Aging is one of the most inevitable and natural processes of human life. Aging brings mobility issues along with other wellness and health problems. While most senior health issues are addressed spontaneously and instinctively, we often tend to ignore mobility issues. Regular mobility and activity practices can delay the loss of strength and stamina that naturally comes with aging. In general words, mobility is nothing but the ability to move around seamlessly without the risk of injury. Mobility activities and exercises can improve cardiovascular health and overall wellness, along with enabling seniors to enjoy certain hobbies and avoid injury. Whereas mobility issues can result in serious issues among seniors like isolation, depression, fall-related injuries, and inability to seek help or assistance. If your loved one is suffering from mobility issues, you can always hire elder placement professionals so that they can assist them with mobility exercises and activities. In this article, we will talk about certain ways in which you can combat senior immobility. 

Ways to Promote Mobility in Senior Adults:

Encourage Regular Exercises:

It will be harder for you to remain mobile if you live a stationary life. Gentle exercises and activities can enhance overall balance, increase coordination, and ease arthritis symptoms. Popular senior exercises are swimming, water aerobics, walking, and ballroom dancing. It is always advisable to consult with a physical therapist before going for any activity or exercise as some seniors might need assistance for performing exercises even at home. There are professional in-home caregivers as well as assisted living facilities who can help seniors to live happier and healthier lives with mild activities and exercises.

Join an Assisted Living Community:

It is a 24-hour care center for seniors with mobility issues and progressive conditions. These centers not only offer medical care and assistance but also provide nutrition and hygiene practices which can overall boost mobility in seniors. From nature walks and dance classes to group trips and team activities, these assisted living facilities can encourage mobility amidst a healthy environment- where senior adults can find peers with similar conditions and age groups.

Use Mobility Devices:

Walking assistance tools can come with a learning curve as a senior adult might need help to figure out how to move his or her body with the help of the equipment. Certain walking assistance devices like wheelchairs might also require upper body strength, and hence providing assistance during the first few weeks or months can go a long way to reduce frustration. Moreover, using these assistance tools can also end up impairing mobility permanently by increasing dependency. Hence it is imperative to choose an aid that will help you or your loved one overcome limited mobility while remaining active.

Encourage a Healthy Diet:

Obesity is one of the main causes of mobility issues among seniors. Being overweight can put a lot of pressure on the bone and muscle joints which can make it difficult to walk. Hence you can talk to a nutritionist or doctor to find a diet that can help to lose weight. A balanced diet consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and lean meats while avoiding processed food and beverages can be a good idea.

Be Extra Careful:

As a senior, you are more prone to fall accidents that can permanently hinder mobility. Fall-related injuries are one of the main reasons for immobility among individuals over 65. For starters, you can identify safe public area routes so that simple activities like going out to a restaurant or to a market do not feel like a task. You can also check for elevators, ramps, and other senior-friendly features so that these places are more accessible. Moreover, you should also avoid certain dangerous activities like walking on ice and cluttered terrains without assistance.

Check for Progressive Symptoms:

There are many mobility issues among senior adults that only worsen over time. For instance, arthritis symptoms can advance after an injury or with age. Similarly, progressive diseases like Parkinson’s can also deteriorate with age. Hence you should always look out for advanced symptoms and early signs so that you can try new medications and mobility devices if required.

Fit and active seniors are more likely to have better cognitive functioning like agility, memory, and strategic thinking which helps them to manage stress and elevate moods. Moreover, mild mobility-promoting exercises like walking and water aerobics can optimize cardiovascular health in seniors which can improve their stamina and energy and regulate a healthy blood pressure level. However, if you are looking to make the right decision for a loved one, it is always advisable to get in touch with an experienced and certified elder placement facility. These senior placement professional facilities have in-house professionals who are trained and certified in assisting the elderly and supporting them in every way.

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