email is an outstanding webmail service in the US provided by Bresnan Communications— a cable television provider founded by William Bresnan back in the early 1980s. The same was then bought by Charter Communications in February 2013. Hence, from the subsequent year, the shift of Bresnan accounts to Charter began. 

This means users no longer be able to access the Bresnan webmail service from ““. So, if you’re also one of them who’ve been having problems in finding your email login page after is no longer available, and, wants to learn how to log in to your email account which is now located at, then you’re reading the right blog. 

However, wondering how comes into the scene? Well, it’s because Charter Communication is also associated with Spectrum. Therefore, when you search for Bresnan, you’ll see both Charter and Spectrum in the result. 

Now, coming back to the point, let’s learn how to log-in to your Bresnan account by following this simple below-given “Bresnan email Sign-in” procedure—

How to Sign-In to a Bresnan Email Account?

Step 1: In order to begin with the Bresnan login process, first open the web browser that’s acquainted with you like Google (it’s the finest of all). 

Step 2: Once you open the web browser, use its search engine to visit the email login-in page. [Note: As mentioned above, Bresnan Email is now called Spectrum/Charter Mail, so remember that Bresnan email login web page is nothing else but the Spectrum/Charter email login page only.] Hence, to visit the page of email login, enter either this or this “” link in the browser’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

Step 3: On the spectrum/ Charter email login web page, you will notice the login replenish tab on the left facet of the screen.

Step 4: There, on the login tab, you’ve to execute the following commands—

  • Firstly, you’ve to enter your [Bresnan Email Account’s Username] in the given blank “Username text-field.”
  • Then, similarly, you’ve to enter your [Bresnan Email Account Password] within the blank “Password text-field.”
  • Next, as you finish entering your Bresnan email address and password in the two given blank fields respectively, tick-mark the [Remember Username] checkbox to save your Bresnan account’s username. This will work if you find it difficult to remember it for a long period. In fact, this will eliminate the need for you to enter your username every time you visit this page to log-in to your Bresnan email account.
  • After that, complete the reCaptcha image challenge that may display on the screen as soon as you click on the [I’m not a robot] checkbox. Well, this verification will be done for confirming that you’re a human. However, if you can’t view images, consider listening to the challenge.
  • Now, after filling all the blanks, you’ve to simply click on the blue-colored [Sign-in] button to finally login to your Bresnan email account.

So, we’ve enlightened you step-by-step about how you can sign in to your Bresnan email account. However, when you forgot your password and denied entry to your account, you have to retrieve your Bresnan account by resetting its login password. 

Wondering how to do so? Well, in order to know how to reset the password of Bresnan email account, you’ve to look at the below provided step-by-step instructions

How to Reset/Recover Bresnan Email Account Password?

Step 1: To reset the password of your Bresnan email account you’ve to visit the same email login webpage from where you sign-in to your account. You can directly visit the same via clicking here

Step 2: There, on the login web page of Bresnan email service, you’ll notice “Forgot Username or Password?” sentence beneath the blue-colored [Sign-in] button. It’s the hyperlink to a new page so; you’ve to click on the same.  

Step 3: In doing so, you’ll reach onto the “Bresnan Password Reset Page.” 

Step 4: The same page will ask you to enter the details that are associated with your Bresnan email account. So, you have the authorization of the account whose password you’re trying to retrieve using following information—

  • Username and Zip Code— inside this section, enter your Bresnan email account username and your area zip code.
  • Contact Info— inside this section, enter your registered phone number or Bresnan email account’s ID.
  • Account Info—inside this section, enter your account number and its security code.

Step 5: After providing the asked information associated with your Bresnan email account, move forward for verification of your identity. Basically, you’ve to confirm that you’re not a robot, and you can do so by selecting the checkbox that reads—[I’m not a robot]. Once you’re done, hit the blue-colored “Next” button from the bottom of the same page to navigate to the subsequent web page.

Step 6: There, select the “Get Password” option simply because you wish to recuperate your password. [Note: In case of forgotten username, select the other option instead.]

Step 7: In continuation, you’ll be requested to again enter your Bresnan email account’s username/email ID in the space provided. So, enter the same and just click on the “Proceed” button.

Step 8: As you proceed further, you’ve to verify the ID that you’ve provided and to do so, follow the on-screen directions.

Step 9: By doing so, you’ll finally reach on to the final web page where all you have to do is enter a brand-new password for your Bresnan email account.

Step 10: In the end, confirm your new password by entering the same again and just save the process to make sure you’re done.

Well, this is it! Use the first set of the above-mentioned step-by-step instructions to sign-in to your Bresnan email account. Secondly, set when you need to retrieve your Bresnan email account’s forgotten password. 

Despite that, if you still encounter problems in logging into your Bresnan account, avoid using its webmail client. Alternatively, use the following server settings to configure your account in either a mobile or desktop email client like Outlook —

Server Settings of Bresnan Email Service for both Mobile & Desktop Email Client
Protocol: IMAP Protocol: POP
Incoming Email Server Name: Incoming Email Server Name:
Incoming Server Port: 143  Incoming Server Port: 110
Outgoing Email Server: Outgoing Email Server:
Outgoing Server Port: 465 Outgoing Server Port: 465
Encrypted Connection: SSL (This setting should be the same for both SMTP and POP/ IMAP)
Username: Your Username (that serve as a prefix for your Bresnan email address for instance,
Password: Your Bresnan Password (The one that you used to log in to your Bresnan email account)

Well, if you appropriately use these settings for configuring up your Bresnan email account in any of your preferable email clients without any webmail login-related issue, you will be able to easily access your Bresnan account. You can check your emails, exchange messages and enjoy all the features that Bresnan email service offers to its users.

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