Due to the need for work, I began to prepare for the certification test of AWS solution architecture associate at the beginning of this year.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Series certification is available from Amazon in 2013. The official certification of cloud computing architect’s ability, which was launched in. The test not only observes the candidates’ understanding of AWS-related cloud services but also has many problems to be solved in reality. It requires candidates to have a comprehensive curriculum vitae of architecture planning and accumulation, so it is highly valuable.

Preparation time is really tight, around 10 days, and work can not be delayed, belongs to the surprise preparation.

I: My Experience is as Follows:

1: It’s better to have a basic knowledge of cloud computing architecture, and the best experience is to have software plan architecture, such as often drawing topology maps, understanding various kinds of databases, understanding the types of file storage, etc. This directly determines whether the process of reading materials is to get twice the result with half the effort or to get twice the result with half the effort.

2: First of all, we should exaggerate the fact that there is no such thing as the real title and the precious book, which is also the reason for its high gold content.

3. More comprehensive online strategy: AWS certification strategy – AWS solution architecture associate certification strategy

4: Test registration:

It’s better to use the company’s email for registration, but the first name and last name in the profile should be the same as their passport name, or the Chinese Pinyin of their name because they need to confirm their ID card before the test.

It’s worth noting that the AWS certification product test is connected to the server in the United States. Before the test, it’s better to call to confirm the network environment of the AWS certification test on that day. On the day I went to the test, the network was disconnected four times, but after each recovery, the test schedule was saved online, and the test time would not be affected. So that the speed is very fast, and there is no prosecution to submit( Almost every time I submit my answer, I pray not to cut off the Internet.)

To deal with this kind of environment, it requires excellent psychological quality and fully tests preparation~~~

If after finishing, after confirming the submit, the effect will come out immediately, and there will also be a relevant email sent to your registered email. If it’s fast, you can find the relevant AWS certificate at the certification registration site one day later. 

II: My Certificate is as Follows:

If you are an employee of Morningstar, you can get the preparation for AWS certification in Wiki.

In these materials, I focus on the official test preparation books:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam.

Can be purchased on Amazon, Amazon China site is now out of stock, which also illustrates that this is not many people to test.

If you have a resume, you can also buy it directly from Amazon’s US site. If you don’t consider the tariff, it’s much cheaper.

According to the curriculum vitae, this book should be a must-read. Most of the text contents should be included, and the content arrangement is very reasonable. For example, each chapter has a specific introduction, and then there are the key items that need to be paid attention to in the test, as well as the simulation questions of relevant contents.

If you can read this book carefully, and the title of each chapter can reach 90% accuracy, it will be very likely to pass.

However, some test points are not or rarely mentioned in this book, such as lambda, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, cloud formation, API gateway. In the title of my test, there are several knowledge points related to them, so we should look at the relevant contents and at least know what they do.

III: AWS Site Information:

I don’t have time to read all kinds of guide documents because each one has hundreds of pages

I need to look at two parts, which should include most of the test (! But I really need to be optimistic for a few days;

a. White paper

b. FAQs

IV: Learning Videos on YouTube

You need to see it in an environment where you can access YouTube.

V: Learn How to Read Pictures

If you plunge into the vast amount of test preparation materials, you will feel dizzy or even at a loss. You can easily use the picture language. A picture is worth a thousand words.

In AWS materials, there are many topology diagrams or architecture diagrams. First, understand the knowledge points related to architecture, and then learn the elements of relevant architecture separately, such as learning to read the figure below, mastering VPC, azone, Subnet, load Balancer, auto-scaling.

VI: Do More Imitation Questions

Free imitation site:

There are many titles related to AWS SAA. There are more than 500 questions in total. In the course of the test, I found that there are 5 questions from here. Although the proportion is only about 10%, there is still a need to go over it, the key is to understand the type of question.

It should be noted that many of the answers to the headlines are wrong. Fortunately, this is a forum. You can see the discussion under the headlines.

If some of the titles of the stem special long, read on the circle, should be someone to professional related imitation also moved over, can be ignored.

It’s not a goal to make a question. The key is to know the question type and understand the relevant knowledge points. If you make a mistake, then you should consolidate the relevant knowledge points.

VII: Preliminary Examination

If these titles can reach 90% accuracy before the test, it indicates that we have grasped the knowledge of preparing for the test. If we don’t worry, we can spend $20 on the AWS certification website before the test, and about 20 titles, 65% of them are qualified. I strongly suggested that I do some experiments before the exam. I did the preliminary exam one week before the exam, and the score was 70%, which strengthened my intention to spend $150 to apply for the exam. In fact, my final score was 75%, which was the same as the pre-exam score. It can be seen that the difficulty coefficient of the pre-test and the real test is often close.

VIII: Need Digital Sensitivity

AWS product introduction, there are a lot of numbers, such as the maximum, minimum, default value, it is proposed to record the number of S3, SQS, SNS, and other related knowledge points.

In the course of my test, there was an EC2 cost calculation problem, which seems to say that the initial cost is x, and after use, the cost is adjusted to y, but our discount fee is Z. how much is the hourly cost of use…

IX: Preparation for the Day before the Formal Test

I am in the free imitation problem to do the wrong problem is more than once, enhance the understanding and image of relevant knowledge points. At the same time, quickly go through the official test preparation book again. And then we’re on our way to the test.

X: Points for Attention in Actual Test

Arrive at the test site half an hour in advance. The test site in Shenzhen is located in room 1903, Shenfang square, Luohu District. The test time is 9:30 a.m. or 13:30 p.m. it’s better to have the test in the afternoon. In this way, we can have another half day to review and avoid the embarrassment of morning rush hour.

There is a dark area on the test site. There are several sofas. The front desk will arrange for the candidates to close their eyes and take a rest. Pay attention: don’t really fall asleep.

At 13:15, the staff of the imperial examination hall will ask the examinee if they want to take the exam now. If they are ready, go to the bathroom first, and then go to the small room for the test.

There are no opinion questions in the title of the test. They are all scenario questions. Most of them describe what kind of environment they encounter and how to solve it. Pay attention to the keywords, such as timely disposal of a large number of sessions, which is probably related to kinesis, but session storage is probably related to DynamoDB; If analysis logs are involved, it is probably related to redshift.

Network and security-related topics account for at least 40% of the total. They have a direct bearing on whether or not they can pass. Therefore, VPC, Subnet, various kinds of the gateway, load balancer, auto-scaling, availability zone, and other knowledge points must be fully grasped.

The amount of each question is up to 30 ~ 50 words. First glance at the past, point out the knowledge involved in the title, then glance at the options, and then look at the questions carefully to catch the keywords. Pay attention to the description of Ricky, don’t step on the pit easily.

There are about a dozen multiple-choice questions, but most of the questions will be marked to choose several items, and the key point of the multiple-choice questions is the elimination method. For example, if you choose two of the five options, you can clear three.

XI: Concluding 

The conclusion is that there is no shortcut. It’s better to read all the above contents carefully. If the preparation time is one month, the preparation time is about 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. every day. First, about half a month, that is 30 class hours. Read the official preparation book first. Then every day 4 hours, about 20 class hours, the official white paper, FAQs over again, and then every day 4 hours to the free question bank website. Three days before the test, it is suggested that in addition to work is to study, we should join forces to consolidate the shortcomings.

My test preparation time is really one week, which is probably related to more than ten years of experience in the software industry. The data rate is definitely guaranteed.

Finally, good luck!

  • https://cciedump.spoto.net/aws-certification.php
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