What promotes the decision to pursue a postgraduate diploma in FinTech? First, one should feel motivated to invest time and money in it. This course will influence one’s future and job.

Banks and other traditional financial intermediaries are being disrupted by FinTech (financial technology). This is also bringing in new companies. Low-cost, inclusive, and secure alternative payment mechanisms were doing this.

A recent IMF study paper claims that technology alters the financial sector’s landscape and expands access to financial services.

What is a Postgraduate Diploma in Fintech?

Some Facts About Fintech

  • In the Valuates Report, we saw a change in the size of the worldwide FinTech market. It increased from USD 6,588 billion in 2021 to USD 16,652 billion by 2028. At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9% over the forecast period of 2022–2028.
  • According to reports, over 1230 financial apps are available in APAC. The spending limit of the marketer is US$ 244 million on user acquisition. Acceptance in this field has become a thing of a favorable business climate. A mindset defined- by an inventive and daring mindset, a rise in investment and startups.
  • The APAC and Americas regions currently have the largest fintech markets. They account for more than 40% of the worldwide market.

The Post Graduate Diploma in FinTech is a two-semester work-integrated learning program. The need is to assist working professionals. This program is for those who want to stand out in competitive workplaces. It is for those who want to earn prestigious master’s-level qualifications from a top institution.

Those who are looking for rapid career growth in the areas of FinTech are also looking for this.

They created the curriculum for technology and finance professionals. For those who want to pursue their careers in FinTech. By gaining knowledge in financial analytics, machine learning, blockchain, and quantitative methods.

Information About the Fintech Program

The financial industry is flourishing all around the world, particularly in India. This suggests that the current trend of growth will continue for a while. The market will see ups and downs, but it will 

The phrase “FinTech” was first used in the twenty-first century. Since then, it has become well-known and accepted throughout the world.

The combination of finance and technology improved the way we run traditional enterprises. Also, it upscaled capitalization with these opened options. The increased use of technology to automate finances enabled businesses to thrive.


Very nice salary packages

FinTech professionals earn competitive salary packages.

Their work will result in the rapid expansion of the company. As a FinTech expert, the views will be vital in powering the enterprise and raising its value. That gives only owners in higher positions the right to speak. This is not a thing in other industries.

Immense market exposure

There are several perks for the candidate if they work for a FinTech company. First, individuals will experience a broad range of industries, giving them tremendous market exposure.

Multifunctional sector

The sector is adaptable. It is a challenging job as an individual will experience a variety of disciplines. Therefore, keeping up with the most recent trends and methodologies will be necessary. In addition, it will help to develop effective performance-enabling strategies.

The Aim of the Course

The aim is to give the applicant a full skill set using a blended learning strategy. It is a strategy that blends theory, rigorous practice, and industrial interaction.

The purpose is to provide a wide variety of sub-modules that are for the sake of each student’s career path. 

It is because there is an increasing need for students to develop professional skill sets. Also, to use new technology to innovate and streamline financial processes.

The curriculum is distinctive and applicable to today’s competitive, technology-driven world.

It happens due to the span of applied courses in subjects. The subjects include blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots, and big data.

Fintech Career After PGDM

Like the postgraduate diploma in artificial intelligence, there are many exciting career paths available in FinTech. Following are the paths one can select after the completion of their FinTech courses:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Planner/Adviser
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Treasury
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Associate
  • Tax Consultant
  • Innovation Analyst
  • Tech Analyst Insurance
  • Valuation Consultant
  • Transactional Advisory
  • Credit Analyst
  • Asset Valuation Associate

Course Eligibility

One may apply for the PGCert in FinTech if they have the following:

  • A 2.1 Honors degree, or the equal, from a reputable university,
  • Or the achievement of a Chartered Associateship. With the London Institute of Banking and Finance via the qualification path.

Additionally, candidates must provide evidence of their prior professional experience. Moreover, that would be only in the financial services industry.

They consider the candidates who cannot meet the requirements mentioned above. However, in this case, the candidate might also need to submit a written assignment or go to an interview. This will help us determine whether the individual is a good fit for the program.

The candidate must score 7.0 or higher on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if English is not their first language.

How to Apply

To apply for the course, one has to pick an institution first. Through this, they will gain knowledge and earn their FinTech PGDM degree. After that, contact the university or institute and gather information about the course. Information like the fee structure, duration of the course, and syllabus.

Once everything is done, and the candidate is ready to go, fill out the application form for the respected university or institute. They need to submit a few documents and fill out forms as a formality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UGC approve this program?

Ans: Yes, based on the recommendations of the Empowered Expert Committee, the UGC has authorized the continuation of the WIP’s Post Graduate Diploma in FinTech program.

Who can get a postgraduate diploma in Artificial Intelligence?

Ans: Working professionals are the target audience for this postgraduate diploma in artificial intelligence. Candidates must be working for another organization when they submit their applications. Professionals who run a licensed business may also apply.

Is there a good scope for doing this?

Ans: The career options after completing a PGDM in FinTech are large. After receiving the certificate of completion, one can apply for any job that interests them.

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