It’s true in the complete sense that sports fans never had so many opportunities as they have today for watching live games and activities from the leading professional, educational, and foreign leagues. Earlier, they often tend to miss out on their favorite sports live matches and information related to them, but that’s not the case anymore! Well, because watching sports live is no longer restricted to TV sets.

Sports-Oriented Streaming Sites’ comes as a blessing in the lives of sports fanatics and enthusiasts who usually struggle to catch up with their favorite sports in this rat race of life.

These sites provide live broadcasts in high definition to make live games and events accessible to everyone and one of the prime examples of the same is “Stream2 Watch.” 

What is Stream2Watch? A Brief Introduction of this Free Sports Streaming Website!

Stream 2 Watch is a platform that provides facilities to watch sports and TV online from live stations of ESPN, CNN, EUROSPORT, MTV, HBO, ABC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, FOX, and others. It’s one of the biggest sports streaming sites in the world, and thus, has been loved by millions of die-hard sports fans around the globe for streaming matches of cricket, soccer, handball, rugby, NBA, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, hockey, boxing and many more.

However, the site is now banned in most countries due to its copyright infringement issues. The site used to provide content illegally, i.e., without any permission from the owners or the channels. In fact, depending on your location, it can be frowned upon to use the site. Most countries have already banned the usage of Stream2Watch, but people are still trying to get access to it by using a VPN service. This is why other countries are working on the same as well. 

Why Did the Site Get Banned, and What are the Consequences of Streaming Content On It? 

Since the site is a pirated site that leaks content without the permission of the owners, it is illegal to even surf through any such site. This is why there can be some major consequences of streaming content on Stream2watch. 

The consequences that users might face primarily depend on the country of the user they are using the site. Although it does not happen a lot frequently that viewers are fined or prosecuted for using any such site, especially the sport streaming ones, there is still a probability of users being questioned for the same. 

Plus there have been instances in the past where the viewers who were using such unethical sites were caught and fined by the government. It basically depends on how your country undertakes this issue and what are punishments imposed by the government for it. Hence, we recommend you first check how seriously your country reacts to copyright infringement and illegal sites usages. Rather, it’s far better that you use any of the alternatives to Stream2Watch so that there’s no such hassle. 

There are plenty of alternatives who got your back. Well, no matter whether you like professional cricket, tennis, football, soccer, basketball and for that matter college sports also; the services of these below-mentioned top 10 alternative sports streaming sites of Stream 2 Watch have got you covered and that too absolutely free of cost. So, without wasting any minute further, let us give you an insight into ‘Stream2watch Alternatives

[Disclaimer:  We have no intention to support piracy or usage of copy-right-protected content without legal consent. Our only motive for writing this blog is to meet the informational and educational needs of our readers.]

Top 10 Alternatives of Stream2Watch to Watch Live Sports Streams for Free

Before moving ahead, let’s make one thing clear that all the below-mentioned sites are pirated sites as well. They might be accessible at the moment, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are also illegal websites that leak content unethically. So before surfing through any such site, keep this aspect in mind that they are all unlawful sites that can also hamper your personal and confidential data. Let’s have a look: 



It is one of the best platforms to enjoy sports online. Just like Stream2watch, Myp2p can be your one-stop solution for watching sports online and staying updated with all the latest events of sports like US football, tennis, hockey, soccer, basketball, and so on. 

On the platform, you’ll easily get your hands on all the live games that are listed among their respective symbols on the left of the menu. Similarly, clicking on them will further provide you with a list of different servers on which you can watch the live streaming. Besides that, Myp2p also provides various review options along with a choice of HD quality streaming that too with a low appearance of ads and pop-ups. Well, that’s the most amazing part of considering this option. 

However, the only difficulty you’ll probably face on the site is maintaining the coordination between the games you have watched before and the ones you’re currently watching.

Offside Stream

offside stream

The next alternative in the list is Offside Stream which is an excellent site to consider if you want to watch ‘Live TV sports’ shows for free of cost. The quality of its streaming is amazing and it offers the chance to upgrade your subscription from the membership packages that it has. The site is mainly dedicated to sports but its one-time subscription also lets you enjoy the streaming of TV shows, adult programs, movies, and more.

However, do not be disappointed knowing that it can be accessed only on a limited number of devices. Well, because it is luckily compatible with any of your preferred web browsers and beyond everything, Offside Stream comes with an “XBMC add-on” to make itself compatible with all Android devices and setup boxes.



CricFree sports streaming site provides live streams of sports like American football, rugby, tennis, soccer, motorsports, and baseball. Along with this, the Cricfree website also lets you watch your favorite sports channels like NBC, PremierSports, HBO, BT Sports 2, and MotorsTV, etc. 

So, despite its name suggesting that the CricFree site is primarily dedicated to ‘Cricket’ for streaming all kinds of domestic, international, and league matches; the site never disappoints sports enthusiasts of other popular sports. 

To be precise, the site has 12 main sections and each of which has different games for everyone to make the most out of the site. Using the site’s simple UI you can navigate through the site and its different sections easily. And above all, what differentiates this website from others is its ‘Talk Segment’ that lets the users connect with other sports enthusiasts from across the globe in no time.

First Row Sports


The next best alternative to Stream2watch is First Row Sports because it streams all the popular sports in HD quality and its content is seldom unavailable for the users. To be precise, the site offers its users the unlimited opportunity to watch live soccer matches along with rugby, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, and so on without any restrictions. 

Well, considering the range and quality of the available content, one should definitely love to visit this alternative of Stream2Watch again and again. In addition to the content range and quality, the best thing about this site is to stay updated about the live score without actually opening and watching the game when you’re running short of time. 

And, with that, the site’s only drawback is the availability of promotional ads on the platform but also you can easily skip using the ‘Close’ button. So, overall, you will have a good deal of time on this particular site.

Live TV 

live tv

Live TV acts similarly to Stream 2 watch as it mainly focuses on providing the high-streaming quality of almost every available sport in the world like the UEFA champion’s league, tennis, baseball, rugby, NBA, and so on. Besides that, it also offers several features like 24/7 live scores, daily updates on sports news, match highlights, short video clips, etc.  

This site is truly a blessing for those who never want to binge-watch sports from the present and the past. And, under this amazing site, you can also record sports content of your choice so that you never miss out on any important match or league of your or of different regions of the world. Also, the site has a community feature where you can discuss everything related to games of your choice and preference. So, undoubtedly, this site is worth giving a try!



Despite being an Asia-based’ free sports streams site, anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy the best quality streaming on this site. It has a lot to offer for everyone, including sports lovers who can watch almost every possible sport on this platform. Precisely, it will give you access to 40,000 hours of content including sports channels and plenty of movie variety. Not just on the web, this site has its app using which you can stream your favorite content on both Android and iOS devices, anytime and anywhere you go! 

Unlike other streaming sites, SonyLiv is a highly regulated site in terms of ads and that’s a huge advantage of using this site. Overall, the platform provides a wide range of streaming content, an impressive buffer-free viewing experience, and great analytics including predictions, statistics, reviews, etc.  

VIP League

vip league

Another excellent alternative for Stream to Watch is VIP League. It has a fantastic range of streaming options and covers a wide variety of sporting events from across the world to keep you updated with the news and information that are mainly related to the sports world.

Well, most often it is hard to find your favorite content on such a website but that’s not the case with VIP League. On its main page itself, you can quickly get hands-on with your favorite sports just by clicking on them.

All in all, this site is designed while keeping in mind the needs of every sports enthusiast in the world as it lets them watch tennis, golf, darts, American football, football, rugby, basketball, snooker, boxing, fighting, handball, baseball, ice hockey, cycling cricket, volleyball, Formula 1, UFC, WWE, motorsports, badminton, racing, GAA, and other sports on all sort of devices be it your PC, mobile or tablet.



Unlike the traditional online streaming sites used to facilitate online streaming, ATDHE aims to make itself a 100% legal platform. So, whenever the site notices links to illegal content on the platform, it immediately deletes them and that’s why it has been able to stay above the issues of copyright infringement to this day. Well, this makes it the most suitable alternative to the Stream 2 Watch site where you will get access to all sorts of popular games from all across the globe. 

Besides live streaming, ATDHE has other impressive features to offer such as you can record episodes of your favorite sports and get various links for external streaming sites. Overall, to meet your needs for sports streaming, you can definitely give it a shot.

Red Stream


With its eye-catching design and content, Red Stream stands out as one of the best alternatives of Stream 2 Watch. This site has everything ranging from American football, basketball, and soccer to baseball, tennis, and other sports. 

And, what’s best about Red Stream is that it is accessible to everyone in a user-friendly way. Basically, the site’s UI is so responsive that it allows every sports lover from the right of its site homepage to smoothly navigate through all the lists of channels available for live-streaming now and then.

Overall, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, as long as there is Sports live, Red Stream is always there to cover you! 



MLB.TV streaming service is letting everyone watch over 4,800 games including blackout-free and postseason games. While MLB is primarily dedicated to Baseball and MLB’s 2021 season has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can watch all the games of previous years for free of cost. Well, for that all you need to do is just sign up on the MLB.TV platform. 

Additionally, you can also subscribe to the “ All Teams” package. This will give you access to every MLB team’s live feeds, in-game highlights, live DVR control, statistics, full game archives, and pitch widget, etc.

In essence, you’ll experience a hassle-free environment on its platform to enjoy live-streaming of sports as this site allows everyone with grace and ease to navigate through its plenty of sports categories.
That’s all! These are the top 10 best sites that you can look upon in place of the Stream 2 Watch website while searching for the “Alternatives of Stream2Watch.” So, in order to fulfill your thirst for streaming sports, consider picking any site from the above-mentioned top-10 list and willingly enjoy the sport of your choice anytime and anywhere you want.

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