Have you ever wondered why you are unable to call some people back or why the call always gets reverted to voicemail? Well simply because they have a text mail number and go by the name of a text mail subscriber. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term or what is text mail or what exactly is a text mail subscriber, in the next 5 minutes you’ll be having a good idea as to who is a text mail subscriber and other insights into the text mail.

Who Is A Text Mail Subscriber?

The exact definition of a text mail subscriber is an individual who confirms the subscriptions of people through electronic mail. These subscribers usually contact you to tell you some sort of critical information. 

These text mail subscribers do come as quite helpful for the users as they let them surf through. Tons of devices deal with the functionality area of emails. People don’t imagine the best of things when it comes to a text mail subscriber since according to them, they can be a con artist too. 

Are All Text Mail Subscribers Cons?

Although not everyone who is a text now subscriber and holds a number is a scammer, most of the people out there do make a living by fooling them in the name of subscriptions. 

In case you are clueless about your situation, you can get the upper edge by researching the company that is sending you emails. 

Try to read and research as much as you can about that company and if it seems safe enough to you, then you can move forward with whatever you have in mind. You can’t establish communication via calls, as mail is the only way that you can reach out to them, the same way that they reach out to you. 

To sum up it all you can’t say that a text mail subscriber is a scammer, although it is also true that there are a lot of people who are doing this. The best way to stay safe is by doing your share of research on the company that has been sending you emails.

How To Find Who Owns A Text Mail Number?

Many users are quite curious as to how they can find out what particular individual owns a text mail number. Given below are three simple ways that you can try to identify who owns a text mail number.

  1. Text the user and ask him right away.
  1. You can try to check whether the number is linked with social media or a different account with a name by googling it.
  1. With the help of a court order, you can force the company to release the information of a particular individual.

All of these options lead straight to law enforcement matters in most nations where they will need to present some sort of proof that indicates that a crime has been reported.

Most people resort to simpler methods like trying to find out a person’s account with the help of their number which seems like a great idea at first, but in reality, there is no such thing as a text mail number, only a number that is in the form of an email address which is used to text someone.

These types of services are specially designed to hide the info and the numbers of the users. Most of the websites would not disclose the information and number of the user in their right mind as that is against the client policy.

However, in the case that a website allows you access to the database of a user, leave the website right away and turn to some other website to ensure your safety. These types of websites will block your computer security and you will not be able to save your data and information.

In case you do want to know about the working of an app and its activities, we might have something for you.

How to Identify a Text Mail Subscriber to Not Get Scammed?

People might be aware of what text Mail is but it is still a mystery for most of us who is behind that text mail. Yeah, I get it that all we got is the number of that subscriber, and nothing more than that, this is what makes it even more tricky to identify who is behind the text mail, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. here’s how you can track a text mail subscriber:

Web Search 

You can simply use your web browser to know who is the user behind that text mail you just received. There are chances that the number is indicated somewhere on the web, it often happens that most of the service providers are open about their usages so most of the details would be available on their social media handles. 

simply put the text mail subscriber’s number on the search bar and your search engine will automatically fetch all the information it has on the web. In fact, there are chances that the number is already involved in a scam. 

Use Social Media 

Just like a search engine, social media can be used by searchers to locate their desired information. All you have to do is have an account on a social media platform to start with your search. Simply use the search function of your social media account to know the details about the text mail subscriber’s number. 

The method will only work if the text mail subscriber hasn’t imposed any heavy security on their accounts and also only if they have linked the number with their social media platform. 

Use a Mobile Number Tracker

There are many mobile number trackers these days that people have already installed on their devices. These trackers, like Truecaller, help the users identify who’s calling they are and show the name of the person registered with the Sim card company. So if a text mail subscriber has called you, you will probably know about it even before picking up the call or seeing the text message. 

Ask Someone About It

These scammers are scattered all over now. It might be possible that someone from your family or friends has also encountered the same message or call and can help you identify it. Plus if any of your knowns have also subscribed for a similar service, then the chances are even higher for the same. 

How Can You Track A Text App Number Using Text?


If you are doing this for the very first time, we suggest you use DDI utilities as they are deemed the best for a beginner. These utilities can help you in spying on every app that is available on your device with total security. 

This also optimizes the performance of your device by keeping the average usage of apps to a minimum. One of the best things about this utility app is that it offers tons of security policies along with many other options that the user can surf through.

The primary purpose of this app is to enhance or improve and protect in a better way than other apps in an average time frame. This app is bliss for android users as the security control of an android is unmatched in the last couple of years. It takes almost a millisecond to track the mail as soon as it arrives at an android.

Although it wouldn’t be advisable for you to go after the sender on your own as if you are unable to dig something up on the sender, it means that the sender is a scammer and you must block him or to say the least, not open the link that was sent to you. 

Here we will be talking about some simple steps that can help you in knowing the difference between a genuine inquiry and a scammer.

Signs That Make Sure That The Text Is A Scam

Text message img
  1. If the sender of the message has an 11-digit phone number, chances are that the sender is a scammer since most nations have an 11-digit phone number.
  1. If the sender offers or asks for a certain amount of money, or in case the main text includes sending a message to another number, keep your distance from the mail.
  1. Most scammers offer grand prices along with links that will redirect you to the prize which is a scam.
  1. You might receive a particular message saying that someone that you might know, or a close family friend is in trouble. You will then be asked for some monetary help which in turn makes it spam.
  1. Someone may try to scam you by stating that they work for the government while it is clearly stated by the government that they don’t accept payments through text messages.
  2. The text message on your device will ask for your personal details. We all know that our banks keep on warning us about sending any sort of personal details to anyone because a bank would never ask that out of nowhere. 
  3. The offers they provide us might sound quite enticing for once but if you look into it, they are actually quite unrealistic and the prizes are from unknown senders. 

If you have come this far, it means you won’t stop until you track the sender. Given below are a few tips that might help you in this journey.

A Brief Guide on How To Track A Text Mail Subscriber

  • Try to use any premium search engine and enter the number to check if it has any links to any sort of social media platform, forums, or any other online account that holds a name.
  • You can try to text the person and ask them to reveal their identity.
  • You can try to use mobile number tracking apps to track. Tons of apps are available on the internet that store thousands of phone numbers in their databases. If their database has the number that you are looking for, you can track it with relative ease.
  • If you are unable to use the above-given results, you can try to do a reverse phone lookup. Keep in mind the fact that you can only use this method unless you can get him to make the number public or if he registers on a public service plan.

If the case is quite severe, then going to court to compel the text mail service to give out the data and information of that user.

By the end of it all, you might have a few questions in mind, worry not as we will be answering some commonly asked questions.

How to Block a Text Mail Subscriber?

Well, the last you can do is block the caller or the sender. Here’s how you text message senders on your mobile device:

On Android- 

  • Visit your default text messaging app on your mobile device. 
  • There, on the text message, click on the Delete button. 
  • There, while deleting the message you will also see a pop-up message, click on the ‘Also block this number’
  • And then, click on Move to Trash

On iOS-

  • Visit your iMessage app. 
  • Click on the All Message option. 
  • Click on the message and then on the ‘i’ icon.
  • Then, click on ‘Block this caller’


Ans: It is someone who requests to receive emails from people.

Ans:As a text mail subscriber is someone who uses an internet phone service like Google voice. Not everyone but most of the scammers use this service to contact or to be contacted via voice calls.


Text mail subscribers use text messages and phone calls to listen to emails. Some of these might be scammers who intend on preying on people while others are genuine mail subscribers looking for an end.

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