These days, Disney Plus is among the widely popular and the most-watched OTT platforms in the world and why not! It offers a massive collection of interesting shows, exclusive channels, Disney classics, latest movies, popular web series, new releases and many more such.

However, all these can be accessed once the user subscribes to or activates the subscription by heading to login/begin.

To be precise, if you wish to have unlimited hours of entertainment with unlimited Disney+ content, you need to perform a login and for that, you need to purchase and activate a premium account via entering the eight-digit activation code at login/begin website.

But, in case you’re not sure how to enter login then, worry not! We’re here to help you out with this guide in which we will discuss everything about “ login/begin” in detail.

So, without wasting any second further, let’s just straightway dive into the details

What is Login/Begin? login/Begin website is one of the subsets of Hotstar that provides access to international series, news, sports, and movies to Indians.

Being a part of Disney Hotstar, it has an interface similar to other popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video—where users stream original content on their Mobile Phones, SmartTV, PCs, and more.

In regard to this, let us tell you that “ login/begin” platform is also highly compatible with a large variety of devices like tablets, smart TV, PC, iOS, and Android. 

And, this is what’s best about this login/begin platform because of which it has become increasingly popular all around the world.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Disney Plus offers a slew of intriguing benefits to its users but only after one gets subscribed to it.

Why Subscribe to Disney Plus?

Albeit, there are plenty of amazing and interesting reasons why you should subscribe to Disney Plus but, we’ve selected the main ones to list down in the pointers below—

  • Disney plus has a huge collection of programs for users of all ages be it adults or kids. 
  • On Disney Plus you can find all types of content ranging from movies, web series and TV serials to cartoons, etc.
  • Disney Plus subscription also gives you access to Hotstar content.
  • Disney Plus lets you stream all the Disney classics, newly released movies, live sports, and even let you record sports matches.
  • This platform even has a good collection of educational videos which parents can use to teach their kids.
  • Last but not least, the premium members of Disney Plus also get access to the Original Entertainment Content of Disney Plus.

So if you are also a Disney fan then, after reading all these, you will surely want to use the “DisneyPlus/Begin” streaming service. However, in order to utilize it to the best of effect, you must sign up and get a Disney + Hotstar subscription first.

How to Sign-up for Disney Plus?

Considering that many like you are new to Disney Plus/Begin subscription and need guidance to sign up for getting access to Disney Plus/Begin services; we’ve below-mentioned the step-step-step instructions to help you all sign up for Disney Plus. 

Have a look—

  • Step 1: In order to sign up for Disney+ Begin, you at first need to visit the DisneyPlus website on your web browser via this link login/begin.

Note: You can alternatively, go to link and when the website opens, navigate to the ‘Sign-Up’ option to click on it.

  • Step 2:  As you reach onto the website, a form will open up on the screen which you’ll need to fill with your details like;
    • Your Name
    • Your Email Address &
    • Your Password.
  • Step 3: After correctly entering these aforementioned details, click on the ‘Next’ button on the form.
  • Step 4: Now, in the next step, as asked, provide your ‘Payment Information.’ For that, you’ve to fill in “the plan” you want to buy and your card details.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve entered your payment details, click on the ‘Finish’ button.
  • Step 6: In the end, click on the ‘Start Watching’ button to finally enjoy streaming all Disney Plus content on your respective device.

How to Use

Now, if you are being asked to go to “Disney or” to get started with Disney platform then, you must follow these steps—

  • Step 1: On your respective device, open the Disney Plus app.
  • Step 2: Then, sign in to your Disney Plus Account using the login credentials that you used during sign up for the Disney Plus account.
  • Step 3: Once you get logged in to your account, there you’ll find the ‘8-Digit Code’ in the last, and you’ll have to note it down as you will need this code later to activate your device.
  • Step 4: Upon doing so, what you’ve to do is open your preferred web browser and go to the ‘DisneyPlus Begin’ website using this link.
  • Step 5: Now, when the website opens, you need to ‘Sign in’ using your same Disney Plus account from which you logged into your device.
  • Step 6: As you do so, you will be asked to enter the 8-digit code so, simply enter the 8-digit code you’ve noted down before.
  • Step 7: After entering the code correctly, you just have to hit the ‘Enter’ button.

That’s it! If you are done with all the above steps then, it means your is completed, and you have set up your Disneyplus account to access it on a device or platform of your choice.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that, with DisneyPlus subscriptions, though, you can get access to a plethora of streamable media in UHD quality on any of its supported devices. But, to be precise if you want to activate your Disney plus subscription on the following popular devices then, continue reading ahead

  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Roku TV
  • PS4 Gaming Console

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How to Activate Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick?

To activate Disney Plus on your Amazon Firestick, follow the steps given below—

  • Step 1: You need to first ‘Open’ your Amazon Firestick device.
  • Step 2: Then, expand the ‘App’ section that you’ll see on the right-side of your Amazon Firestick home screen. 
  • Step 3: Inside the app section, look for the Disney Plus app and once you’re able to find it, you need to simply ‘Download’ it on your device.
  • Step 4: After the app gets downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install it successfully on your device.  
  • Step 5: Now, what you have to do is open the recently installed Disney Plus app and ‘Log into your Disney Plus account’ using your login credentials. However, if you don’t have a Disney Plus account yet, create one right there using the above sign-up process and then perform this step.
  • Step 6: As you’re logged in to your Disney Plus account, you’ll see a ‘Unique Code’ in front of the screen that you must save to activate Disney Plus on your Firestick.
  • Step 7: Upon doing so, visit “ using the web browser of your choice.
  • Step 8: There, you need to enter the unique activation code (that you’ve saved before) to proceed ahead for activation.
  • Step 9: Last but not least, click on ‘Continue’ and now, if the code matches, you will receive a message that you’ve successfully activated Disney Plus on your Amazon Firestick.

How to Activate Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Similarly, if you want to activate DisneyPlus on your Samsung smart TV then, these are the steps to follow

  • Step 1: In order to activate DisneyPlus on Samsung TV, first switch it ‘On’ and connect it to a proper internet connection.
  • Step 2: Once your Samsung TV gets connected to the internet, go to its ‘Channel Store’ and there, you can simply look for the Disney Plus application.
  • Step 3: Then, what you need to do is ‘Download and Install’ the Disney Plus application on your Samsung TV.
  • Step 4: Upon doing so, open the Disney Plus app to ‘Log in’ to the same using your respective credentials. 
  • Step 5: After you log into the Disney Plus app, you’ll see a ‘Unique Code’ on the screen which you will need later to activate your device. So, note it down somewhere.
  • Step 6:  When done, open your preferred web browser on your respective device to visit “” from it.
  • Step 7: Following that, you’ll be redirected to a new web page asking for the same unique activation code that you’ve noted down earlier. So, there you need to simply provide the activation code and after entering it, hit the ‘Activate’ button.
  • Step 8: As you do so, your system will take a few seconds to match the code with your Samsung TV. 
  • Step 9: Once the code matches successfully, you’ll immediately receive a success message to notify you that— ‘Now you are all set to stream unlimited Disney Plus channels on your Samsung TV screen.’

How to Activate Disney Plus on Roku TV?

Like Amazon Firestick and Samsung TV, Roku TV is also a great device to use for streaming Disney+ services. So, if you want to activate Disney Plus on Roku TV then, the good news is that its steps are quite similar to that of Samsung and Amazon Firestick. 

However, they’re not completely the same and thus, we’ve explained the whole procedure of activating Disney Plus on Roku TV to avoid any confusion. Have a look—

  • Step 1: First of all, turn ‘On’ your Roku TV and ‘Download & Install’ the Disney Plus application onto the same.
  • Step 2: Then, log into your Disney Plus account.
  • Step 2: Once you log into the Disney Plus app using your login credentials, you’ll receive a ‘Unique code for activation.’
  • Step 3: After receiving the activation code, open your web browser and visit this “” link to enter the received activation code there, in the desired place.
  • Step 4: Upon entering the unique activation code, click on the ‘Activate’ button and then, just wait for the system to process your request. 
  • Step 5: In doing so, if the code matches, you will receive a success message and after that, you’ll have full access to all Disney Plus content on your Roku TV device.

How to Activate Disney Plus on PS4 Gaming Console?

Since Disney+ is also compatible with PS4 so, if you want you can follow the below given to easily access all Disney Plus content on your PS4 gaming console—

  • Step 1: First of all, what you’ve to do is open the App Store on your PS4.
  • Step 2: Then, search for the Disney Plus application to download and install it on your gaming console.
  • Step 3: Now, when you finish installing the app on your device, you need to ‘Log in’ to the Disney Plus app with your account’s login credentials.
  • Step 4: After you do so, you’re good to go to browse and stream all Disney Plus services on your PS4 gaming console device.

So, these are the separate step-by-step instructions that you can use to activate the DisneyPlus /Begin subscription on your respective device, after which you can generally access your account in no real time.

But, sometimes you witness the opposite case where you find yourself unable to log in to your account. 

What Solutions to Try If I Can’t Log in to Disneyplus/Begin?

Though, there can be many reasons and factors behind why you can’t log into your Disneyplus/begin account, but irrespective of them you should consider the solutions provided below to try because they are effective enough to help resolve the problem.

Solution 1: Reinstall the Disney + App

If you face difficulty logging in to your DisneyPlus account then, no wonder uninstalling and reinstalling the DisneyPlus app is one of the easiest solutions to consider in such a scenario.

“Reinstallation of an app” is a tried & tested method that proves effective to solve various app related issues like your inability to log into the app. If anyone wonders why then, let us tell you that reinstalling the app not only reduces the space it occupies on the device but will also remove any unpleasant errors that you might be facing related to the app.

So, considering that you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney Plus app to get rid of the encountered issue. With that said, here’s how you can do what you’re advised to do—

  • Step 1: At first, you need to uninstall the DisneyPlus app from your device and for that;
    • Go to the PlayStore if you’re using Android | App Store if you’re having an iOS device.
    • There, tap on the ‘Menu’ option.
    • Then, navigate to the ‘My Apps’ section.
    • From it, you’ve to find out the ‘DisneyPlus app.’
    • After that, you simply need to hit the ‘Uninstall’ option, located beside the Disneyplus app.
  • Step 2: Now, when you have uninstalled the app, you can go back to the Play Store / App Store respectively.
  • Step 3: There, you simply need to search for the app again and reinstall it on your Android/iOS device.
  • Step 4: Once the Disney Plus app gets installed on your device again, try to log into the same, using your account’s login credentials that you’ve registered with!

Now, check whether doing so helps you solve the login issue you faced earlier while getting access to your account on the DisneyPlus app.

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Solution 2: Update the DisneyPlus App

Another situation where you might face a login error is when your ‘Disney + app’ is not updated to its latest version. So, check about the same to make sure that the Disney Plus app you have on your respective device is always updated with the latest version to function properly and also because it needs security patches to keep it safe from becoming a target of data breaches.

In fact, the new updates also come with many bug fixes that help increase the efficiency of the app.

Now, bearing all this in mind, you have to look for the app updates in the Play Store or the App Store depending on the Android or iOS device you’re using. In doing so, if you find out that there’s a pending update then, make sure to install it at that time only.

In addition to this, if you are still unable to log into your Disney + account from your respective device then, you should definitely apply this trick—

  • On the Disney Plus login screen/page; you have to scroll down a bit until you see this option “ sign up.” 
  • Now, click the ‘Login’ option there and as you do so, the app should allow you to click the button again.

Note: We’ve mentioned this trick because some users have reported that it worked for them and thus, we thought you should also try it out too. However, we cannot give you any guarantee that it will work for you.

Solution 3: Log out of Your DisneyPlus Account from Other Devices

If you like to use your on multiple devices simultaneously then, sometimes this could also lead to the Disney Plus login issue. 

However, worry not! In this case, you simply need to clear/log out of your DisneyPlus account from your other devices and, to do so; these are the brief steps you have to follow—

  • Step 1: Firstly, head towards your ‘Account holder profile.’ 
  • Step 2: Then, you just have to select your ‘Character.’
  • Step 3: After that, go to the ‘Settings’ section and from there, select the ‘Registered Devices or Device Management’ option.
  • Step 4: Now, select the ‘Remove All Devices’ option to “Clear” all your devices off your ‘Disney Plus account.’

Solution 4: Visit DisneyPlus Official Twitter Page to Check for Outages

Last but not least, what you can do is go to websites like or DisneyPlus official Twitter page to check if people have posted any Tweets acknowledging such DisneyPlus login issues or not. And, why it is necessary to find out whether there is a Disney Plus outage is because this issue sometimes may occur due to the Disney Plus outage also.

So, all in all these are the couple of solutions to consider in case you encounter the Disney Plus login issue because after trying these above solutions; you should get rid of the Disney Plus login issue, entirely.

But, in case none of the solutions work for you; we suggest you reach out to DisneyPlus customer service for help, and you can easily contact their customer support team through any one of the contact channels that are provided by them on their official site.

Bottom Line

That is all about Disney Plus—the one of the biggest streaming services around the world. Now, you know how to use the 8-digit code correctly to activate the DisneyPlus service on any compatible device be it ROKU TV, SAMSUNG TV, and AMAZON FIRESTICK, etc. However, not only this, if you are facing issues with the login/begin, you already know what solutions to apply and if none works then, what else to do! 

FAQs about Login/Begin

Q: How do I Sign in to Disney Plus on PS4?
A: In order to sign in to a Disney Plus account on PS4, you need to first launch your PS4 and navigate to its App Store. There, search for ‘Disney +’ app to download it and then, open the app to sign in with your login credentials.

Q: Where do I Enter the Code for Disney Begin?
A: You need to go to the website and there, you’ll be asked to enter the 8-digits code. Once you enter the code, just click on the ‘Continue’ button for activating the service on your device.

Q: How do I Sign in to Disney Plus on My TV?
A: You can access Disney Plus on your TV simply via activating the service on your device and to do so, you only need to enter the login/begin 8-digit code in the required field.

Q: How do I Sign in to Disney Plus on Xbox Live?
A: To sign in to Disney+ on Xbox Live, first go to the Microsoft Store via pressing the home button on the controller of your Xbox. Then, navigate to the Apps sections and search for the Disney Plus app to download and install it on your Xbox. Once installed, open it and sign in to the same with your login credentials to start watching Disney+ on Xbox Live.

Q: How do I Get a Disney Plus Code?
A: In order to get a Disney Plus code, you need to visit this link “” using the web browser of your choice and there, you can simply select the link to redeem your Disney+ code.

Q: How do I Download Disney Plus?
A: You need to search for ‘Disney +’ either on Google Play Store or on the App Store depending on whether you’re using an Android or iOS device. Then, tap on the Disney + app icon to download and install the app. Once installed, open the app, enter your account details to start streaming!

Q: Can I be Logged in to Disney Plus on Two Devices?
A: Yes! You can download and install the Disney Plus app to log into the same on multiple devices that it supports for instance; Xbox, RokuTV, Samsung TV and so on. However, note that you can simultaneously stream Disney Plus only on four of those supported devices.

Q: What to Do When My Disney Plus Won’t Work on My TV?
A: If your Disney Plus won’t work on your TV then, try reinstalling the Disney Plus app on your device and then, log in with the correct login credentials of your DisneyPlus account.  Or else, consider updating the app to fix any bugs and to increase the efficiency of the app.
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