PTSD is an emotional or psychological disorder that causes one to be mentally and emotionally down due to an incident or personal experience and the following triggers of PTSD in people.

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Child Abuse 

An adult could suffer from PTSD due to how he/she was treated as a child.

  1. It could have been insulted by parents for not being good in class.
  2. It could be a form of assault at any slightest offense as punishment.
  3. It could be bullying by classmates in school.

All these may have happened at a tender age but could negatively affect the person at an older age.

Loss of Loved Ones to a Disaster 

It can be emotionally demoralizing when someone loses family and close friends to a single disaster in one day.

Most PTSD patients have seen someone murder all their family in one day in cold blood.

Some lost them all to a plane crash. Others probably saw their loved ones helplessly burn to death.

These images can stick to the brain, especially at a very young age, and occasionally bring depressed thoughts when the person remembers it or sees something that is closely related or looks similar to something in that unfortunate incident.

Domestic Violence 

Just like losing family members in one incident.

Some feel depressed seeing a parent gradually die due to constant exposure to domestic violence.

A little child who constantly witnessed a parent physically beat up and wound the other will always be triggered into depression and might even get scared of getting married.

He might even get violent trying to defend a gender from physically assaulting the other.


This is a very common case, especially for the female gender.

A woman raped as a girl could be violent to men and have a phobia of settling down in marriage. Such a person could feel irritated by physical touch with a man and even get disgusted by the sight of men that are not their family members.


Losing a family to an accident or having a close shave to death that triggers fears of vehicles, traveling long distances, and the sight of an accident scene.

If not controlled early enough, victims could get unnecessarily scared and withdrawn from associating with vehicles and even people.

The Military Experience of a War Front

This is another common trigger for Post. Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There are cases of military men who get distressed and depressed due to experiences at the war front.

Such soldiers have witnessed gory sights and probably the death of their close colleagues. Though they are trained to be brave, emotions cannot be hidden.

As flashes of such incidents come to their minds, they get sad and depressed.

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Child Delivery 

Some mothers have been reported to have had harrowing experiences during childbirth, leaving an unforgettable image in their heads.

Such women dread the labor room experience and feel downcast months and even years after having the child.

This trigger can be handled by therapy.

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