The window enhances your health in the room. You can agree that in a room where there are no windows, life is at risk.

Windows are the sole sponsors of cross ventilation in a room, it gives lush air which enhances the atmospheric conduciveness and life support in the room.

Intriguingly, there’s more to your window than just being a square opening on a wall. Your window gives your room a transformation beyond your wildest dreams that enable you to express yourself beyond bounds.

Do you think you’ve seen the best your room can offer? I bet “No” give your windows the treatment they deserve and be shocked by delight in the experience you’ll have.

You can make your room appear bigger, smaller, and even feel cooler or warmer by applying specific window treatments. Luckily, the window treatment ideas are not a mystery. They are ready assets waiting for your indulgence. However, you must know the styles and trends that are here to stay and the ones that are out of the market.

You can affect the overall appearance of your room and experience an untold comfort by taking notice of the following window treatment ideas in 2023

  • Window Treatment Ideas: Colors
  • Window Treatment Ideas: Fabrics
  • Window Treatment Ideas: Wood shades
  • Window Treatment Ideas: Blinds
  • Cordless Blinds
  • Zebra Shades
  • Roller/Solar shades
  • Cellular Day and Night Shades
  • Smart Blinds
  • Conclusion

Window Treatment Ideas: Colors

Colors are not just the application of different tones and shades of light reflection to give a distinct perspective. It weighs more. Colors are a language whose statements affect your energy level, psychological health, and total well-being.

Choosing the right color to complement your room’s natural source of light (window) is worth breaking a sweat for. However, The core principles behind color choice are simplicity, functionality, and naturalness.

Below are listed the best colors you should look out for in your window Treatment Idea in 2023

Color ClassColors and effect
Neutral Tonebeige or milk: for a soft effect on the decor and environment; a calm and soothing atmosphere conducive to meditation
Natural Colorsgreen, brown, purple, or blue: zoom in on the beauty of nature and living in it; experience life on the horizon
Bold Shadeschocolate tones, navy blue or peach: to make a statement, liveliness in the room.

Note these color statements are for the window curtain’s choice. Express yourself extensively, check out For PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri the color of the year winner in 2023.

The PANTONE 17-3938 is “Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression”.

Window Treatment Ideas: Fabrics

Still on the window curtains, choosing an ideal color is one thing, using the right fabric is another. However, the fabrics you should consider this 2023 are dependent on the texture. You can make a choice ranging from the lightest to the densest depending on the effect you want to achieve. So said, the following fabrics top the chart in 2023.

  • Cotton 
  • Linen
  • Velvet

In addition, consider bold patterns when choosing print alternatives. Go for the floral patterns and tropical colors. However, avoid curtains and draperies for window coverings in the kitchen. When exposed to heat and humidity, fabrics tend to wear out.

Window Treatment Ideas: Wood Shades

Before we reveal the 2023 best window treatments innovation, we want you to know that Woods shades never go out of style. They’re flexible in use, they apply to both modern and traditional interior designs. Taste the shades of its warmth and soft light that caresses your atmosphere with serenity and natural elegance. You have options between a range of materials which includes reed, bamboo, or various grasses. You are in charge of the amount of light you allow inside your room by tweaking the thickness of the shade.

There are countless styles to choose from in the Wood shades. But we prefer the waterfall shades. You will always be correct with the waterfall shades because it’s a simple and clean embodiment and won’t clutter your window statement. Enjoy texture and uniqueness that beats the traditional curtains and blinds. Perfect for families with kids.

Window Treatment Ideas: Blinds

Maybe you need something simply luxurious and minimalistic. Brace yourself. Professionals have sorted it all out in 2023. The following are some top-notch window options to make your rooms happen.

  • Cordless Blind
  • Zebra Shades
  • Roller/Solar Shades
  • Cellular Day & Night Shades
  • Smart Blinds

Cordless Blinds

The cordless Blinds are children approved, no more child entangling within blinds. Cordless Blinds serves a style that doesn’t just give your room the wow factor but also safety options.No more knotting and untangling. All you will do to use the cord blind is to raise or lower them.

In complement to its neat and organized Features, you have a variety of options to choose from ranging from the colors and exotic styles available for your home interior decor

Zebra Shades

Here’s the principality of the Window Treatment industry. It looks like roller blinds with a distinction of solid and sheer fabric in one shade.

When pulled up, the solid overlaps the sheer fabric, or the solid overlaps the solid which can be experienced as the solids giving way for only the sheer fabrics to allow a controlled amount of light into the room.

Also, you can leave the room completely dark by blinding the sheer fabrics with the dark ones. Alternatively, you can remove obstacles from the light and air supply by completely folding everything off the window.

You won’t be wishing you had between options with zebra Shades, you have enough to choose from.

And here comes the finisher attribute of the zebra Shades. It is wire-free, with a rechargeable motorization option that enables you to operate from a remote handle. Which eliminates the stress of you walking to draw down the window with a sleepy head.

Roller/Solar Shades

This is one class of shades that can never go out of the market as more people are still installing it as a preferred window treatment option.

The rollers bring you a wide range of style and color options at an affordable price. 

Their life spans for decades, when managed properly, it lasts transgenerational. You don’t need a special method to maintain the rollers; all you need to do is wipe with a moist cloth.

The rollers, according to design, protect you and your family from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun and detect the amount of sunlight that enters your room. It adds elegance to your home. Complementary, it is also controlled by a remote handle.

Cellular Day and Night Shades

One of the highly sought-after window blinds in 2023 is the Cellular blinds because of their perfect insulation. The Cellular blinds look like pleated shades and it’s made of two distinct materials.

It works to hold in the air within the room which protects against cold and heat(Meaning it’s cold in summer and warm in Winter). Therefore making homeowners cut costs on light bills.

The Cellular shades come in different sizes and fit on all windows. The Cellular shades can diffuse light, for example, you can give your room pitch darkness by using the blackout shades or you can use the light filter shades to give your room a warmth or soft glow.

Smart Blinds

A wonder in the window treatment option is the smart blinds. You can now sync and manipulate your blinds using your smartphone.

Interestingly, you can Program the blinds when to open and when to close for the day. For example, you can program it to open by 7 am and close by 8 pm when you’re done watching your fav tv show.

To spice things up you are provided with varieties of options in styles and colors to soothe your home decor.


If you cannot crave to hurry back home from wherever you are, then it’s just a house, not a home. One thing that ignites the desire to hurry home is the height of comfort, privacy, safety, and tranquility your home offers which is directly proportional to the care you give to it. When next you think of window Treatment Ideas, do well to look up any of the above treatments and be proud you stopped by.

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