One of the technological factors that are responsible for the innovation and business value of organizations is the use of cloud computing solutions in their operations. More and more companies around the world are choosing to use them to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. The many advantages of using them have caused the interest in cloud-managed services to grow steadily.

What are Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions are services that provide entrepreneurs and other contractors with access to resources such as computing power, disk space, development environment, and finished applications. Access to them is possible from anywhere and regardless of the device used. The provider is responsible for handling the resources, and the client pays only for their use. Cloud solutions are offered in three models. In Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the provider is only responsible for the cloud infrastructure, and control over its other aspects remains in the hands of the client. In the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, the user receives only access to the development environment necessary to create and manage applications. Software as a Service (SaaS) gives the client access to the application running in the cloud, and responsibility for the operation of the service lies with the provider. 

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Advantages of Using Cloud Solutions

The benefits of using cloud-managed services affect business operations on an economic, technological, and organizational level. First of all, the use of cloud services is associated with lower costs compared to traditional physical servers. This is due to the fact that the responsibility of maintaining the cloud infrastructure falls on the provider. Another advantage is full scalability and flexibility. This makes that thanks to the cloud, each company can choose the scope of the appropriate amount of resources necessary for a given situation and needs. Moreover, access to them is possible at any time of day or night and anywhere. Moreover, using the cloud allows IT staff to focus on current tasks and introduce new solutions faster. This translates into increased agility and innovation for the company. An important advantage of cloud solutions is also their security through encryption of stored and processed data.

Potential of Cloud Managed Services

The future is definitely heading towards the advanced architecture of cloud solutions. The popularity of the cloud computing market is growing rapidly and its value is constantly increasing. More and more companies are choosing to change their existing infrastructure to cloud computing, which is becoming a more common standard for optimizing business processes in organizations. The increased use of public cloud services has made the use of cloud computing the new and increasingly prevailing norm. Thus, cloud solutions have surpassed the potential of their predecessors – USB drives and other portable storage devices.

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