These days there are a lot of things and facts available in the name of knowledge and students are eager to examine everything to attain new facts and information. It is the right and duty of students to always be in search of knowledge from wherever and from whoever they can get it. Life itself teaches a lot of things. Students need to understand that they should never stop seeking knowledge and information, then only they can be knowledgeable people and can achieve their goals further. For this purpose, students can be seen working hard and smart these days with the help of modern technology and innovative resources of knowledge and information like online education and learning. 

Enhancing educational standards is becoming more and more important these days. These methods make learning easy for the students because they have help from specific tools like LMS and ERP. Students are able to learn easily and comfortably because their need for online learning is taken care of by LMS and ERP. Though these supportive things do well for the students still students make mistakes and get fewer marks or sometimes miss their goals and repent, but repentance is not something wrong or makes students or any other human being weak. Repentance is good. Especially for the school life because this is a time period of learning things and repentance makes students realize their mistakes having recognized the mistakes students take new initiatives to correct them and perform better than before. If a student is going through repentance, then it is clear that he/she knows well what he/she should have done, what he/she did, and what he/she has to do now. And so, today’s success principle is repentance. For students, repentance is turning from bad to good, from good to better, and from better to best. 

Most parents are unaware of the purpose of admitting their kids into schools. The real purpose is not to make them good in numeric knowledge or alphabetical knowledge, but to make them efficient enough to not only survive in society but to make a positive impact on the world. While in growing age kids make mistakes, they will break things, they will scream, jump here and there, sometimes embarrass you as parents but when as good parents you will make them realize what they have done then their conscious will cleanse with repentance only. Repentance is a good teacher which teaches students and kids to accept their mistakes and to own them honestly. It is important to come up with a clean heart to learn something or imposing your mistakes on others shows maliciousness of your heart. Honesty to practice repentance gains the trust of others, people forgive with kindness and give them another chance. And as a student, this is all one needs to learn to be a gentle-hearted person for now and future. As a student one gets a chance to fix his/her mistakes with the help of repentance because it enables one to recognize the mistakes he or she committed during the journey to achieve the goals. If kids pay no attention to mistakes, they commit and they move on without going through repentance then they will become a human of no soul and will never realize the chances of improvement in them and as a result, their abilities will remain limited will degrade day by day.

We all want our kids to be human beings who can make /her own name in the world and the world should recognize their tremendous work. This can happen only if our kids go through repentance which will bring self-improvement in them and they can make a real difference in the world and can be extraordinary. It is recognized in several studies that those students who go through repentance become real innovators & reformers in the future. Repentances teach stubbornness to fix things. Realizing the mistakes is good but it takes courage and zeal to correct those mistakes and if a student achieves this stubbornness, then he/she will never be defeated by any difficult situation and will always be able to make the things right what they have wronged. Repentance gives a chance to the whole human race to right the wrongs and improves to do better in the future.

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