According to developmental psychology, 3-5 years old is considered the “golden age” for developing a child’s imagination. How do those images represent the child’s view of the world? Children are not like us, adults. There are many words to express feelings. Children will develop their imaginations and gain feelings and interests through unique coloring pictures. Parents need to care and contribute to helping children be creative in the world of colors with Ryan’s World and Garden coloring pages.

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Ryan’s World Coloring Pages: How Did a 10-Year-Old Boy Become a Millionaire Thanks to Youtube?

The 9-year-old boy became the highest-paid YouTuber globally, owning a channel of nearly 42 million followers after only five years of reviewing children’s toys. Do you believe it? 10-year-old YouTuber Ryan Kaji has a Japanese father (Shion) and a Vietnamese mother (Loan). Like many other children, from the age of 3, the boy often asked his parents to open YouTube to watch.

After only seven years, no one expected that from a tiny kid, Ryan has now built his own “empire” with colossal income. Although Ryan’s parents manage Ryan’s World channel, the money he earns is allotted to a controlled financial company to make this income source transparent in the best way. Currently, this channel attracts 45 million subscribers with about 62 billion views. The original goal of Ryan’s World was to record the life of the Asian couple’s first son, Shion, and Loan. Both think their relatives can see their children and grandchildren through the clips posted every day. Content on Ryan’s channel mainly revolves around unboxing clips of children’s toys. After only four months, the number of followers on the track has reached the top 20 YouTube channels globally. At first, the boy’s parents didn’t think it would be so attractive. They also believe in the worst case that someone “hacked.” Before that, the unboxing of Ryan’s toys was based on the boy’s interests or the most popular keywords in other videos. Later on, they were sponsored by toy brands, so the supply of unboxing videos didn’t have to be a second thought. Ryan said he hopes to continue to be a YouTuber until the age of 26. Then will learn to be a game designer to develop favorite games: “I hope to be able to share those games with everyone through my own YouTube channel,” he said.

Printable Ryans World coloring sheets

If your kids love Ryan’s World, they’ll surely love our Ryan’s World coloring pages. Ryan’s World coloring sheets include pictures of the boy Ryan and his family, Ryan’s incarnations of many cartoon characters, or Ryan and his toys. Ryan’s World coloring pages will surely give your kids a new sense of excitement, like being involved in the boy’s life. Use colors that children love to create different Ryan images. Children can freely use any color that they love. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the vibrant pictures the children have colored our little Ryan. Coloring is an activity that helps children to stimulate and develop their brains. Moreover, it is a fun activity to help children and adults relax after stressful working and studying time. We hope that Ryan’s World coloring sheets will be more supported and used by parents and children.

Gardens Coloring Pages: How will the Garden Come to Life Through Your Child’s Creativity?

The garden is no longer a strange topic for young children; gardens and flowers are soon familiar to preschool children in life and coloring activities. There are not only different flower and tree species in the garden but also many flowers and plants planted together. Moreover, many cute tiny insects make the garden more lively.

Printable Garden coloring sheets

The children love the flowers in the garden that they take care of themselves. So parents, please download many Garden coloring pages for your baby. A garden is reserved for flowers and trees. The garden can grow one or more plants depending on the garden decoration design. The image of a flower garden with many species of flowers blooming brightly, bees and butterflies flying around the beautiful flowers are always loved by their little ones. They want to take care of those beautiful flowers by using crayons to color them more brightly and fresh. Very vivid and beautiful flower garden coloring sheets will help children unleash their creativity, satisfy their need to learn about the worldview, and effortlessly recognize the colors of flowers in nature. Therefore, parents let children practice coloring pictures to help them practice meticulousness, develop thinking, and increase creativity with colors and flowers around them. Children are free to create colors or recreate the vibrant garden colors for parents to admire and cultivate children’s love of nature through coloring pages.


Many studies in psychology and neurophysiology have concluded that: Coloring pictures can help children coordinate the activities of the left and right brains. It also helps children develop awareness and reflect on their feelings towards the world around them. Children will observe closely to see how the shape of things is. What characteristics are different from other things? What colors should children choose? Those will help children remember and stimulate creativity. We hope that in the world of children’s coloring, exciting content like Ryan’s World and Garden coloring pages will become topics that children will love. Children will have many opportunities to explore our coloring pages for kids if they love and are passionate about coloring activities.

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