Many people vie for attention on social media. For the average user, shouting into the void is not a huge concern, but going unnoticed can be extremely costly in a business context. 

Generic companies quickly fall into obscurity. The creative ones stand out from the crowd and create better work cultures, ultimately going on to draw in the most business. Brave and bold decision-making is needed to boost a firm’s visibility online, and social media is often the setting for these targeted efforts. 

Your firm should seize every opportunity it gets to be creative on social media. It is one of the most promising ways to achieve recognition, especially as more firms transition to a remote way of doing things. Successful use of social media can also help your firm seem more accessible to the masses. Following the social media trends carefully is very important as well.

Now that you know what is at stake, here are some tips to help your company use social media more creatively.  

Nurturing Fun Interactions

The world of business is often assumed to be dour and depressing. You have a chance to prove this could not be further from the truth with your firm’s use of social media. 

While the use of memes can both help and hurt brands, firms that can showcase their sense of humor online may always have the edge over those that do not. After all, it is human nature to gravitate toward people who share similar characteristics and values. Nothing provides common ground the same way that humor does, so tapping into that can be key. 

Amusingly interact with customers and clients on social media. You can send a reply with memes or jokes to create a social media page that people will surely share or revisit. Additionally, you could even try to outwit internet trolls that engage with you publicly. Commentary on cultural events could also be provided, so long as your business is lighthearted about it. 

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Remember that many people visit social media sites as a means of escape. Still, much of the content on there can be bleak, and the real world can be a grim place too. If your firm’s feed is more bright and upbeat, it will compel people to keep engaging with your content and business at large. 

Utilizing Influencers

Some people in their bedrooms have succeeded on social media whereas multinational firms have failed. They are called ‘influencers’, and they have the power to change a company’s prospects almost overnight. 

The worst entrepreneurs will dismiss these professionals and underestimate their work ethic. However, the best influencers understand how to grow an audience around a brand and hustle hard to achieve this. Due to some of them having huge audiences already, they could be an enormous asset to your business if you collaborate with them effectively. 

Do some research into influencers to see which figures appeal to you. After that, you can reach out to them and task them with creating appealing and unique ads for your business on their social media channels. You can set the terms of this arrangement and give them a brief, or even a script, to adhere to. They can film themselves with your products, create a comedy skit, or explore any number of other options that you desire to generate interest. 

Posting Inventive Ads

Not every message on social media can be conveyed through text. Character limits exist on certain platforms, and you cannot expect each user to read walls of text either. 

Creative ads can engage your target audience. The Creatopy video maker gives you all the resources you need to make something memorable across all social media platforms. Every customization feature is easy to use here, with quick editing and resizing tools available. Not only can you create and edit quality ads, but you can also do it fast, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and have a stronger social media presence. 

Think about utilizing animation here. An artistic take on industry topics can communicate complex matters in a more palatable fashion. The appeal of the ad and your business will be improved, and you’ll have more creative license to develop something unique and impressionable. 

Ads that resonate with audiences are often reposted and shared online. Some can even go viral, creating an enormous amount of exposure for your business. Still, your creativity will hit dead ends if you do not have the right support at your disposal, so align yourself with great companies that can optimize every ad you make both in terms of production and distribution. Only then can you realize your firm’s utmost potential.


Business dealings online are all about connectivity. However, it can seem like something is lost when everything takes place through a screen. Livestreaming could resolve some of these uneasy feelings. 

Livestreaming may not seem like a favorable option if your firm is, rightly, serious about its privacy. However, you can use these digital tools as a creative outlet. Some internet proficient companies are now using it as a popular form of commerce, too, with interest rising in these efforts after the coronavirus pandemic. 

There are other ways you can use live streaming to your advantage. For instance, you could host insightful interviews with important figures in your business or wider sector. Product or service launch parties could also be broadcast online, allowing remote workers and far away fans to partake in the celebrations too. 

Livestreaming can be a positive thing for your business in terms of exposure. It can show that your firm has nothing to hide and that you’re willing to let people see your business without filters and meticulous edits. It makes your business look honest and real, and so long as you provide content responsibly, there is a lot to gain here. 


The mood across the world is currently at a low point. If your business can be fun, creative, and engaging on social media, people will feel inclined to immerse themselves in everything you are offering. Showcase your company’s character and do it proudly. Involve your staff and other firms in your efforts and start curating a social media presence that will not soon be forgotten.  

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