Have you heard about this American fantasy drama web series called Game of Thrones? Wait, what a silly question! Of course there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have an ear for this immensely popular series that has won the hearts of millions of people across the world.

Acquired from George R.R. Martin’s bestselling fantasy book named “A Song of Ice and Fire,” this web series has it all, that you can go nuts about.  Ranging from tales of love, loyalty, lament and discoveries to betrayal, deception, war and actions; this beautifully blended web series in itself is a complete entertainment package to keep you hooked-up with it for hours and hours.

What? You haven’t watched it yet! Sadly though few, there are people who haven’t watched this fantasy cum war/drama series yet because either they don’t know where to binge-watch it for free or they haven’t known about it fully and thus, are not crazy about it as rest are! No worries, we’ve got your back.

Having said that, we’re here not only to give you a glimpse of the same but also to provide you with its index of all seasons along with options where you can watch each and every episode of Games of Thrones. So, stay with us and continue reading further about the series overview—

Based on a full-on action-packed plot, this HBO Originals, Game of Thrones web series was created and produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weis in the ‘Adventure/Drama/Fantasy’ genre. In total, Game of Thrones contains ‘8 seasons’ with the following titles—

Game of Thrones Total SeasonsGame of Thrones Season Titles
Game of Thrones Season 1Winter Is Coming.
Game of Thrones Season 2Where Is the God of Tits and Wine?
Game of Thrones Season 3If You Think This Has a Happy Ending, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention.
Game of Thrones Season 4What Good Is Power If You Cannot Protect the Ones You Love?
Game of Thrones Season 5I’m Not Going to Stop the Wheel. I’m Going to Break the Wheel.
Game of Thrones Season 6Hold the Door.
Game of Thrones Season 7You’re a Dragon. Be a Dragon.
Game of Thrones Season 8Winter has come to Westeors.

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These 8 seasons that conclude in 73 episodes revolve around how some of the powerful families of Westeros want to take control of seven kingdoms for their power and rights while also fighting against the army of the dead who arises again from their graves to claim the Iron throne of those seven kingdoms. 

Indeed, with 7 Kingdoms, 3 dragons, 1 Iron Throne and never ending twists and turns, it’s intriguing enough for everyone to watch-out who will win this jaw-dropping battle for the Iron throne! 

Hence, out of all the adventurous and fantasy web series, TV shows, and movies; the first name that repeatedly comes into the majority minds while deciding to binge-watch something is none but Game of Thrones, or, in short, GoT. 

So, if you haven’t watched it yet but after reading this, now planning to do so then, this is the ultimate chance for you to get your eyes on this epic web series right from here.

However, before you start with the below-listed index of Game of Thrones, we would suggest you to first get yourself introduced to its star-cast and the iconic characters they played.  This way, you’ll be able to completely enjoy binge-watching this series without getting confused in the middle understanding the characters and the outline of its plot.  

So, have a look at the list of GoT’s star-casts along with the character name that you will come across while you watch this series—

Star CastsCharacter’s NameCharacter’s Study
Sean BeanLord Eddard/Ned StarkRead Here
Michelle FairleyCatelyn Tully StarkRead Here
Maisie WilliamsArya StarkRead Here
Isaac Hempstead-WrightBran StarkRead Here
Richard MaddenRobb StarkRead Here
Sophie TurnerSansa StarkRead Here
Art ParkinsonRickon StarkRead Here
James CosmoJeor MormontRead Here
John BradleySamwell TarlyRead Here
Kit Harington xJon SnowRead Here
Charles DanceTywin LannisterRead Here
Peter DinklageTyrion LannisterRead Here
Lena HeadeyCersei LannisterRead Here
Emilia ClarkeDaenerys TargaryenRead Here
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauJaime LannisterRead Here
Aidan GillenPetyr “Littlefinger” BaelishRead Here
Alfie AllenTheon GreyjoyRead Here
Conleth HillLord VarysRead Here
Liam CunninghamDavos SeaworthRead Here
Gwendoline ChristieBrienne of TarthRead Here
Nathalie EmmanuelMissandeiRead Here
Rory McCannThe HoundRead Here
Daniel PortmanPodrick PayneRead Here
Jerome FlynnBronnRead Here
Jacob AndersonGrey WormRead Here
Kristofer HivjuTormund GiantsbaneRead Here
Hannah MurrayGillyRead Here
Carice van HoutenMelisandreRead Here
Stephen DillaneStannis BaratheonRead Here
Jason MomoaKhal DrogoRead Here
Iwan RheonRamsay BoltonRead Here
Vladimír FurdíkNight KingRead Here
Jonathan PryceThe High SparrowRead Here
Iain GlenJorah MormontRead Here

Now, you’re good to go to get your hands on the index of GOT’s entire series that right from season 1 which came in 2011 to up to season 8 that concluded in year 2019 took the world by storm. 

Index of Game of Thrones Right from Season 1 to Season 8

[Warning: Game of Thrones web series is full of violence, adult language, sex, nudity and other subtle cues and thus, despite being world-famous, it’s not suitable for the children and faint-hearted. Others can definitely watch it as per their choice and preference.]

Index of Game of Thrones Season 1 [Released on: 17 April 2011]

Index Game of Thrones
 EpisodesName of EpisodeLink to the Episode
Episode 1Winter is ComingWatch Here
Episode 2The KingsroadWatch Here
Episode 3Lord SnowWatch Here
Episode 4Cripples, Bastard, and Broken ThingsWatch Here
Episode 5The Wolf and The LionWatch Here
Episode 6A Golden CrownWatch Here
Episode 7You Win, or You DieWatch Here
Episode 8The Pointy EndWatch Here
Episode 9BaelorWatch Here
Episode 10Fire and BloodWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 2 [Released on: April 1, 2012]

Index of Game of Thrones
 EpisodesName of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1The North RemembersWatch Here
Episode 2The Night LandsWatch Here
Episode 3What is Dead May Never DieWatch Here
Episode 4Garden of BonesWatch Here
Episode 5The Ghost of HarrenhalWatch Here
Episode 6The Old Gods and The NewWatch Here
Episode 7A Man Without HonorWatch Here
Episode 8The Prince of WinterfellWatch Here
Episode 9BlackwaterWatch Here
Episode 10Valar MorghulisWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 3 [Released on: March 31, 2013]

Index of Game of Thrones Season 1
  EpisodesName of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1Valar DohaerisWatch Here
Episode 2Dark Wings, Dark WordsWatch Here
Episode 3Walk of PunishmentWatch Here
Episode 4And Now The Watch is EndedWatch Here
Episode 5Kissed by FireWatch Here
Episode 6The ClimbWatch Here
Episode 7The Bear and The Maiden FairWatch Here
Episode 8Second SonsWatch Here
Episode 9The Rains of CastamereWatch Here
Episode 10MhysaWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 4 [Released on: April 6, 2014]

Game of Thrones Season 1
 Episodes Name of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1Two SwordsWatch Here
Episode 2The Lion and The RoseWatch Here
Episode 3Breaker of ChainsWatch Here
Episode 4OathkeeperWatch Here
Episode 5First of His NameWatch Here
Episode 6The Laws of Gods and MenWatch Here
Episode 7MockingbirdWatch Here
Episode 8The Mountain and The ViperWatch Here
Episode 9The Watchers and the WallWatch Here
Episode 10The ChildrenWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 5 [Released on: April 12, 2015]

Game of Thrones Season
 EpisodesName of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1The Wars to ComeWatch Here
Episode 2The House of Black and WhiteWatch Here
Episode 3High SparrowWatch Here
Episode 4Sons of The HarpyWatch Here
Episode 5Kill the BoyWatch Here
Episode 6Unbowed, Unbent, UnbrokenWatch Here
Episode 7The GiftWatch Here
Episode 8HardhomeWatch Here
Episode 9The Dance of DragonsWatch Here
Episode 10Mother’s MercyWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 6 [Released on: April 24, 2016]

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episodes
EpisodesName of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1The Red WomanWatch Here
Episode 2HomeWatch Here
Episode 3OathBreakerWatch Here
Episode 4Book of the StrangerWatch Here
Episode 5The DoorWatch Here
Episode 6Blood of My BloodWatch Here
Episode 7The Broken ManWatch Here
Episode 8No OneWatch Here
Episode 9Battle of the BastardWatch Here
Episode 10The Winds of WinterWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 7 [Released on: July 16, 2017]

Index of Games of Thrones
Episodes Name of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1DragonstoneWatch Here
Episode 2StormbornWatch Here
Episode 3The Queen’s JusticeWatch Here
Episode 4The Spoils of WarWatch Here
Episode 5EastwatchWatch Here
Episode 6Beyond the WallWatch Here
Episode 7The Dragon and The WolfWatch Here

Index of Game of Thrones Season 8 [Released on: April 14, 2019]

Index of Game of Thrones All Season
 EpisodesName of EpisodesLink to the Episode
Episode 1WinterfellWatch Here
Episode 2A knight of the seven kingdomWatch Here
Episode 3The Long KnightWatch Here
Episode 4The last of the StarksWatch Here
Episode 5The BellsWatch Here
Episode 6The Iron ThroneWatch Here

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Where to Watch the World-Most Popular Game of Thrones Series?

As quite visible, the Game of Thrones series is available to watch on ‘Hotstar.’ However, note that, on the Hotstar app, only those who’ve the Hotstar subscription can watch this series. Otherwise, we’re afraid that you can’t!

So, the rest who don’t have a Hotstar subscription and want to watch Game of Thrones online for free, can consider signing up on any of the following below- mentioned streaming platforms that offer ‘free-trial option for a particular range of time.

DirectTV NowWatchSeriesNetflix DVDHulu TV
Albeit the live-streaming service of DirectTV Now includes HBO—the American television network in its base plus package; you being a new subscriber for the platform can opt for its seven days free-trial option.Once opted, you can easily watch any episode of any GOT’s season on any of your respective devices.This streaming site was created by a group of people to meet those users’ needs who love watching web series, TV shows and movies etc. So, on this user-friendly online streaming site you can watch Game of Thrones, for free including all your other favorite TV shows. Apart from that, you can also check these similar sites: YesMovies, FMovies and WatchonMovies.Next best option for watching GoT without paying anything is through the Netflix DVD. Considering that, streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Sling TV doesn’t let you watch HBO’s Game of Thrones show; you can try the 30-days free-trial service of Netflix DVD subscription to get your hands on the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones.Despite being a user of Hulu TV service, you cannot watch Games of Thrones series until and unless you add HBO content including GoT on your Hulu TV’s live-streaming package for an extra of $15 along with paying $45/per month for its base streaming package. But, no worries there’s other way around also where if you don’t want to pay for its paid-services then, simply opt for its seven-day-free-trial services to watch Game of Thrones for free during that period.

So, most probably by using free-services of any of these four given streaming-platforms, you can watch the entire GoT series from season 1 to up to season 8 based on how fast you can watch and how-much leisure-time you own. Alternatively, you can even consider downloading Game of Thrones from Torrent Sites like “The Pirate Bay.” From the official Pirate Bay site, you can download Game of Thrones for offline playback but before torrenting, make sure you don’t forget to protect your IP address using a VPN technology of either NordVPN, ExpressVPN or PureVpn.

Pirate Bay site

Well, on that note, we leave you to enjoy-binge watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. However, a small reminder: Do not forget to cancel the subscription right before the free-trial period expires in that particular case when you can’t afford to become a paying subscriber of any of these above-listed streaming services.

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