Trying to ship your car as a first-timer may seem a daunting and intimidating ordeal to you. While your fear may be justified due to the plethora of information you’ve been reading online before this, shipping your car can be a seamless process when you follow the steps laid down in this post. 

In this post, you will learn the right process of successful car shipping

Research for Auto Transport Company 

The first step to take is checking for auto transport companies around you. To make your search easier, inquire from family and close friends or neighbors who have had experience with this in the past. 

When you get a considerable number of companies undertaking auto transport service, go on and check through their website and read on the reviews left by past customers. Customers’ reviews are a better way of judging the quality of a company. 

Submit Your Transporting Information

The next step you need to ensure is submitting the necessary information such as the collection and the pickup point (your desired destination) and checking the availability of these companies for the said destination. 

Also, you need to include in the information you provide the condition of your vehicle such as whether the car has been previously modified, oversized, and whether it’s operable or inoperable as this will make a considerable difference in quotes you received. 

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Compare Quotes from Different Companies 

Compare the quotes gotten from these auto transport companies. Price comparison will ensure you get the best value for your money. One thing you need to understand while going through this is that lower prices most times tend to induce customers but end up leading to bad services and hidden charges at the end of the end thus being more expensive. 

Lastly, during price comparison, check if the quotes are for door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service. Door-to-door service involves the agent of the auto transport company coming down to your house to pick up your car and deliver it to your required destination. While terminal-to-terminal involves driving up to the auto storage of the transport hub and picking up at the terminal closer or in the vicinity of your destination. 

Choose a Shipping Company 

After weighing the cons and pros of going through door-to-door services such as local ordinances precluding heavy-duty trucks within the vicinity of your destination. While also doing the same thing for terminal-to-terminal services by ensuring that the distance of the delivery term is not so far from your intended destination. 

Finalize every other agreement and make sure you have the contract in writing. Lastly, ensure the reputation of the shipping or auto transport company is reputable and they ensure effective communication with clients. Pick the best that fit your desired requirements and allow them to do their work but with constant monitoring and check-up. 

Why Do You Need to Use Auto Transport? 

There are lots of reasons for making use of auto transport, but the following are the most common needs of people moving vehicles through auto transport; 

Vehicle Relocation 

This is one of the common reasons why many people have to transport their car. Flying across the country for a holiday and you don’t want a rental car for the duration of your stay, yet still, you’re not bought into the idea of driving such a long distance with your family members. Auto transport can be a better compromise for you. 

Moving your car through this way will preclude the occurrences of an accident thereby protecting the safety of you and your family member, it would also reduce stresses that you may undergo if driving the car, yourself, and lastly, prevent your car from damages. 

All you need to do is schedule a pickup time for your car and provide your intended destination. Get to your location and recover your car from the agent at the scheduled location. Convenient and straightforward. 

Fast Delivery 

While you may think that it may take a lot of weeks to have your vehicle delivered to your destination, many auto transport delivery time ranges between a couple of days. 

All auto transport has varying delivery times and will provide you with necessary information regarding this. All you need to do is go for the best that suits your timeline. 


If your safety and that of your car are quite important to you, the best choice when traveling cross country or long distances is to have your vehicle or car delivered to your intended location instead of driving long distances. 

There are lots of dangers involved in driving your car in unfamiliar terrain over long distances. This includes having the vehicles broken down at night, getting stranded on bad roads, and being vulnerable to various safety hazards. All these can be prevented with a reputable car shipping service. 

Vehicle Purchases Outside Your Vicinity 

Another instance whereby you may require the services of an auto transport company is purchasing a car out of town. It’s not advisable to drive a purchased new car or an old car over a long distance without first ascertaining its reliability to cover such a distance. Making use of an auto service will cut back the wear and tear of the engine and prevent damages to the car. 

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