The HCIE is the Huawei routing and switching exam that mainly covers the fundamentals of IP network connectivity. Though this certification is hard to obtain, earners do enjoys its benefits. They can easily implement their skills and experience to manage, construct, and maintain networks of large and medium-sized firms. 

Huawei is the most popular and high-demand network manager and vendor. Huawei has the essential products, and other service providers and network firms use all these products. Not only this, Huawei has many more certifications to offer. You can easily check out the Huawei exam dumpss

Understanding Huawei HCIE Levels

The Huawei certification generally offers three levels of career certification. All these three levels require distinct exams. Associate, Professional, and Expert are the basis of the categorization of the levels of this certification program. These three levels have their key features and different exams based on which it has been classified. 

All Three Levels of Certification 

Some of the certifications involve all the three levels; they are: 

  • Enterprise communication: HCIE 
  • Routing and switching: HCIE
  • Cloud computing: HCIE
  • Storage: HCIE 
  • Datacenter: HCIE

Two Levels of Certification 

  • WLAN
  • SDN 
  • Access
  • LTE 
  • Security
  • Contact Center
  • Transmission

Only One Level of Certification

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Public safety
  • Big data

Which Exams are Included in HCIE Certification 

The three-level of the Huawei certification is mainly HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE. The HCIE certification is the last stage of the cloud computing certification path. It involves three exams, namely:

  • HCIE – Cloud Computing Written Exam H13-531
  • HCIE – Cloud Computing Lab Test Exam H13-532
  • HCIE – Cloud Computing Interview Exam H13-533

HCIE – Routing And Switching Certification 

This HCIE Routing & Switching certification is highly valuable and a globally recognized certificate program. The value of this certification is rapidly increasing and gaining popularity. Huwai also offers the utmost security to the companies or any institutions. So, if you too want to have a trial of this security, you can simply find here hcia security dumps

What Learning is Obtained from HCIE Certificate Training?

To attain the certification of HCIE- Routing, and switching, you must go through the proper training process. Through this training, you will get to learn a lot of things such as operational activities, management, troubleshooting problems, routing protocols, IP multicast, planning of networks, implementations of designs, maintenance, migrations, and optimizations. 

Other than these learning, you will also acquire essential skills and valuable experience. This will boost your certification value and will increase your earning capacity too. 

Cost of HCIE Certification Exam 

As we know, there are three levels of exams, and thus all of these exams individually cost a certain amount of fee from the applicants. The HCIE – Written exam costs approximately 300 dollars. This price is the same for all other written Huawei ICT certification exams too. Moreover, the laboratory exam prices range up to 1200 dollars. The whole exam process takes up to 11 hours. Written exams consume 90 minutes, lab exam is of 8 hours, and the interview stage takes up to 1 hour. 

Hence, these are the things that you all should know about the HCIE certification. So that before opting for its exams, you are aware of all of its patterns, duration, stages, and requirements. Now that you have understood everything, make sure you get a minimum of 600 passing marks out of 1000 in your written exams and 80 out of 100 in lab tests.

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