With an increase in traffic or shrinking roads, a bike poses a major challenge that numerous cities encounter. But when it comes to the purchase of a bike to decide between a first-hand or second-hand bike purchase, it poses a challenge to the users. The best app for buying a second-hand bike may turn out to be a saving grace. But there are other points to consider before you opt for purchasing a bike. It is one of the questions confronting a motorcyclist when they are about to make a purchase. Though for a lot of people this might not turn out to be a significant issue, a wrong purchase may lead to long-term pain. Hence a suggestion is to undertake a mind exercise before you undertake a purchase. The task of deciding without any form of guidance could turn out to be difficult. With shrinking roads and traffic in poor light, these turn out to be challenges that various cities in India would be facing.

The Positives and Negatives of Purchasing a New Bike

The positives of purchasing a new bike.

  • Performance- It goes without saying that when you are purchasing a new bike it may lead to uninterrupted performance. On all counts, there is a minimum possibility of any form of breakdown. If you purchase a bike it would mean smooth parts and a fresh state. It might lead you to plan things effectively so that you do not have to bear any surprises down the road.
  • Warranty- by purchasing a new bike you might be covering yourself against after purchase defects or failures, for a prolonged duration of time. When the workshop appears to be free of cost, proper protection ensures that the bike would be in sound condition.
  • Steady access to the latest of features- when you are purchasing a new bike you have the freedom to be exploring specifications or technology as per the requirements. There might be new features with add-on experiences that could lead to specifications.
  • The vehicle history has to be sound- When you are purchasing a first-hand bike there is no need to worry about the history of the vehicle. Since you happen to be the first-hand owner the vehicle would be having more value and worth.

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The drawbacks of purchasing a new bike

  • High expenses- a new bike obviously tends to be high priced. With their aura of sophistication, they tend to be a lot expensive than the used ones. Mostly for owning a new vehicle you may have to sell your investments.
  • Depreciation- a new bike is going to have a higher rate of depreciation than an old one. For example, if you are purchasing a bike within 5 years, the depreciation value may come down to 50 %. Hence it is going to be outdated within a short span of time.

The Positives or Negatives of Purchasing a Used Bike

The positives of purchasing a used bike are as follows:

  • Low price- a major benefit when you are purchasing a second-hand bike is that it would be affordable than a new one. In some of the cases, the price difference can be as high as 50 %.
  • Low insurance premium- an insurance premium of the bike is decided upon the value of the bike. For these reasons according to the best app for 2nd hand bikes the value would reduce substantially if it is an old bike. For these reasons, the premium would be less expensive than a new one.
  • Resale value- after the completion of five years of purchase, it is obvious that the depreciation of a vehicle would be slowing down. Since for a second-hand vehicle you will already be paying less, selling it to another party would relate to the same amount of money that you may have churned in for the purchase.

The issues to address when you are purchasing a second-hand bike:

  • History of the vehicle – When you are about to purchase a second-hand bike the history of the vehicle works out to be a major concern. If it is a blind purchase you may not even be aware of what has gone with the earlier owner. So if you are planning to purchase a used bike you need to check the history of the bike.
  • A lot of maintenance – it is obvious that if the vehicle is used it is going to require a lot of maintenance. An unexpected repair might emerge at any point in time and hence it is going to require a lot of upkeep when you are caring for a new vehicle.
  • The condition may be bad – you have to take into consideration that if you are purchasing a second-hand bike the condition would be bad. Technology, design along outdated features are something that you may have to deal with by yourself. If there is a professional mechanic you may get it fixed straight away.
  • Valuation – before you are about to undertake any purchase, make it a point that you inspect the mechanical components of the bike. You need to check out for yourself whether it is worth the money or not. It is better if you get it accessed by an authorized mechanic and flip through the various online sources to arrive at a worthy decision.

To sum up things, this is all about purchasing a new bike and an old one. Both of them do have their own set of pros and cons. The logic is simple if you have sufficient funds you may opt for a new bike. Otherwise, you would like to spend more and opt for a second-hand bike. Make sure that you check the history and the condition of the bike. Eventually, it would be a better move if you are planning to purchase the bike through an authorized dealer. This means if there is any fault you can approach them and raise your concerns.

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