The IT industry is growing at a fast pace and so there are many jobs available to IT professionals. However, finding a position that suits you can be a challenge. Cisco accreditations are designed to validate professionals’ networking expertise. Thus, earning the certificate from this vendor will recommend you for the job roles in this field. In this article, you will learn what jobs you can step into when you earn a 200-301 and what salaries you can expect from them. Keep reading!

Careers to Build with Cisco Certification

Accreditations are required for several careers including those that are entry-level. Some of these roles mandate having other certificates whereas most do not. Furthermore, some years of experience in the networking sphere will increase your employability. Here are some of the jobs you can take up having a 300-415 under your belt:

Systems Administrator

The work you will perform in this role includes diagnosing as well as maintaining networks in your organization. To hold the position of a Systems Administrator, you should have extensive knowledge of the operations of the system. This will allow you to identify solutions to problems to meet business needs. For this role, you are supposed to earn a Cisco certificate such as the CCNA or the 300-435. The CCNA accreditation validates the proficiency of professionals in installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting medium-size routed and switched networks, while the CCNP Enterprise certificate confirms the skills in troubleshooting, verifying, implementing, and planning local and wide-area enterprise networks. indicates that a Systems Administrator’s average pay is $62,978 annually.

Network Engineer

This job also requires leadership skills because it involves working with a team. Network Engineers deploy and maintain networks that serve the whole enterprise. Furthermore, they troubleshoot the network and ensure that it is operating optimally. Apart from that, these professionals are responsible for keeping records of problems and how they have been solved to produce a report for the management team. Employers emphasize hands-on experience and the Cisco certificates like CCNA, 350-401, or CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. The average yearly salary of a Network Engineer is $75,330, as estimated by the PayScale website. Leadership positions in education are not easy to get by, so make sure that you make the most out of it if you ever get one.

Network Architect

These professionals are basically tasked with evaluating the network needs of an organization and then coming up with solutions to meet the business requirements. It is one of the most prestigious careers in the IT sector that is boosted by the Cisco certificates. Network Architects are required to constantly learn because they are supposed to comprehend new technologies that can be applied. If you wish to rise to this position, you will need to earn one or several of the following Cisco certifications: Devnet Professional or CCIE Data Center. As for the remuneration associated with this job role, the PayScale website shows that Network Architects earn an average salary of $120,676 per year.

Network Security Engineer

The advancement of technology has introduced numerous threats to network systems, which has enhanced the demand for professionals in the security domain. Basically, Network Security Engineers identify vulnerabilities and come up with solutions to counter them. They are also involved in the development and execution of these solutions. Furthermore, these professionals are supposed to record all security concerns and solutions as well as evaluate the performance of technologies used to secure a network. The CCNP Security or CCIE Security certificates are essential for this role. Network Security Engineers earn on average $88,503 per year, as specified by However, their salary can reach $129,000 per annum, depending on their level of experience in the field.  


Earning a Cisco certification unlocks many opportunities both for employment and career advancement. And as you have seen, careers you can build with accreditation from Cisco are greatly rewarding CCNA. So, start your professional journey in the IT industry today and ensure to find a niche that suits your career goals!

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