Are you having trouble with your PDF files, but you can’t seem to figure out what to do to fix it? Well, that is the reason why we need to know how electronic files work. Managing multiple PDF files works best with a reliable and updated tool that can keep up with the fast-paced world. 

PDFBear would be the best one to mention in terms of reliability. It’s an all-around online software that can provide the right services to all the drawbacks of your PDF files. Whether you need a converter, compressor, a file merger, page remover, or a repair kit, PDFBear is always ready to take care of that. 

DOC To PDF Converter Tool

Word documents are the most widely utilized program; there is no doubt about that. It makes everything so easy to write and create. It is convenient and accessible for any user. However, there can always be a drawback to using the Word. First, it is not the safest file format to keep personal information. Second, components can be too large, such as pictures that contribute to its size. 

Besides that, sending documents in a Word format is not always recommendable because the format and other components can be mixed up and changed. Which means you need an alternative to that. It is a perfect time to use PDFBear’s safe and free Word DOC to PDF converter.

The process of the conversion is quick and straightforward. You only need a maximum of two minutes, and you will successfully transform your Word file to PDF. Plus, there is no more installation required to avail of their service. You may directly open your internet browser and type the keyword “PDFBear” on the search bar, and you will be all set. 

PDF Merger

Here’s one of the most helpful tools that you wish you knew earlier. From now on, everybody gets to organize their cluttered files in the quickest way possible. PDFBear has done a great job giving us this PDF Merger to combine multiple files in one file location. That way, we will no longer spend more time browsing through too many files. 

Excel Spreadsheet To PDF Converter Tool

If you run your business or work for a business company, you will surely need an Excel spreadsheet to organize those critical data professionally. Excel is a unique program mainly intended for numerical data and codes. Most of those data are confidential and need security.

Converting an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file is a smart way to protect your file’s data. In addition, it helps you to ensure that nothing will be altered or changed since PDF has a tamper-proof feature. To get started with the process, please upload the spreadsheet on PDFBear’s site. Then, wait for the tool to finish converting, and it will be downloadable in a few moments. 

Repair Kit For Corrupted Files

If you have tons of PDF files stored in your device for so long, it could end up being corrupted and damaged by some threats like viruses and malware. Those are the things you should be careful about when you are using PDF files. It is part of the drawbacks. Nevertheless, PDFBear can help you get less worried about that.

PDFBear’s goal is to serve its valued users as much as possible, so they have this another excellent tool to take care of your corrupted files. The PDFBear’s Repair kit will try to retrieve the damaged document back to its original form. 

All you need to do is make a few clicks and follow these four quick and easy steps:

  1. Upload your corrupted file on their server by clicking the “Select Files” tab or drag the file directly from your folder and drop it on their server. 
  2. Through the Repair kit, the tool will immediately analyze your file and begin with the restoring process. 
  3. Please wait for a few moments to completely fix your damaged file. 
  4. Once done, PDFBear will give you your newly restored file. You may download and save it to your device. 

File Compressor

Are you having a difficult time sending and uploading your files online? Well, it could possibly be because of its size. Big files are technically denied on some platforms. One way to avoid going through the same thing is to use a compressor, which you can freely use by PDFBear. With PDFBear, you can reduce up to 70% of your file. 


There’s that! PDFBear is indeed the best tool you could ever ask for. It saves you time, money, and effort to try working on your PDF files. Why spend your time and cash on fixing PDF files when you can have PDFBear ready at your service?

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