There is no doubt that boards are considered very important in student’s life. Students start preparing for it with full heart making sure to score well. On the basis of the class 10th exams, they get to select their respective stream, and a good score in class 12th and rank in competitive exam helps them to get into a good college. If preparation is done right, the students can easily get what they want. But for this, they have to study hard and should also have the right study material so that they can easily prepare for it.

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To score well, it is important to prepare as per the CBSE standards. For that, the only best option is to go for NCERT textbooks. NCERT textbooks are designed as per the CBSE guidelines. There is a chapter-wise explanation of each topic, making sure every concept is covered in detail. After you are done with the NCERT textbook, you can start with the NCERT exemplar. For class 12th, you can seek help from NCERT exemplar class 12 pdf download. These are the practice-based textbooks that cover all the complex and miscellaneous questions. This will help the student to ace the exam and achieve their goals.

To know more about NCERT exemplar, refer to the following questions:

  • Introduction- NCERT exemplar is introduced by the National Council of Educational Research and Training Organization to help the students to enhance their problem-solving skills. This is preferred when the student has completed their NCERT textbooks. This includes high-level questions so make sure to have clear basics before solving these questions.
  • High-level application-based questions- It will include questions like MCQs, short type questions, long type questions, fill in the blanks, and so on so that the students can easily understand the topic.
  • As per CBSE guidelines- These are designed as per the guidelines and standards of CBSE. This makes it easy for the students to properly rely on these textbooks.
  • Advance level concepts- The NCERT exemplars are available only for the main subjects like mathematics and science. You can download the matter in pdf form with solutions.

Just make sure to never start with the NCERT exemplar as these are high-level questions. Start with the NCERT textbooks and once you think your basics are clear, you can switch to NCERT exemplar. This will help in focusing more on knowledge building and help the students to have a deeper understanding of the subjects. The solutions and notes of NCERT exemplars are easily available online.

NCERT exemplar solutions are available for class 6 to class 9 and class 11, for boards- class 10 and class 12, and competitive exams. To know more, follow the following points:

  • NCERT exemplar for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11- You will get the NCERT exemplars for subjects- mathematics and science for class 6 to class 9. The solutions are made by the experts as per the CBSE guidelines, so you can easily rely on them. These will contain some conceptual sums as per the CBSE exam pattern, which will only focus on increasing your knowledge and accuracy.
  • NCERT exemplar for class 10th and 12th- Boards are considered very crucial in student’s life. The NCERT exemplar is available for the subjects like mathematics, science, physics, biology, and chemistry. With the help of this, the students will be able to strengthen their basics and will be able to solve complex problems within seconds. Usually, 10% of the exam is considered to be tough. But once you have practiced the NCERT exemplar, you can easily solve the tough part of the exam. You will be confident enough while solving the numerical and practical as your concepts will be strong and clear. These are highly reliable as they are designed as per the pattern of CBSE. Along with this, you can solve previous question papers as well. Do not forget to do good revision once you think you are done with the whole syllabus.
  • NCERT exemplar for competitive exams- Not only for boards, but these solutions will help you with acing competitive exams as well. But know that, you have to refer to other books as well for competitive exams like JEE advanced or JEE mains. These will not cover the whole syllabus of these entrance exams as nearly 20-30% of the syllabus is covered by NCERT exemplars when it comes to competitive exams. So make sure to refer to these along with other books as well.

So if you are seeking the NCERT exemplar solutions, you can visit the ‘Infinity Learn website. They have highly experienced experts who have extensive knowledge in this field. They will curate the solutions in the best possible way adhering to the CBSE guidelines. Their main goal is to build solutions to make the topics clear for the students so that students can do well in exams.

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