QuickBooks Desktop Server Hosting offers many features that can make your company’s accounting more comfortable. A desktop version of QuickBooks will be installed on the server to give real users access to the content. This is called QuickBooks hosted in the cloud. The QuickBooks desktop data is on your local system and cannot be accessed from anywhere else. This blog contains all the information about QB Desktop Cloud Hosting.

Is Hosting QuickBooks on the Cloud is Better for Your Business?


best QuickBooks cloud hosting service is provided with specialized IT infrastructure when hosted with a third-party provider. It also helps in saving lots of time and money. QuickBooks cloud hosting costs more. But the Cloud offers numerous advantages to business possessors and accountants. The remote access and automated features in a cloud-hosted QuickBooks not only save your time and sweat but also make business accounts accurate and straightforward.

Data Backup & Recovery

If you use cloud hosting, you should back up data to prevent accidental loss. You can also set an automatic date if you have access to the backup location. Back up your data to the cloud regularly and back up to your data center. QuickBooks hosting providers can help you recover your QuickBooks data in the event of data interruption.


When your data is stored on a local desktop or server, physical presence is much needed to access your data file. If it is tied to a single desktop, an Internet connection is not required.

Whereas, accessing QuickBooks on Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop gives you the flexibility to access your data from anywhere and at any time of the day.

Data Security

There are always security threats when data is stored on QuickBooks Desktop. e.g, data theft.

Storing data on the cloud stays secured by password protection and other security measures. It is not difficult for an unauthorized user to crack the password as multiple layers of security are imposed on the cloud version of QuickBooks.

How will QuickBooks Cloud Backup will Benefit Your Accounting Process:

Instant Data Recovery 

Backing up QuickBooks data managed by a cloud hosting provider is a reliable way to speed up QuickBooks data recovery. Cloud-hosted offsite data centers include applications, data backups, resources, and operating systems. The data centers are spread across all regions, so even the worst natural disasters won’t damage your backups. If your data is lost, your service provider can arrange to restore it within 1 minute.


Hosting QuickBooks with cloud backup provides a solution for your enterprise. You can adjust the storage capacity to suit different needs. Accurate storage doesn’t have to worry until you need to exceed your needs depending on the size of your business.


QuickBooks does not require you to build high-end IT infrastructure or hire IT professionals to maintain your servers. With QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Backup on a remote server, you can save bundles and invest in other profitable areas of your business. 


With a dedicated QuickBooks hosting provider, cloud-based disaster recovery is extremely protected. Encrypted data transmission prevents the process of malicious people.

If you are looking for a hosting provider, Apps4Rent Hosting provider is the right choice for you. They work closely with the client and offer to host the QuickBooks Desktop Application on the cloud. Besides, they also provide services such as O365 Migration which makes them an excellent partner.

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