It’s been a rough few years, and the tumult many people are feeling has been reflected in the markets. Between the pandemic, labor shortages, runaway inflation, and, most recently, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, these disruptions have made for a volatile time on the Street. 

With more uncertainty ahead, you have enough daily stress and tasks to complete without worrying about the IR tools you’re using. You need the best end-to-end investor relations software to get ahead of change, improve communications, and highlight your unique investment opportunity today.

The right investor success platform can transform your IR strategy by furthering investor engagement and streamlining workflow. Here are some of the data-driven IR tools that can help you hit your objectives — whether it’s positioning your IPO, building a stronger shareholder base, or retaining high-quality investors.

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An Accessible Investor Relations Website

A branded IR site is an indispensable tool in your investor relations strategy. In many cases, it’s the first place investors visit when investigating issues or making decisions about your stock. It needs to showcase your brand while underscoring your core value in someone’s portfolio. 

How can you create a destination that answers every question your visitors have? Be specific. You’ll want to build a site that caters to your position on the Street — whether you’re just testing the waters or wanting to establish your brand as a sustainable powerhouse. 

Here are some of the specific IR sites you can build:

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Special Position Acquisition Company (SPAC)
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)  

Beyond building a strong digital brand that offers rich and tailored information, the best investor websites also deliver fully integrated analytics. That way, you can leverage real-time data into conversions.

A Cloud-Based IR CRM Desktop App

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a critical tool that organizes the way your team engages with shareholders and prospective investors. This software should simplify your daily tasks, making it easy to analyze the success of your strategies so far. 

In-house software saved to legacy systems can’t keep up with the modern demands of web investor relations tasks, so you need to update to a cloud-based IR CRM desktop app. 

Making the switch comes with many benefits:

  • Consolidated data in one platform
  • Remote access
  • Streamlined workflow and greater productivity
  • Eliminated redundancies
  • Capital market & IR intelligence
  • In-depth analytics 
  • Improved targeting
  • Stock surveillance
  • Market performance tracking
  • Easier and faster reporting

Capital Markets Virtual Events and Webcasting Tools

COVID-19 forced digital acceleration on the corporate world, and there are no virtual takebacks. Even now, as restrictions lift, many companies are retaining their remote work policies for daily tasks and special events. 

Fully digital events are the new normal of investor conferences, including bus tours, annual general meetings, investor days, and town halls. 

With the right webcasting and capital markets events software, you can deliver high-quality virtual engagements to a global audience. 

The best webcasting tech gives you the tools to host a fully branded event dialed into key analytics. IR consulting companies can even coach you through how to run a virtual investor conference, providing invaluable insights into building the right communications strategy for your event.

Stay Ahead with the Right IR Tools

In the face of market volatility, it’s time to adapt your IR strategy. Upgrading your tech can help your team get ahead of the competition and transform how you connect with investors.

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