About two-thirds of Americans think they’re tech-savvy. Unfortunately, 55% of survey respondents wouldn’t know what to do if they were hacked. Another 36% don’t think twice about sharing personal information online.

Another 36% have already fallen victim to a hacker.

While you might think you’re technologically savvy, it always helps to learn a little more. Here are nine effective tips that can help when learning about technology. With these tips, you can remain savvy and safeguard yourself in the future.

Start learning more about tech with these nine simple tips today. 

1. Watch YouTube Videos

Video content could account for over 80% of all online web traffic by this year.

One of the best ways to start learning about computers is on a computer. Pull up YouTube and start learning about tech. You can find pre-made playlists and tutorials to get started.

Regardless of how much you think you know, consider starting from the basics. You might learn new, valuable information. What you learn could even point you in a new direction. 

For example, you might not realize you have an interest in cybersecurity until you learn more about how it works.

Start small. Then, develop your knowledge base over time. Once you feel more comfortable, start learning more about complicated subject matters.

You can do a deep dive into YouTube if you want to learn more about a specific subject, too.

As you start watching videos and learning about technology, take the time to ask questions. Many YouTube creators want to help. They won’t hesitate to answer any questions you have, big or small.

Spark conversations with other tech-savvy people online. Learn from their experience and expertise. They could point you in the direction of new learning materials, too. 

Watching YouTube videos could help you retain a lot of the information you learn as well.

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2. Take a Lynda Class

If you’re more interested in taking a course to start learning about technology, take an online class. For example, you can start taking classes through Lynda. Lynda is affiliated with LinkedIn.

You can sign up for courses specific to your interests. 

Developing well-rounded expertise could broaden your skillset. It could make you a more valuable asset if you’re trying to build your career.

Consider taking classes in video editing and Photoshop if you’re interested in marketing. Otherwise, try a coding class.

Make a note of which classes you feel the most passionate about. Then, follow that passion by finding more learning materials online!

3. Check Technology Vendors

Take the time to research your favorite technology brand or company. Some companies offer helpful workshops and classes. You can learn how to use the technology you already own and love.

For example, you can start taking classes at your local Apple store.

Most classes are free, too! A short course won’t take up your entire day. Meanwhile, you can learn more from people who are passionate about the same tech you love.

Make sure to have questions prepared before the course. As you keep asking questions, you can continue broadening your knowledge base.

4. Find Meetup Groups

You don’t have to become tech-savvy on your own. Instead, consider finding Meetup groups in your area.

Meetup can provide you access to groups for everything from books to hiking. There are plenty of technology groups, too. You can learn more from like-minded people who want to expand their own knowledge.

Let them know what you’ve learned so far. Exchange information and resources. They could point you in the direction of a new course or tool.

Try teaching a little yourself, too. If you’re able to teach it to others, you can feel confident.

If you struggle to explain a concept, however, you should keep learning about that subject.

If you can’t meet in person, that’s okay. Consider using the Google Meet app. You can learn more here: https://setapp.com/how-to/use-google-meet-app-for-mac.

5. Return to School

If a Meetup group or Apple class doesn’t suit you, consider returning to school. You can earn a degree or certification for one of the subjects you’re interested in.

Many people benefit more from learning in a formal setting. You can pick the mind of an instructor or professor to gain deeper insights.

Earning a degree or certification is also beneficial if you want to advance your career. 

6. Use Social Media

As you search for online resources, consider checking social media. Social media will allow you to access some of the greatest minds in the world.

Start by checking LinkedIn. Discover videos, articles, and updates you can subscribe to. Consider joining a community, too.

Otherwise, check Medium. The medium can give you access to many online tech publications. Keep reading articles daily to continue learning.

Using social media can keep you up-to-date with new technologies and advancements. Technology changes every day. If you’re not up-to-date, your knowledge might become irrelevant. 

7. Subscribe to a Feed

In addition to using Medium, you can also subscribe to RSS feeds to remain up-to-date. You’ll get instant updates when blogs post fresh content. You can download an RSS feed reader app to your phone to get started.

For example, you might want to start using Feedly. Feedly will allow you to organize your feed using different categories.

Try to find blogs that feature thought leaders in the technology industry. They can keep you informed of the latest developments. You can continue learning about technology from people who are changing the industry. 

8. Read Technical Books

If you can’t retain information by watching videos, consider reading instead. Head to your library or bookstore. Otherwise, check Amazon for technical books.

9. Volunteer

You can also gain professional technology skills by volunteering for a campaign. Meet up with tech-savvy professionals who can show you the ropes. You can find tech-oriented organizations online to get started.

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Discovering how to become tech-savvy doesn’t have to feel daunting. Instead, keep these nine tips in mind. Remember to keep learning about technology as new tools and software becomes available.

Remaining up-to-date could turn you into a real asset to any team!

Searching for more helpful tips and tricks? You’re in the right place.

Explore our latest guides today for more. 

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