Spring is one of the most popular times when people think about reviving their homes with a refresh in interior design. There are so many options when it comes to how to redesign your home, from going with the latest trends to making updates on a budget that will last. Another consideration when giving your home a new look is going with sustainable interior design updates, which real estate agents would recommend when selling too. This is not only about picking materials, appliances, and systems that are better for the environment, it also has to do with creating a healthier environment for the people living in your home. Why not consider some of these updates for your next home improvement project?

Consider sustainable and recycled materials

No matter how involved your home remodel or redesign is, there are ways to pick materials that are more sustainable. You might opt for using reclaimed wood if you’re adding shelves or other storage. Renewable materials like bamboo can work well for flooring, as well as furniture and accessories — because bamboo grows quickly, it is considered more sustainable than other types of wood. Cork is another material that can make your home more sustainable as it has both a low environmental impact and is hypoallergenic. Cork can be used for floors, as a wall covering, or even for decor like a headboard. The use of renewable features can also be a point of interest for home buyers when selling your home.

Go vintage instead of buying new

If you are thinking about getting new furniture as part of your home redesign, instead of heading to your favorite homewares store, you can take a sustainable approach by going to a vintage store or second-hand store first, to see what treasures you can find. Modern interior design incorporates old and new, and you can look not only for furniture but vases and other decorative elements that can give your home a new life. Look out for mid-century modern pieces that are characterized by clean lines, wood with natural finishes, and tapered legs. Vintage has the advantage of potentially costing less than buying new, and the quality of vintage pieces can be higher than new pieces, giving your home an update with items that are built to last.

Decorate with plants

You don’t necessarily have to fill your home with art and decorative objects for an added touch of design. Plants can be an inexpensive way to revive your home, especially when you consider that you can take cuttings from one plant to then replant it to create a new one. Plants also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins while also producing humidity and producing oxygen. Adding green can revive a dark home too and create a sense of energy and life. 

Home decor styles come and go. By making sustainable choices, you will be making improvements that can have a positive impact for years to come. Often sustainable choices have the added benefit of helping you revive your home on a budget. With a little creativity, you can have a home that’s like new with that sustainable approach.

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