australia.
Active Number of Users 71Million+
Official Website URLhttps://1337x.to/

1337x website is termed as one of the most popular torrent sites among those who prefer the peer-to-peer method to share and download files on the internet. Until accessible, this site used to offer a vast range of content ranging from HD movies, games, music, to TV Series and software for free. 

As compared to the difficulty of using other movie streaming apps or programs, using 1337x site is much simpler even for a first time visitor because it has a straightforward search bar available to find the content of your choice from all sorts of availability. Besides that, the remarkable features of 1337x are its User Interface and the library of different kinds of torrents as well as magnet links that it has to offer to allow you to download apps, movies, TV-series, and so on. 

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What Happened to 1337X? 

In spite of being a marvelous website, 1337x has been offering pirated content from a long time ago. But it didn’t come into the notice of government ISPs and agencies, until when it unlawfully released the following new blockbuster hits on the platform—

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodThe Lion King, Bird of PreyFord V FerrariJoker
DolittleHooqDabangg 2Hulu
1917PagalpantiThe Lion KingAvengers: Endgame
ParasiteLove Aaj KalBalaNGK
Bharat NarcosVikingsDabangg 3

Thus, like many other torrent websites, as this website used to promote piracy for being a source of pirated content especially Hollywood as well as Bollywood Hindi, Hindi Dubbed, Regional movies and videos; it has been banned in various Third World countries such as in the UK, the US, etc.

So, if you’re among the users in those specific countries where 1337x is blocked and cannot be directly visited by its main domain https://1337x.io we have a solution to your issue. Wondering about the solution? Well, if any torrent website gets forbidden or taken down by the government, you can still surf it by using its respective proxy and mirror websites.

Similarly, many proxy sites of 1337x have emerged that you can use for accessing the original domain of 1337x even if it’s geo-blocked in your locality, region or country.

The proxy or a mirror of any torrent website is completely like a replica of the official website that has all the features, content and highlights similar to that of the original website. Basically, leaving the changed domain name aside, there is no difference if compared both the proxy/mirror and approved site together.

With said that, here’s a list of top 10 1337x proxy sites as well as 1337x mirror sites that you can use to unblock 1337x

[Note: The below-mentioned proxy and mirror sites of 1337x have been hand-curated and were working at the time of writing this blog.]

List of 10 Proxy Sites of 1337X Torrent Site 2021

Proxy Website URLWorking StatusSSL Security Working Speed 
1337x.st Online OnNormal 
x1337x.ws Online OnHigh
1337x.unblocker.cc Online OnNormal
https://1337x.unblockall.orgOnlineOnVery High
http://www.1337x.plOnlineOnVery High
1337x.unblocked.app Online OnVery High
1337x.unblocked.bet Online OnVery High

List of 10 Mirror Sites of 1337X Torrent Site 2021

Proxy Website URLWorking StatusSSL Security Working Speed 
1337x.torrentzmirror.org Online OnVery High
1337x-to.prox.space Online OnVery High
1337x.unblocker.win Online OnHigh
https://1337x.unblocked.stOnlineOnVery High
1337x-to.prox1.inf Online OnHigh
1337x.unblockall.xyz Online OnHigh
https://1337x.p4y.xyz/OnlineOnVery High
https://freeproxy.io/1337x-proxy/OnlineOnVery High

Using these mirror and proxy sites, you can unblock the 1337x torrent website and without any kind of unnecessary restrictions you can also gain full access to all your favorite content that the site used to offer on its official platform.

However, note that these replica websites are not safe to use. So, if you’re really concerned about your privacy then, you have to take extra precautions while surfing any of these proxy and/or mirror sites. Basically, while accessing any torrent site, you’re required to use a VPN security for protecting and hiding your actual IP location and identity online as “VPN software allows one to surf through the internet from another IP address or location.”

So, considering the same, these followings are some good VPNs to use while torrenting through these proxy and mirror sites of 1337x

How to Unblock 1337x Using VPN?

  • Firstly download on the above-mentioned VPN on your respective device.
  • Then, sign-up for the VPN service on its official website.
  • In continuation, to use the VPN services of the same by connecting to a host in a different P2P friendly country.
  • After doing so, open the 1337x website or any of its proxy/mirror sites on your preferred web browser and hopefully VPN shall allow you to access the same without any restriction. 

Alternatively, you can also try using the free available “TOR browser,” that makes your internet traffic very difficult for ISPs to track. However, for any probable reason, if you’re not able to browse 1337x and any of its proxy/mirror sites, or you realize that these sites are not the ideal fit for you then, you can look upon these below-mentioned top-5 alternative torrent websites to 1337x

These alternative sites of 1337x are easily accessible on the web, or if not, you can use a VPN technology to open them for torrenting!

Top 5 Alternatives to 1337X Torrent Site 2021


ThePirateBay needs no introduction. It is the world’s most resilient torrent site accessible on the internet today. However, when it first came into the torrenting world in 2003, it has faced a number of shutdowns over the years. Now, easily accessible in various countries, this amazing website has a vast collection of torrents files ranging from a variety of genres, including audio, video, games, applications, and so on that you can download using its peer-to-peer sharing method. That’s why it is listed here as the first best alternative of 1337x. Apart from this, there are also a great number of proxies to make the accessing of TPB, a cakewalk. Have a look on them— 

[Proxy Sites of ThePirateBay: https://openpirate.cc/, https://pirateproxy.live/, https://thepiratebay0.org//, https://thepiratebay.zone/, https://piratebay.live/, https://mypiratebay.net//, https://tpb.party/, https://thepiratebay10.org/, https://pirateproxy.surf//, https://thehiddenbay.com/, https://pirateproxy.ink//, https://openpirate.org//, https://mypiratebay.club/, and https://piratebay.icu//.]


The next famous torrent website that you can use as an alternative to 1337x is none other than ExtraTorrent. Well, it’s the second-largest torrent site after the pirate bay. ExtraTorrent by simply providing high-quality torrent files to all its users offers a helping hand to them in meeting their entertainment needs. Basically, this site is considered as a torrent search engine, using which you can search and download all the latest TV Shows, Movies, Games, and Software, etc. 

Apart from offering mostly verified torrents, ExtraTorrent also has a feature to upload different torrents on the platform and last but not least, this site is extremely easy to operate.  However, if in case, you can’t able to access the site, you can alternatively try these clone sites of it, if you want—

[Proxy Sites of ExtraTorrent: https://extratorrents-cc.com/, https://extratorrents.ch/, https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com/, https://sitenable.top/extratorrent-proxy/, https://sitenable.ch/extratorrent-proxy/, https://freeanimesonline.com/extratorrent-proxy/, https://extratorrent.cd/, https://extratorrent.mrunlock.party/, https://extratorrent.mrunlock.men/, https://extra.torrentworld.pw/, and http://extratorrent.me/.]

Kickass Torrents

Another great alternative to use in place of 1337x is the Kickass torrent site. This platform has a huge number of torrents available in as many as 40 languages in all sorts of categories. Besides that, this site lets you download torrents in the finest quality available. However, what is more interesting in the Kickass site is that it will keep you safe while torrenting. Wondering how? 

Well, because it has a feature to provide detailed information about the uploader of each torrent (that is available on the site) to judge whether the same is a verified user or not. So, using the same, you can make a judgment to only share and download those torrents that are safe and verified. Nonetheless, this site is easily accessible in a lot of countries; if you don’t belong to those, consider using any of these proxies in place of the original domain—

[Proxy Sites of Kickass: https://katcr.to/, https://kickasstorrents.to/, https://kickasstorrent.cr/, https://proxyindex.net/, https://thekat.info/, https://kat.li/, https://kat.lat/, https://kickass.unblockit.ca/, https://kat.am/, https://kickass1.to/, and https://kat.rip/ ]

Rarbg Torrent 

Next on our list is Rarbg Torrent. This is a very popular option in the world of torrenting community since 2008. On Rarbg site, you can access the wide variety of torrent files and magnet links that enable peer-to-peer file sharing options using the ‘BitTorrent’ protocol. To be precise, it has a huge variety of old and new downloadable files in categories such as anime, games, shows, music, and movies. 

And, most importantly, they all are supported by their preview links. So, if you prefer such a site that offers you the facility to preview the content before downloading then, ‘Rarbg’ is the one! However, as this torrent site also has faced the scrutiny from law enforcement agencies, here are its proxies using which you can access the site without any difficulty—

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[Proxy Sites of Rarbg: Rarbgmirror, Rarbg.To, Rarbgunblock, Rarbgaccess, Rarbgprx, Rarbgproxy.org, Rarbgunblock.com, rarbg-to.proxydude.red, rarbg.unblocked.plus, rarbg.com.torrentprox.com, and Rarbgmirror.com.]

Yify Torrent

The last decent alternative website on the list is none other than Yify Torrent.  Its library of high-quality torrent and the way it regularly updates the same with new torrents is what make it a popular torrenting option among movie fanatics especially. 

Yify is mainly famous for having a separate dedicated section for movies torrent that you’ll love to get your hands on. Users on the platform can search for all their favorite movies based on various filters such as the year of release, IMDb rating, and character names, etc. So, all in all, for all the movie buffs, Yify is the perfect 1337x torrent alternative from where also you can download the torrent files and use it for free. But, in case, if you can’t, worry not! You can still access it by using its following proxies—

[Proxy Sites of Yify: ytss.unblocked, yts.gs, yts.pm, yts.unblocked, yts.bypassed, yts.gs, yify.ac, yts.prox4you, yts.p4y, yts.p4y, yts.nocensor, yts.p4y, yts.p4y, yts.123unblock, yts.unblocked, yts.mrunlock, and yts.unblocked.]

[Disclaimer: We’ve written this blog mainly for the purpose of providing information to our valuable readers on 1337X proxy and mirror sites as well as on its alternatives. We neither have any intention nor we support downloading any ‘Plagiarized Content’ from these proxies, mirrors and alternative sites rather we strongly discourage who does so. All in all, our only motive is to help the active global users of 1337x site in finding only the legal content from these mentioned proxies, mirrors and alternative sites.]


That’s all! In this following post, we’ve firstly presented you the overview of 1337x—a torrent downloadable website for TV series, movies, and other content that got banned by the governments of different nations around the world. Then, we have listed the 1337x proxy and mirror sites using which you can unblock 1337x site for access. And, in addition to the mirror and proxy sites of 1337x, we’ve also discussed a couple of alternative websites to 1337x that you can surely look upon if the former is not your cup of tea. 

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