For employers, it can feel challenging to know the best ways to motivate employees and convince people to go green. Sustainability is a hot topic, and many people want to live greener lives but may not know how best to do so. Business leaders have a valuable position that enables them to help staff get greener. Responsible business owners should treat sustainability as they would any other key value of their business.  

Changing the habits of employees can make a massive difference to the success of a business’s sustainability practices, so employers should look at various ways to improve employees’ understanding of sustainability. Offering an electric company car as a benefit to employees can be an excellent place to start, helping employees learn more about how their actions can affect real change in the battle against the climate crisis.  

Create a Green Business Policy 

A green business policy can be an excellent way for business owners to give their employees a clear outline of how they want their business to be greener. This green policy should work within and complement the current company policy, giving employees guidance on what is expected of them regarding sustainability.  

The document should be well-written and formatted to make it easy for employees to understand and digest. Ensure that all information is collated into one document by combining two files together for easy access.  

Discuss the Electric Car Options with Employees 

An excellent way to get employees involved and invested in going green is by consulting them when selecting the cars to offer on a company car scheme. Business owners should choose a selection of vehicles they would be willing to provide and then take the time to discuss the options with employees. Business owners should select the cars that offer the most to their employees and get the greatest level of feedback during the consultation process.  

Install Charging Stations at the Office 

Installing a charging station in the office car park can be an excellent way for employers to encourage the uptake of their electric company car scheme. Employers may also be eligible for government grants to help them install electric car charging stations at their premises. Being able to charge their vehicle while at work can be invaluable for employees to make the most of their car and see the excellent benefits in cost-effectiveness.  

Lead By Example 

Leading by example can be an excellent way for employers to help employees become more green in their practices. Employers should start by driving their own electric vehicle to work each day and discussing the benefits they’ve experienced with their team.  

Employees are more likely to listen and appreciate a business owner’s efforts to go green if it is clear that they are not the only ones expected to make changes. This can go a long way to establishing mutual trust and respect, which are crucial for making real and lasting changes in the workplace.  

Consider the Available Vehicles Carefully 

There are many electric vehicles available, with more hitting the market every day. Business owners should make their selection with care, ensuring that the company car they offer their employees will be as beneficial as the petrol or diesel vehicles they provided previously. Cost is one critical factor, along with performance, size, and ease of maintenance. Employers should look for the option that will give employees the best performance and show them the value of green vehicles.  

Offer Training on Electric Car Maintenance 

While driving an electric car works the same as driving a combustion engine car, the maintenance of an electric vehicle can be very different. This is often a major stumbling block for people interested in electric cars, and one employer can help staff overcome it.  

Offering training on the proper care and maintenance of an electric car can be a great option, helping empower employees to take the step towards becoming electric car owners. Business owners could offer a range of training options, from basic maintenance and charging procedures to mechanical and technical skills.  

Show the Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness Benefits 

Combustion engine vehicles are one of the most significant contributors to pollution out there and one of the largest single root causes of individual carbon footprints. Employers should show their teams how their emissions can be reduced throughout their lifetime by switching from a combustion engine to an electric car.  

In addition to sustainability benefits, employers should educate their team about the cost-effectiveness of switching to a green car. With fuel prices skyrocketing, charging up an electric vehicle can cost a fraction of the price of filling up a car’s tank with fuel.  

Offer Incentives to Go Green 

In addition to a company car scheme, employers should offer a range of incentives to help encourage employees to go green. Employers could build sustainable practices into their bonus scheme, for instance, requiring employees to recycle a set amount of the things they use in the office. There are also options like cycle-to-work schemes that can have massive benefits for employees and employers.  

Run Green Competitions 

Competitions can be a great way to encourage engagement and interest in sustainability at work. There is a range of competitions that employers could run that will get staff thinking about sustainability and how their behavior impacts the planet.  

Some great options include green fundraising competitions, zero-waste contests, or challenges to go vegan for a set period of time. By adding an element of friendly competition to the process of getting greener, employers will likely see a larger uptake of green practices overall. Once the contest is over, your employees will have the skills and habits to make lasting sustainable change.  

Ask for Ideas for Green Initiatives 

Feeling like a valued part of the team and decision-making process can be invaluable for employee engagement. This is why it is critical for business owners to get their employees’ input on green initiatives, which will ensure the greatest engagement from employees long term. Employees may also see opportunities and ideas that higher-level employees or business owners may not recognize, making their input and help truly invaluable in creating a green working space.  

Make the Office a Green Space 

A green office can have benefits for businesses beyond increasing sustainability. Increasing the number of plants in the office can improve employee productivity and satisfaction, making sustainability even more profitable. Business owners could consider green office features such as living walls which are excellent for making the office feel more welcoming and pleasant to be inside.  

Business owners could also offer employees a small fund for them to buy their own plants for their desks, allowing them to customize their space and increase the greenery and its benefits for the office. Finding ways to make your office look and feel greener can be a great way to keep sustainability at the forefront of your teams’ minds.  

Create a Sustainability Team 

Having dedicated employees in charge of sustainability can be a great way to make sustainability a consistent consideration and continuous goal. Employers could look for team members with a keen interest in sustainability and promote them to the role of sustainability officer. It may also help to look for new hires with strong backgrounds in sustainability who can bring new ideas and opportunities to your business.

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