Creating a company logo can help improve brand identity and recognition with consumers. 

Logos are a great tool to get people to become more familiar with your company and look for your signature design. If you are thinking about creating a new logo, there are a couple of things you will want to avoid. 

Continue reading to discover modern logo design mistakes that you should avoid at all costs! 

Using Difficult to Read Fonts 

One of the worst modern logo design mistakes that you can make is using difficult-to-read fonts.

Although a certain font might look cool and unique, if people can’t read it, your logo will be ineffective. Do your best to use clean fonts that have defined edges and letters that are evenly spaced out. 

Easy-to-read fonts will help get your point across quickly and the reader won’t be distracted. The best logo font to use is Ariel or Times New Roman. 

Adding Too Many Details 

Many people that decide to design a logo online free incorporate too many details.

When there are too many details, the person viewing your logo could easily become distracted or overwhelmed. It is important to keep your logo design simple and let whatever you use on the image do the speaking. 

If you have more than 5 different components in your logo, you might want to reduce some. Once you go over 5, there are often too many things going on. 

Only Following Trends

Trends come in and go at a quick rate, meaning you shouldn’t rely solely on them. 

Although something might be trending at the moment, your logo may become obsolete over time. When too many businesses are following the same trends, it becomes difficult to differentiate between each one. 

Make sure that you use endless trends and incorporate unique details to make your logo your own. 

Utilizing Colors That Clash 

When creating the best company logo, you will have to consider the colors that are utilized.

Many businesses use their company color scheme for their logos to remain consistent. Examples of colors that clash is red and purple, orange and green, or yellow and pink. 

Avoiding these color combinations can help attract business and look more professional. 

Making It Too Abstract 

Using different colors, shapes, and textures can help make your logo more memorable.

Unfortunately, going too abstract with your company logo can leave consumers confused and unsure about what you have to offer. Make sure that you utilize enough detail on your logo so that people can understand more about your company. 

Some businesses make the mistake of looking like a photography logo when they are actually in another industry. 

Avoid These Modern Logo Design Mistakes 

When creating a modern logo design, there are many things that you need to consider.

By utilizing this guide, you can create the best logo icon without making mistakes. Creating a strong logo that is easy to understand and not too distracting will help people remember your company. 

Don’t be afraid to show your brand and let customers and competitors become familiar with your company. 

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