What is PDFBear? PDFBear is a web-based all-in-one PDF tool that offers services to help manage, organize, and secure PDF files. On top of that, it is one of the most trusted names on the internet when it comes to converting PDF files into another document format and vice versa. Among this platform’s most-used services is its PDF to PPT conversion feature. 

As such, whether you want to add content to your PDF or create a PowerPoint presentation from your existing document, PDFBear will make it happen in just a minute. Furthermore, its simplified process makes it an ideal tool for everyone, especially those who are not experts in computer navigation and technical terms. 

By using this online platform, no one will experience hassle when converting their PDF files into editable PPT slides. To learn more about this leading web-based converter, here are four of its vital facts which make PDFBear the best platform in the market.

You May Access PDFBear’s PDF to PPT Tool For Free

One of the reasons why there’s a lot of people choose to utilize PDFBear when converting PDF to PPT is because of its free trial account. This online converter provides 14 days to all PDF users to access all its tools for absolutely free. You may use any of PDFBear’s conversion services within this trial period without worrying about unexpected fees and hidden charges. 

Furthermore, you may always extend your membership to PDF by upgrading your free account to its premium membership plan. Here, you may enjoy more exciting perks and benefits for only $5.99 each month or save 16 percent when you pay $59.99 for the whole year. 

You May Utilize PDFBear Through Different Platforms

Another vital fact about the PDFBear is it can be utilized through different platforms and compatible devices. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, or Windows operating system. Why? Because this web-based converter can be accessed on any of the platforms mentioned.   

Besides that, it can also be operable through compatible smartphones and tablets for as long as you are connected to the internet. With that said, PDFBear always comes in handy so that you may enjoy its tools and services anywhere you are and anytime you want. 

PDFBear is Famous for Its Efficiency and Precision

If you think PDFBear only offers a cost-friendly membership plan and a wide range of compatibility, you probably got it all wrong. As a matter of fact, this online platform has a lot more to offer! As such, the accuracy and efficiency of PDFBear are some of the factors why it became the best online PDF converter in the market. 

Plus, it also uses the latest technology to provide top-quality conversion services to all its users, ensuring they get high-quality outputs at the end of the transition process. Furthermore, PDFBear also makes sure that all the original features and elements of your PDF will remain intact after it has been converted into PPT slides. 

PDFBear Allows You to Convert PDF into PPT in Just a Minute

Besides all the good features mentioned above, having a simplified process is on top of the reasons why a lot of PDF users opt to convert their files through PDFBear. Its convenient and straightforward approach attracts office workers, teachers, and students, especially those who are less tech-savvy and not so good at computer navigation. 

How to convert PDF into editable PPT slides through PDFBear?

  • The first step in converting your PDF files into PowerPoint slides is to upload the document you want to be converted to the PDFBear’s conversion portal. 
  • Once your PDF has been successfully uploaded to the platform’s site, the converter will automatically start the conversion process. 
  • The third step will be more of a waiting phase. Here, you will wait for a minute or less until the entire process is completed.
  • Lastly, after your document is converted, tap the “Download” button so you can save it on the device you’re using.


Transforming PDF files into MS PPT slides can be pretty intimidating. But, thanks to PDFBear, it is now more doable and can be done in just a snap of your fingers. On top of that, you may also access this efficient tool for free anytime and anywhere. But of course, since it is a web-based platform, you should always make sure to have a stable internet connection so you can always enjoy a smooth and fast conversion.

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