Plagiarism is a horrible thing that can ruin everything at any time. The awful thing, in this case, is the accidental issues that may occur when you are not expecting to plagiarize. Many people are anxious to know what to do when their articles get rejected due to plagiarism. Well, this is not a new question to answer because it is pretty general nowadays. 

Due to tons of data available on the internet, now it is hard to come up with a 100% unique article. And it is a challenge for article writers who struggle to deliver the best quality ever. Everything has an alternative, and of course, you can also deal with this case by following the below-listed tips and tricks. Take a look!

1. Cite Your Source

When you want to remove plagiarism from your content to make it unique, you should allude to an idea that’s not your own. Here you can add a citation in your article that highlights the full name of the origin. Also, it should include the publishing date and any other element that comes up by the style guide you are following. Citations are one of the most fantastic tips to remove plagiarism and ensure yourself a content quality.

2. Include Quotations

Another best thing over here is the quotations. Article writers can insert a source’s words into their articles. It is one of the easiest and obvious ways to evade plagiarism. Quotation marks around the text will indicate that the terms are not yours. It implies that you have added them as general, and you copied them from any other source. A direct quote must also cite the origin so that your client knows from where you have grabbed it.

3. Use Paraphrasing Tools

No matter how much effort you have put into checking for plagiarism. When you end up with a rejection, you should utilize the paraphrasing tool. Paraphrasing is a method to change words by replacing them with synonyms and making them unique. You can rephrase it manually by reading the text and rewriting it again in some other words. But if you don’t have that or you get stuck with your terms. An online paraphrasing tool can be a help. There are many article spinner tools, but we suggest you use the best paraphrasing tool.

4. Check Plagiarism Again

You have to ensure yourself again and again. You have to keep an eye on your work no matter how honest you are. Even after using a paraphrasing tool, you should evaluate its originality. As discussed before, plagiarism can occur anytime, anywhere. And you have no idea how it can appear in your text even after paraphrasing. Many tools can help you to check for plagiarism in-depth. You can also use plagiarism checker software and apps to detect plagiarism.

One major benefit of using plagiarism tools is it saves time and human errors. The tools deeply evaluate your text from all across the internet and show you percentage-wise results with matched sources. So, copy the paraphrased text again and drop it to the plagiarism tool to check its uniqueness. 

5. Proofread Properly

Here enters the second best tip that plays a crucial role in removing your plagiarism. It is a tip to win the client’s heart even after the plagiarism embarrassment. Content quality is also a factor in article writing. You have to make sure that your words are not only unique. But also error-free. Try to note your sentence and grammatical errors. Paraphrasing tools sometimes affect the quality of content and stretch the text. You can chop the paragraphs that may seem wordy. 

You can also use grammar checker tools that help a lot in intense proofreading. Experts suggest also taking a manual check even after using tools. You can read your article again and point out things from the reader’s perspective.

6. Resubmit the Article

So, it is time to take the ultimate step – resubmit the article! You have to take a deep breath and save your last draft for resubmission. As you have already assured me things, you should resubmit the article. You can also tell your client that you have fixed the plagiarism issue and you are sending him the content again. 

Final Thoughts

Plagiarism is an issue that you can’t ignore sometimes. And that is why you should learn how to fight against it and keep your text secured from it. The above tips and tricks can help you a lot in dealing with a plagiarized article. One of the best things that can help you in this context is paraphrasing tools. However, you should take time to proofread the content twice to ensure its quality. So, pick any of the mentioned tools and add perfection to your life.

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