Every little and big factor of your roofing job will be directly influenced by the roofing contractor you hire for the job. The roofing contractor has an influence on a lot of factors like the cost, the quality of the project, and more. It doesn’t really matter whether you have hired him for roof repairs or a full roof replacement. That is why finding a quality roofing contractor for your roofing job is so important. As unfortunate as it may sound, it is true that the roofing sector has a bad reputation for exploiting homeowners. Reputed and credible roofing contractors try to rebuild the roofing industry’s credibility every day with their efficiency and hard work. 

For over ten years, James Kate Construction: Roofing, Painting & Windows has been providing high-quality roofing services in the Dallas, TX region. They are known for working hard to provide homeowners like you with all of the information they need to make the best hiring and purchase decisions possible. So if you are around the area and looking for a good fit for your roofing job, find the best roofer in Dallas TX here. This article discusses some pointers on how to identify a good roofing contractor so that we can lead you in the correct place and you aren’t taken advantage of. 

Tips for Finding an Excellent Roofing Contractor

Referrals and Reviews:

Asking around your friends and neighbors is a tried-and-tested approach to discovering a dependable roofing contractor. Has someone in your life had work done on his roof in the last several years? Make a list of names and contact alongside two questions: Was the project done to his or her satisfaction, and will the person deal with that contractor again? Personal connections can offer you honest feedback, and testimonials provide the truest image of what your experience with a firm can turn out to be. Outside of your circle, timber yards and hardware stores in your neighborhood who you know personally can provide leads.

Safety Concerns:

The roofing crew working on your roof should give you a seamless experience and not a headache. You don’t want to be concerned about the crew members’ safety precautions or if everyone is acting safely. The Occupational Safety and Health Act mandates fall protection in the roofing sector, which can be accomplished in various ways (i.e., personal fall arrest system, guard rail system, or safety net system). Fines, penalties, and potential business closures were used to make standards, training, outreach, education, and support for enforcing a safe work environment. You should always be careful to inquire about the fall safety mechanism used by roofing contractors, as well as whether or not they are OSHA compliant.


You don’t want anyone working on your house who isn’t licensed by the state. This might lead to a lot of issues down the line. These issues can occur because of the integrity of the work done and because the work may not fulfill local construction requirements. To get a contractor’s license, they must complete a certain number of hours of work experience and pass a building code knowledge test. The roofer will never be regarded as a bonded contractor without a proper license. Bonded contractors have insurance that covers your job if it is left incomplete for whatever reason. An unlicensed contractor has no liability or workers’ compensation coverage without insurance. The roofer will not cover any damages to your home; therefore, you will be liable for any repairs.


You may begin scrutinizing the list of all the qualified roofers once you have selected at least three. You can get started by double-checking the companies’ contact information. This can be followed by double-checking that they are all licensed and insured. Check with your chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no red flags.


It’s essential to understand that your home will be secured even after installing your new roof. Even if you choose the greatest roofing company on the planet, material failure is always a possibility. Each roofing firm is likely to have a preferred manufacturer for any material they install or repair. As it is known among contractors, the manufacturer warranty specifies how long and to what degree the firm that manufactures the roof material will cover any faults after installation. Inquire about the workmanship warranties offered by your roofing company. This is a period during which roofers will accept responsibility for any issues that develop as a consequence (if any) of faulty installation.

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